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Friday, August 30, 2013

Casino Games Earn their Pulse from Progressive Jackpots

Put simply, progressive jackpots are prizes collected through small contributions from casino customers playing in the same network of games. Most of these jackpots are obtained from slots, where completing a certain symbols combination is the standard for determining a win.

While slots already offer a good deal of rewards, variants with a progressive jackpot feature can offer even bigger incentives. Each time a player is unable to obtain the jackpot, the amount will just continue to grow until it is won. But the amount will not go back to zero once it is claimed, as casino games always have a minimum progressive jackpot that customers can always hope for.

Some of history’s biggest casino winners achieved their winnings through playing games that offer a progressive jackpot. The list includes Elmer Sherwin who won the Megabucks progressive slot twice for a total win of$26 million. In online casinos, a Norwegian player named Peter won the biggest ever progressive jackpot for a computer-assisted gaming. His earning was reported to be €11.7 million.

Because it very risky for online casinos to offer an extremely huge progressive jackpot, it is often a practice to share the amount with an online casino group or an online casino software provider. By joining with other casinos of their group or via their gaming software provider, the breathtakingly large, life-changing progressives can be made closer to reality.

Winning progressive jackpots is not a piece of cake. It is far much easier to win smaller slot jackpots than it is to achieve the larger, attractively crispier progressives. The odds of being able to attain such jackpot are lower than for other slot games. However, it would be much more fulfilling to win prizes that came off as a collateral for a risky move. For some people who believe that they have the knack and luck for nailing a progressive game, investing in the lucrative opportunity is an exciting adventure to foray into.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Wolverine: The Newest Slot ‘Marvel’ in Online Casinos

Playtech, via online casinos like 12BET, is bringing in their newest superhero-themed slot game to its Marvel Comics catalog: “Wolverine.” This highly innovative online casino game will offer similar—if not better—appeal as its brother games in the Marvel collection.  With groundbreaking 3D animations, stellar graphics, and a completely new set of stacked wilds, free spins, and features, this game is arguably among the best in the series.

Wilds, Berserker, and Adamantium
Wolverine has stacked wilds that appear on the player’s screen during the game, creating winning combination bet lines. The Berserker Rage feature, an element unique to the game, will turn a set of symbols into wilds (in fact, two reels can be transformed into wilds!).

By unleashing the Adamantium free games feature, players will have the opportunity to obtain 12 free spins. This particular round occurs in a chemical plant or a laboratory with an empty syringe symbol appearing on the meter on the left-hand side of the game window. The syringe symbol allows the Adamantium level to increase, plus players will be given the option to freeze the Wolverine symbols on the screen for the next spin. Basically, the free spins feature—which carries the big winnings—is dependent upon the wilds on the reels.

As with other Marvel Comics™ slots, Wolverine is installed with progressive jackpots. This allows players to not just win sizable number of free games and wilds bonuses, but also acquire a gigantic prize coming from a common pot.

Experience superhero triumph with this new slot game from Playtech. Register with 12Bet now, subscribe a session with Wolverine, and win big in the quickest time you have!

slot game

Friday, August 16, 2013

Live Dealers make for an Authentic Online Casino Experience

Online casinos made wager-based gaming a highly accessible pastime for the global audience. Sharing almost the same caliber and legitimacy with their land-based counterparts, online casinos help players enjoy games like roulette, poker, or slots in the most convenient ways imaginable. With just a pinpointing of the computer cursor and safe monetary transaction over the Web, online gaming can now be relished with high-tech service.
live blackjack
While many people still go to land-based casinos to experience genuine gaming spree, they nevertheless end up tangled in the hectic pace of land or air travel, the danger of being held up on the roads, and the tiresomeness of a noisy casino atmosphere. It is for these very reasons that online casinos—through the initiatives of developers like Playtech and Microgaming—have started making their games “real” by incorporating live dealers in the sessions. These dealers are real people and they assist players through real-time, video-based features. This way, interacting with human croupiers becomes verily possible.

Live dealer games may be relatively less available compared to the conventional online games, as of the moment. But players can nonetheless access casino classics in this format. Most live dealer casinos will assist in live Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, or Craps.

Live dealer games allow players to interact at the tables, which is a feature that standard online card or table games may not offer. While on their seats playing the live games, players can chat with their fellow customers and even interact with the croupier. This makes for an online casino experience whose authenticity rival that of the casinos in Las Vegas, Monaco, or Macao!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Progressive Games and How they Invigorate Casino Players

Progressive games are arguably the greatest magnets of online casinos (or casinos in general) to lure customers of playing their games. With millions of gamers playing online on a daily basis worldwide—and with many of them giving a certain chunk of their bet to a common pot—it is no surprise that progressive jackpots are breathtakingly large. And consequently, attract many customers to bite on them.

In essence, progressive jackpots are the basic driving factors for a substantial influx of patrons to casinos. Gamblers are, after all, seeking for grand payouts that they think will give them the best value for their bet. Without progressive jackpots, some of history’s largest (Guinness record holders, in other words) casino winnings will practically be gone.

Multiple game sessions of similar nature are networked together to form one large progressive jackpot. This prize grows more quickly because several players are contributing to the jackpot at the same time. In the most lucrative circumstances, progressive jackpot games can offer rewards that far exceed the $1 million mark.

Progressive games often prove too costly because they often require a maximum bet. Players with small budgets may not qualify for the games, but high rollers (people that have already won during several games or can afford tom place huge bets) can readily take advantage of them.

It would be a wise move to veer away from playing progressive games while you are still a new player. When you have already proven your luck in the casino and have already acquired a fat bankroll, then is the right time to wager on progressive jackpots.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How Bonuses make your Casino Experience more Enthralling

Indeed, bonuses in online casino games make for a heightened gaming experience. There is a myriad of boons that online casinos offer, all we need to do is to keep ourselves updated with these privileges, inspect for additional advantages, and grab them in the wisest, most efficient way possible.

Bonuses come in varying guises, and in different durations. Some are short-term; others live by the age of our ancestors (that’s a hyperbole, of course). A few may be sent via emails, while some are channeled through platforms such as social media, video advertisements, website forecasts, or press releases. Regardless of the way they reach us, it is important that we make ourselves available for critical understanding of how these bonuses could genuinely enrich out gaming experience.

While some of us may feel that we cannot fulfill the wagering requirements of certain online casino bonuses, it is wrong to immediately give up. Some casino service providers are professional enough to address our concerns. The “Terms & Conditions” section might serve as the loose basis for qualifying a bonus round, but we must always mull over the fact that there are still many other types of bonuses out there that are more fit to our needs and financial limits.

It would be wise to check casino websites’ bonus updates so that we could increase our potential to earn the maximum prizes. Remember that bonuses are not consistent to every game or every point in time. For example, a bonus might be given away in the casino’s anniversary. Surely, that privilege will only run for a short period of time. And if we are lucky enough to have ourselves updated about it, then our chance to earn large sums would no longer be a remote possibility.

Bonuses perhaps act as the life in every casino game, even the catalysts to earning high-caliber prizes. But we also need to be aware of when and how we can achieve them, because our stay in casinos is still a race of luck after all.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Things to think about when playing Blackjack Switch

Patented in 2009, Blackjack Switch is rapidly taking the casino world by storm. What differentiates this variant from the regular BlackJack is that instead of just one hand, two hands are dealt to each playing position, and players are allowed to exchange (hence, the word ‘switch’) the top two cards between hands. While this is a good opportunity to increase the odds of winning, switching cards is not obligatory. Players are recommended to do so only when they feel their cards will make a better hand.

Dealer 22 makes all remaining hands a push. Switching the top cards increases players’ chance for a BlackJack. Under this circumstance, a special rule has been implemented in which the dealer will not go bust if it reaches 22. If he does get a 22, the game will be considered a draw (or a push with all players, except those who obtained blackjack hands).

Split each hand only once, split aces receive on card per hand. Switching cards is entirely bound to players’ discretion. There are no rules set for this game as to when a player can and cannot switch cards. The main goal of the game is to make the perfect Blackjack for both hands. If only one hand makes the combination, the player would at least come out even.

Double down on any two cards, double down after a split. Effective management of bankroll is very important when playing Blackjack Switch. In this game, betting is not just placed on one hand, but two. Therefore, losing can be reached twice as fast as wining. Keeping an eye to bankroll limits is strongly advised.

Ready to play Blackjack Switch? Test your luck on making perfect hands by playing this game at 12bET!

Friday, August 2, 2013

What’s Cooking: The Sweetest Aroma of Winning

Leave the kitchen to the maid, let the chef do the cooking, but never disallow yourself from tasting the food! And by food, we mean anything that’s sweet, luscious, or creamy to your taste, sight, and feelings. Plunge in an experience similar to enjoying world-famous cuisines while making some great cash. That’s what the 12BET slot game “What’s Cooking” offers you: a delicious hideaway to unload your stress and a delightful venue to gather a hefty sum of cash!

slot game

Against a backdrop of fresh-looking tomatoes, meat, oven flame, vegetables, and spices, this game can provide you opportunities to win prizes that is equal to your bet multiplied by 10, 100, 1000, or 10000! That depends on the symbols that would appear on your reels, but regardless of their uncertainty of appearing, you could still make a great fortune out of dozens of bonuses and free games!

“What’s Cooking” has five reels and 30 lines. It is an online slot game that borrows almost the same mechanics as its conventional counterpart. You start the game by choosing your bet, purchasing a line or lines in the payline, spinning the reels, and claiming prizes if you won one. But this simple instruction doesn’t come without additional perks. That is, the game offers plenty of bonuses so that you will not need to end up empty-handed by the end of the game.

Bonuses include the “Scatter,” a symbol that automatically provides you with additional cash without having to come up with a specific symbol combination. As long as they appear in your reels, they are automatically activated to your advantage.

Another extra feature of this game is the “Dollar Ball,” a progressive side game similar to lottery where you select five numbers out of 49. Played simultaneous to your main game, this feature draws five numbers randomly. The more numbers match your selection, the greater your prize. If all five numbers match, you win the entire Jackpot!

Savor the goodness of a freshly baked fortune with “What’s Cooking.” Sign up now with 12BET and earn delicious prizes right above your platter!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Panther Moon: A Full Moon-lit Jungle of Prizes

Have the jungle wildlife help you enjoy a piece of mystery. Feel that very moment when you think you and nature are becoming one. What serenity would it make?

Now give that peaceful feeling a chance to beam into a somewhat journey to finding treasure. Money makes the world go round, so do human ingenuities like science, art pieces, banking, and yes, casinos!

At 12BET, the game “Panther Moon” will give you serenity (visual) and wealth in equal caliber. Imagine seeing magical or natural images (slot symbols) while bagging a cash prize as large a herd of panthers. That’s possible because in this online casino game, you can amplify your bet to more than 25 times, 500 times, or even 10000 times depending on the symbols you arrive with!

Panther Moon is an online slot game that makes use of wildlife symbols to make beautiful combinations. Come up with a correct streak and you can win cash prizes you would never think you will ever have.

Start the game by setting your desired bet amount through the “Click to Change” denomination button in the lower left corner of the game screen. Purchase bet lines by clicking “Bet per Line.” Choose your paylines by clicking “Lines.” When everything is already set (if you already have a final bet and have chosen paylines), click “Spin” and the reels will be turned. If you wish to activate all paylines and automatically spin the reels, click “Bet Max.” Your winnings will be immediately revealed once the reels stop spinning.

Now here is the more fun part. This game offers, among other bonuses, Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbol rounds. “Wilds” are extra symbols that give you higher chances of obtaining a bigger prize. They stand in for other symbols and when found along your chosen paylines, will give you large bet multipliers based upon the number of symbols that lie along your lines. The more wilds you have, the greater the multipliers you will get.

Scatter symbols, meanwhile, do not have to occur on a particular payline. That means to say that as long as they appear in your reels in a specific spin, you would have additional earnings that are added to your payline winnings!

Play Panther Moon today and enjoy the luxury of both serenity and wealth. Be a 12BET member now and let your bankroll climb heights as tall as forest-carpeted mountains, glacier-covered peaks, and moon-kissed summits!