Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Choose Your Own Wild, Locked Them Up And Win In Wild Gambler

Safari-inspired, online slot game, Wild Gambler grants total freedom to its players via allowing them to choose and lock wild symbols in the reel. Considered as one of the very firsts in the history of slot gaming, it paves way for fast, huge and easy wins.

Choose your own wild
Unlike other slot machines, you do not have to wait for wilds to appear in Wild Gambler. You can actually make them show-up and even determine their positions in the reels. Moreover, the number of wilds, which you can place, has no limits. As a matter of fact, you can fill the whole screen with wilds if you want to.

Such gaming freedom and flexibility are possible through the Lock & Spin Feature. Aside from selecting and strategically positioning your wilds, these symbols remain in their respective places—in other words, they become locked into the reels, until you replace them.

Increasing bets
When using the above-mentioned feature, it also follows that the wagering amount increases. But never worry for a prompt shall show up and ask you to confirm your bets. In the event where you want to lessen your wilds, simply click one of them and they will be taken out of the picture.

But then again, even if you have to increase your bets, you are nevertheless, guaranteed of a big win. This may sound phony at first. Yet, come to think of it, guaranteed wins are not impossible. Since wilds can substitute for another symbol, it becomes a lot easier to form winning patterns.

Free spins
Free spins can be also availed in Wild Gambler, a total of 8 free spins can be enjoyed. By the way, these are triggered when several meerkats appear on the screen and form the word “bonus.”

Many say that Wild Gambler is meant only for high-rollers. Partly this is true. With wilds occupying the reels, a simple member can turn into a flashy high-roller.