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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Find Out How Six Million Dollar Man Scratch Brings Millions To Your Bankroll

The Six  Million Dollar raises the bar higher when it comes to scratch card gaming. Its unique interface, as well as its successful adaptation of the hit television series’ theme makes it stand out in many of Malaysia’s online casino games.

What to expect
The game’s interface takes you to a lab, where the 6 Million Dollar man was built and assembled.  Indeed, you’d see those flickering and colorful lights, the ones similar to those of a spacecraft and different measuring devices.

Likewise, the bionic parts of the 6 Million Dollar man are used as symbols are used in this game. You’ll have the bionic hands, feet and eyes, that will make you reminisce the glory days of the series.

How to play the game
Still, as with other scratch cards, the game’s goal is to secure matches. But what is ironic in this scratch card is that although it shows a typical 9-tiled card, only four of them shall be revealed and you must secure three (3) symbols to win.

How much is the reward
In terms of the reward offered, there’s no doubt that it is indeed, profitable. Your reward can be 10,000X bigger than your original bet. With a win multiplier so huge, it’s as if you’ve already won in a progressive slot game.

If you are ready to collect millions without exerting too much effort, the Six Million Dollar Man scratch, is indeed, a must-play game.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Scratch Card, Dolphin Cash Brags Two (2) Huge Win Multipliers

The casino game, Dolphin Cash scratch is far from being extraordinary. You choose a card, you get a symbol match and that’s it—the game ends without even triggering the slightest adrenalin rush.

However, things get a little bit different when the game’s win multiplier is put under the spotlight. With its ability to multiply your winnings by 10,000, even the most thrill-seeking casino game player would take a chance in this game.

10,000X bigger wins
The game’s main goal is to secure three (3) dolphins in a card. That’s how easy and simple it is to get the above-mentioned win multiplier.

If you worry that a single card may not be enough, you can always choose the “max cards” option. This enables you to play with five (5) cards, spread your risks and increase your winning possibilities.

What is the bonus symbol?
Like slots, it has a bonus symbol. It is the golden coin, which multiplies rewards for up to 20X whenever it appears on the cards.

Scratch your worries away. Play and win in Dolphin Cash scratch today!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Game Review: A Night Out Scratch

It is too difficult to say no the pretty girls of the casino game, A  Night Out scratch, most especially if these ladies guarantee to multiply your winnings by 500.

If you’re the type of player who doesn’t want to lift a finger to win, but wants to collect tons of cash, A Night Out Scratch is the perfect game for you.

Obviously, this game requires you to secure three (3) matching symbols. But they have to form a pattern. They must line up either horizontally or vertically.

For those who want to know how much they are going to get, they can always look at the right side of the card where the symbols, together with their corresponding win multiplier, are shown.

Scratch cards such as this one may not be that challenging. But it doesn’t mean that they cannot deliver big wins. A Night Out Scratch has just defied such notion. Come to think of it, nothing really beats a game that is easy to play and give huge rewards.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Get 10 Free Spins And An Increasing Multiplier In Iron Man 2

Iron Man inspired games grow like mushrooms in online casino in Malaysia. Sometimes it becomes a bore seeing similar games all over again. Nevertheless, each Iron Man related game offers distinct features that prevent it from becoming a big bore.  A classic example of this is Iron Man 2, 25-lines.

The difference
There are three (3) Iron Man slots in 12BET Casino, the first Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 2 50 lines. Evidently, the difference between these games lies on the number of active paylines.

The Iron Man  2 slots discussed in this game contains 25 active paylines.

What do I get?
The 5-reel, 25 line slot game shares ten (10) free spins to keep you going. The free spins give you  a longer playing time and saves your bankroll from immediate depletion.

Aside from that, you’ll also receive an increasing multiplier during the free games. Your multiplier begins at two (2). It will increase to three (3) after the first two (2) spins. Such cycle continues until you’ve maximize the win multiplier.

Lastly, it has several stacked symbols, which appear frequently.

The 25-line version of Iron Man 2 slots may not have as many paylines as that of its 50-line counterpart. Nevertheless, this barely affects its profitability. 

Malaysian Player Becomes $75,000 Richer After Playing Archer And Iron Man 2 50 Lines

Malaysian player  xoxixsxxxxx becomes $75,000 richer after playing two (2) of 12BET Casino’ s most profitable games, Archer and Iron Man 2 50-lines.

The lucky winner bagged $33,000 from Archer and $42,000 from Iron Man 2, 50 lines.

Archer is known for its all-ways feature, where paylines no longer determine the winning combination. Instead, all adjacent symbols, beginning from left to right are considered as winning patterns. In this game alone, a player can form 243 winning combinations.

On the other hand, the 50-line version of Iron Man 2 is recognized for its increasing multiplier. While the player enjoys ten (10) free spins, his multiplier increases from time to time.

Archer and Iron Man 2 50 lines are not the only profitable games in 12BET Casino. There is Lucky Panda, which, like Archer, also showcases the all-ways feature. But compared to Archer, a player can form 1024 winning combinations in this game. Another  lucrative game in 12BET Casino is Wings of Gold, which shares up to 100 free spins in one sitting.

Start playing in 12BET Casino today and just like xoxixsxxxxx, rest assured that you can also score huge rewards. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Avengers Scratch Multiplies Prizes By 100 In Quick And Easy Way

Famous Avenger characters such as Thor, Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man etc. are back into the limelight. This scratch game turns stones into gold and shares top online casino jackpots that are 100X bigger than one’s bet.

How to play
Avengers Scratch requires players to form three (3) identical symbols horizontally or vertically to generate a win.

The prize amount varies. It depends on the winning symbols that appear on the screen. Each Avenger symbol contains a multiplier, which determines the reward.

As shown on the screen, the “shield” symbol has the highest multiplier, which is 100 and the lowest is 1.

The figure below shows how profitable the game is. The $2 bet grew to $10. Since it was Incredible Hulk that appeared, the winnings are multiplied by 5.

For players who think that the $2 bet is expensive, they can lower their bets via clicking the “card price” button. Nothing wrong with being a conservative bettor, but remember that bigger bets never fail to generate bigger wins.

A bit strict
Unlike other scratch games, Avengers is a bit strict when it comes to following the horizontal and vertical pattern whereas there are scratch cards wherein the appearance of three (3) symbols alone, are enough to generate a win.

But despite of this, it barely affects the game’s appeal, thanks to the well-loved Avenger heroes and heroines that it is able to attract a bunch of supporters.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Game Review: Fantastic Four Scratch

Nothing But Ordinary

Fantastic Four-themed games fill online casinos. Its newest member is a scratch card, which tries to impress readers with prizes that are up to 10,000X bigger than their original bet—a hefty casino bonus, I must say.

Ordinary scratch
In the truest sense of the word, this scratch card is nothing but ordinary. It continues to follow that good old scratch card formula: match and win.

Although majority of scratch games work that way, some beg to differ. For example, you have Rocky. This game redefined the idea of “symbol matches.” Instead of looking for identical symbols, the match pertains to a “boxing match” instead.

Such innovations and clear-cut improvements, if applied to Fantastic Four can make the game a little bit close to being exciting.

Free card
Nevertheless, despite of its seemingly “lackluster” performance, the game tries to make it by giving a free card. Each time the four (4) Fantastic Four characters show up, you get a freebie.

The verdict:

Profitable—perhaps this is the best word to describe the game. With the 10,000X win multiplier, it is a bit hard to ignore. Yet, if you are looking for an action-packed game, it’s much better if you go for the slots. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Grab 100 Free Spins And More In Wings Of Gold!

In terms of generosity, Wings of Gold finds itself on top of the leaderboard. The slot game shares 100 spins and a bonus feature.

Triggering the freebies
It is through the Medal of Honor bonus round that a player gets the free spins. To enter this mode, it requires three (3) scatters appearing on the reel.

Once activated, the players shall be asked to choose one (1) out of the three (3) medals. The number of chosen medals that show-up on the screen shall determine the number of free spins that that a member gets. It can reach up to a hundred or to a bottom low of fifteen (15).

But hey, fifteen (15) spins is not that bad. Some online slot barely offers freebies.

The bonus feature
Aside from the free spins, members can expect a bonus round where they can increase their bankroll even more.

With the so-called “Xtrawin feature,” a player can enjoy the benefits of expanding wilds. Since they cover more reels, forming winning combinations become easy.

Never pass out on the chance to get a 100 free spins. The road to enormous wins opens up here in Wings Of Gold.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Thor Scratch’s Knockout Bonus Feature Makes A Loud Buzz

Thor scratch becomes an avenue in acquiring a top online casino jackpot. It has a win multiplier and a profitable bonus round.

Best features
Thor is a bit similar to the Six Million Dollar Man scratch. It’s pretty successful in presenting the game theme.

Different Norse gods are used as symbols and the bonus round perfectly animates. It’s as if the player is slowly taken to a different world every time he triggers the said round.

But way beyond the presentation per se, Thor’s appeal lies on its win multiplier. Every symbol used in the game has a corresponding value. The highest multiplier that a player gets is 1,000 and the lowest is 1.

Members do not have to guess how much they will get since the values are already shown on the screen.

Thus, assuming that a player wagers MYR 5 and three (3) Thor hammers show up, his total winnings amount to MYR 5,000.

On the other hand, the coveted bonus round is triggered by the appearance of the golden orb. Once activated, six (6) different golden orbs, each filled with different prize amount. Players will be then asked to choose one and the reward they’ll get shall be added to their total winnings.

Overall, Thor scratch’s multiplier may not be as big as that of the Six Million Dollar Man. But it cannot be denied that its bonus feature is a indeed, a total knockout.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Iron Man 2 Unleashes 6 Stacked Symbols And 10 Free Spins

Just in time for the release of the movie, Iron Man 3, Playtech likewise release a new version of the casino game, Iron Man.

A better Iron Man slot
The new version of Iron Man 2, contains fifty (50) lines. This readily translates to more winning combinations and bigger prizes.

In online slot gaming, paylines determine the required patterns, which are needed to generate a win. The more paylines that a slot machine has, the more profitable it becomes

Iron Man slot was already raking big bucks for the players with its 25 active paylines. But its creators want to make it even more appealing and attractive to members and so they are doubled.

More symbols
Iron Man 2, 50 lines is also adding more symbols to its current line-up. Not satisfied with fifty (50) additional lines, the game features six (6) stacked symbols. These are War Machine, A Machine, B Machine, C Machine, D Machine and the hero himself, Iron Man.

The above-mentioned symbols appear twice in the game and help players win.

Free spins
Iron Man 2, 50 lines shall not be complete if there are no free spins. But of course, freebies cannot be taken out of the limelight. In this game, members get ten (10) free spins. An increasing multiplier is also part of the slot machine’s package. Members can expect their rewards to grow bigger every now and then.

The 50-line Iron Man 2 slot is definitely worth the effort and time. The features and the bonuses it offers are indeed, very rewarding.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How You Can Get Rich With The Online Casino Game, Plenty O’ Riches

Leprechauns are pretty successful in fulfilling the wishes of many online casino game players in Malaysia. The latter are now enjoying twelve (12) free spins and they get rewards, which are up to five (5) times bigger than their previous bet and all of these perks are made possible by Plenty O’ Fortune.

The details
Plenty O’ Fortune is a 5-reel, 20-line slot machine. Inspired by the famous Irish mythical creature, leprechauns, this game features two (2) bonus features and as mentioned, free spins.

Wishing well bonus
Triggered by three (3) wishing well symbols, gold coins will start to pour on the reels and the only thing that a player needs to do is collect all of them. That’s how easy and simple it is.

But the coin spree does not end there. Actually, if the bonus round is triggered by four (4) wishing wells, the player automatically doubles his bonus prize. However, if the said round is triggered by five (5) wishing wells, the winnings are multiplied by ten (10).

End of the rainbow bonus
Like the first bonus round, this one is free from any complexities. Here, the player simply need to collect pots of gold. Apparently, the gold-filled pots are the ones that trigger this bonus round.
In terms of the prizes offered, this round, definitely, shares bigger rewards. For example, if it is triggered by three (3) pots of gold, the player’s winnings are multiplied by three (3). But if there were five (5) of them, like the wishing well bonus, the total winnings are multiplied by ten (10).

Get the free spins
You must watch out for the leprechaun to get the free spins. It must appear on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels to trigger the said bonus feature. Once activated, the player, gets twelve (12) free spins, with the chance to multiply their winnings by up to five (5) times.

Leprechauns hardly show up to people, but if they do, they see to it to grant certain wishes, just like the simple whims of many Plenty O Fortune supporters.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

5,000X Win Multiplier And Multiple Wins Up For Grabs In Funky Fruits

The 25-line online casino game, Funky Fruits is perhaps one of the most profitable online slots. It has a progressive jackpot, a 5,000 win multiplier and a “chain reactor” effect, which gives birth to multiple wins.

The chain reactor effect
This is one of the game’s best features. Through this, players do not have to make several spins to collect big wins. A single spin produces at least two (2) combinations, with wins that are counted individually. As a result, players make less spins, but win more.  In addition to that, members get to save their bankroll.

The chain reactor effect happens when a winning combination explodes and creates another winning pattern as the symbols underneath it are pushed downwards and mixed with other symbols.

The progressive jackpot
Progressive jackpots are very common among slot machines. Not only do they make the game more exciting, they also share big jackpots. Many of the online slots, which offer progressive jackpots, feature rewards that reach millions. Lucky for those who are into Funky Fruits since, they can also experience this treat.

To get the money pool, members must watch out for the cherries. When twenty-five (25) of them fill the reels, this means that the money pool has been won.

Multiply them by 5,000!
Just like any other slot machine, Funky Fruits also showcases a win multiplier.  In this game, a MYR 10 bet can yield MYR 50,000 if the multiplier is triggered and to trigger it, a total of sixteen (16) lemons are required.

Fun, practical and one of a kind, indeed, Funky Fruits is a must-play online slot.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Top Trumps Scratch Guarantees 10,000X Win Multiplier For Symbol Matches

Another online slot game is having a scratch card counterpart. From sharing twenty (20) spins, Top Trumps Football Legends is now giving away a 10,000X win multiplier for every matching symbols that you secure.

The difference
Except for the 10,000X win multiplier, Top Trumps Football Legends Scratch hardly stands out from other scratch cards.

It contains the usual tiles or squares with hidden images underneath. Likewise, it has the Autoplay feature, which runs the game automatically.

Perhaps, what will really make this game interesting is the use of football legend images, well at least for those who are into football. It brings out a nostalgic feeling—a seemingly glorifying retreat to unforgettable football moments.

At the end of the day, this is just another ordinary scratch game. Nevertheless, when it comes to the rewards, the offer is definitely at par with the rest of high paying casino games.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Premium 3D Roulette Redefines Roulette Gaming

Premium 3D Roulette is another successful attempt to make roulette more dynamic, exciting and appealing. Malaysia players will be surprise to see their favorite 3D Roulette improve.

What’s new?
Compared to its earlier version, this one is more animated. The ball’s movements are more identified, crisp and clean. A little bit of tweak and it shall deliver a seemingly holographic gaming experience.

However, animation per se is not the sole thrust of this game. Its table layout was also changed to deliver a better view.

In its previous version, the betting layout for the standard and special bets looked cramped. Not only does this set-up confuse the player, it also prevents the latter from placing their bets correctly.

Fortunately, these betting layouts are still present in the premium version. However, they are neatly organized.

If you want to see the special bets betting area, all you need to do is click the “more bets” option.”

Playing the game
The good thing about Premium 3D Roulette is that it follows the European Roulette rules. Only a single zero is used.

As with other forms of online roulette, multiple betting is still the best approach.

For a different roulette gaming experience, Premium 3D Roulette is a must-try game.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ten (10) Free Plays And Great Casino Jackpots At Stake In Cashblox

Patterned after the famous video game, Tetris, Cashblox brings you to memory lane and to a place where you can feast on the biggest casino jackpots in Malaysia.

How to play Cashblox
If you are used to manually modifying the symbols so they can perfectly fit each other, do not be surprised if you have to leave such playing habits at home.

Cashblox works like Tetris, but it is more automated. You don’t have to modify any symbol. You don’t have to waste too much time thinking for the right area to place the tiles. The machine does all the work. All you have to do is claim and encash all your winnings.

Likewise, you don’t have to worry about the game’s integrity. Developed by Playtech, Cashblox has been thoroughly checked to ensure that its outcome cannot be manipulated. 

Free play! 
Like slots, Cashblox offers freebies. You get ten (10 ) free plays whenever the so-called Magic Block appears on the screen.

Start forming doubles or even quads in Cashblox. This is the best time to turn your pastime to a profitable activity. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Match Preview: Manchester United Vs. Stoke

Manchester United might find it hard to rest on their laurels for their upcoming match against Stoke.

After its heartbreaking loss against Real Madrid, which made the Red Devils exit the Champions League, history repeated itself and resulted to an unexpected tragedy. But this time around, it was against, the next best team in the Premier League, Manchester City.

Such unfortunate events must serve as a reminder that in impossible is nothing in football and that in yet, another unforeseen scenario, the tides might turn away again, from the Red Devils.

Odds as of 10 April 2013
Statistically speaking, Man Utd’s record is impressive. Sir Alex Ferguson’s squad won twenty-five (25) of their thirty-one (31) games. On the other hand, Stoke’s records show a lackluster performance, winning only seven (7) out of their thirty-two (32) appearances.

Apparently, it is already an easy win for The Red Devils. Yet, if overconfidence forces Lady Luck to favor The Potters, then that is already a different story.

The verdict: Manchester United is 12BET’s top pick with a 2.070 odds against Stoke. But to win against Stoke’s Asian handicap of 1, the Red Devils must score 2 goals. 

Photo credit

Choose Your Own Wild, Locked Them Up And Win In Wild Gambler

Safari-inspired, online slot game, Wild Gambler grants total freedom to its players via allowing them to choose and lock wild symbols in the reel. Considered as one of the very firsts in the history of slot gaming, it paves way for fast, huge and easy wins.

Choose your own wild
Unlike other slot machines, you do not have to wait for wilds to appear in Wild Gambler. You can actually make them show-up and even determine their positions in the reels. Moreover, the number of wilds, which you can place, has no limits. As a matter of fact, you can fill the whole screen with wilds if you want to.

Such gaming freedom and flexibility are possible through the Lock & Spin Feature. Aside from selecting and strategically positioning your wilds, these symbols remain in their respective places—in other words, they become locked into the reels, until you replace them.

Increasing bets
When using the above-mentioned feature, it also follows that the wagering amount increases. But never worry for a prompt shall show up and ask you to confirm your bets. In the event where you want to lessen your wilds, simply click one of them and they will be taken out of the picture.

But then again, even if you have to increase your bets, you are nevertheless, guaranteed of a big win. This may sound phony at first. Yet, come to think of it, guaranteed wins are not impossible. Since wilds can substitute for another symbol, it becomes a lot easier to form winning patterns.

Free spins
Free spins can be also availed in Wild Gambler, a total of 8 free spins can be enjoyed. By the way, these are triggered when several meerkats appear on the screen and form the word “bonus.”

Many say that Wild Gambler is meant only for high-rollers. Partly this is true. With wilds occupying the reels, a simple member can turn into a flashy high-roller.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Get A 10,000X Win Multiplier Twice In Lotto Madness Scratch

Lotto Madness is yet another scratch card, which is included in 12BET Casino’s most profitable games list. A win multiplier, which can go for as high as 10,000 is designed to transform your small bets into big wins.

Needless to say, Lotto Madness is a combination of lottery and scratch card gaming. During the game, you’ll be asked to choose one (1) scratch card among the three (3). Or if you’re feeling lucky, you can choose all.

Several numbers are drawn and the result determines the number matches, which should be formed. The more matches that you have, the bigger are your rewards.

However, the game’s generosity doesn’t end on the 10,000X multiplier. Another major thrust of Lotto Madness is its bonus symbol.

The moment it shows up, members get the opportunity to spin for another win multiplier, which, again can be as big as 10,000X.

Why settle for casino games, which deliver little wins, when you can almost be a millionaire in Lotto Madness scratch?