Friday, April 19, 2013

Thor Scratch’s Knockout Bonus Feature Makes A Loud Buzz

Thor scratch becomes an avenue in acquiring a top online casino jackpot. It has a win multiplier and a profitable bonus round.

Best features
Thor is a bit similar to the Six Million Dollar Man scratch. It’s pretty successful in presenting the game theme.

Different Norse gods are used as symbols and the bonus round perfectly animates. It’s as if the player is slowly taken to a different world every time he triggers the said round.

But way beyond the presentation per se, Thor’s appeal lies on its win multiplier. Every symbol used in the game has a corresponding value. The highest multiplier that a player gets is 1,000 and the lowest is 1.

Members do not have to guess how much they will get since the values are already shown on the screen.

Thus, assuming that a player wagers MYR 5 and three (3) Thor hammers show up, his total winnings amount to MYR 5,000.

On the other hand, the coveted bonus round is triggered by the appearance of the golden orb. Once activated, six (6) different golden orbs, each filled with different prize amount. Players will be then asked to choose one and the reward they’ll get shall be added to their total winnings.

Overall, Thor scratch’s multiplier may not be as big as that of the Six Million Dollar Man. But it cannot be denied that its bonus feature is a indeed, a total knockout.