Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Casino 12BET guidelines 1/03

Taking Care of Yourself While at The Casino

I'm sure we all know the feeling - that this one last go will win you back all your money, that you're on a streak you can't possibly lose out on... It's common, but unfortunately if you're in the middle of Vegas, there's a chance that's happening inside someone's head roughly every thirty seconds. Responsible gamblers are often the ones that walk away with their bank balances looking healthier than they did when they walked in, or at least not as unhealthy as some. 

First off, if you're taking a card into the casino - and often that's a lot easier, especially if you're on holiday and don't want to leave it in the hotel room - make sure you're using a card with a limit, preferably one with a set amount of money on it that has no link whatsoever to your main bank account. That way, when you're done - you're done. This works well with all casinos, from luxury joints in Vegas right the way home to the games at http://www.partycasino.com/ sitting on your laptop. 

Also, make sure - you'd be surprised how often people get this wrong - that you're not too far down your glass when it comes to booze. Booze and other mentality-influencing consumables will increase your self-confidence to a degree of near-recklessness, and you're likely to call some incredible bluffs, or go all in with a low pair. Make sure you've got wing-people on the lookout for you, and try not to go gambling by yourself the losses hurt less when you've got friends who won, and it means they'll always console you with a shrimp dinner on them! - http://www.truecasinostories.com