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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Choose Your Own Multiplier And Free Spins In The Casino Game, Atlantis Queen

Much to the delight of many slot players, the casino game, Atlantis Queen brings the hidden wealth and treasure of a former naval superpower that vanished in thin air.

Atlantis Queen may have its own shortcomings when it comes to having 3D-like images and symbols, but its features speak well of the huge reward that a player can get.

Probably one of the firsts in online slot gaming, Atlantis Queen gives freedom to the players. With this game, punters have total control in terms of the number of free spins and multipliers that they can get.

Once they triggered the Atlantis Temple Bonus, they will see a huge wall of stone tablets, with its rows duly labeled.

The top row identifies the extra wild symbol that a player gets. On the other hand, the second symbol shows the extra scatter.

From the third row, the player can pick its desired multiplier and lastly, the final row shows the number of free games.

The highest multiplier that a punter gets is 4 while the highest number of free games is 12.

Ideas of going deep into the ocean, finding the lost city and making tons of cash should be thrown away. There is an easier way to do that and it is through playing, the Atlantis Queen.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Increase Your Winnings By 100 In The Best Online Slot, Jazz Club

Jazz Club is probably one of the best online slots with free games in Malaysia.

Featured in this game are 14 free spins, up to X4 win multiplier, expanding wild and a scatter symbol, which increases your overall winnings for up to 100X!

Jazz Solo Bonus
It is through the Jazz Solo Bonus round that a player can avail the 14 free spins. They will be asked to choose among three symbols: the contrabass, the trumpet and the piano.

Each of these symbol contains a specific number of freebies and multiplier. As mentioned, the highest number of free spins you can get is 14 and as for the multiplier, the biggest is 4. The wild also expands during this round, making it a lot easier for you to form winning combinations.

Scattering the prizes
Jazz Club’s scatter is a money-raking symbol. Not only does it trigger the bonus round, it also multiplies the prizes by 100 when 5 of them appear on the reel.

The design
In terms of its design, Jazz Club is a certified winner. Symbols animate and lure you away from the seemingly typical and routine-like way of playing online slots.

Jazz Club is available in 12BET Casino. Play this game today and a member of a certified winning club.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Benchwarmer Warms Up Slot Game Players With X30 Win Multiplier and 30 Free Spins

What can be hotter than a Malaysian online slot game, which shares 20 free spins, X30 multiplier and wild bodies?

When big prizes and oozing sexy girls are combined, it will be too difficult to ignore the slot game, Benchwarmer.

To capitalize on the free spins, the player needs at least 3 scatters to appear on the reel. Players will initially receive 10 free spins, which can be re-triggered if the scatters appear once again.

Making it even more profitable is its bonus feature, wherein slots lovers can get winnings, which are 30 times bigger than their original bet. Thus, if you are wagering MYR20 and triggered the bonus feature, expect your winnings to be as high as MYR 600. Benchwarmer guarantees that you never go home empty-handed.

Don’t be contented with watching beautiful football girls, get on your feet, start playing with them and collect huge cash with Benchwarmer!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Go Manic With Vikingmania’s 20 Free Spins And Triple Wins

With more than 20 slot free games, tripled wins and a great bonus feature, it is too hard to resist Vikingmania. This 5-reel  20 line slots is perhaps one of the most lucrative online slot that you’ll ever encounter.

You don’t have to be an expert to trigger the free spins. Like other slot machines, this is triggered by 3 or more scatters on the reel. Moreover, the prize for all winning combinations are tripled.

So let’s say a winning pattern gives your MYR8. Multiply your wins by 3 and you get MYR 24 and that is just for a single free spin. If the scatters appear again, you just have to add another 10 free spins from the initial 10 extras that you received earlier. In other words, you can re-trigger the freebies and you’ll have more opportunities to increase your bankroll.

You must also watch out for the Viking Playtime bonus. This can be availed during the main game only when all reels are activated.

To activate the reels, you’ll need the help of the hammer symbol, which must appear at the center of the reels.

Once the above-mentioned bonus feature takes into full effect, you will see a Viking tied to a bulls-eye target. Each time you hit the target, all your winnings are automatically multiplied by 3.

Aside from the prizes, the game’s overall look is simply adorable. Cute Viking images, which animate each time you secure a win, are too charming to ignore.

Twenty (20) free spins are waiting for you. Take advantage of them now!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

40 Free Spins And Triple Wins Available In Goddess Of Life

Did you know that with your minimum bet, you can already get 40 free spins and triple your wins? It sounds impossible, but 12BET Casino is making it possible with the help of the online slot game, Goddess of Life.

Profitable—this is probably the best way to describe the Goddess Of Life. Unlike other slot games, you don’t have to bleed to get free spins. All you need are three (3) scatters to trigger this feature.

Once activated, you get your first 20 free spins. Also, you get tripled prizes for every winning combination formed via the scatter’s help.

While you are enjoying your free spins and 3 scatters appear again, you get another set of 20 free spins, with the multiplier, of course.

The free games feature, however, is not the only way to profit from this game. Yes, it also highlights a bonus feature, known as the Crystal Cave Bonus.

With the Crystal Cave Bonus, you will be asked to choose among 15 crystals, which contain specific prizes. Take your best pick and you’ll walk out with your pockets filled.

Talks about the Goddess of Life’s generosity are now spreading like fire. Never miss this great winning opportunity and play at 12BET Casino today.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ghost Of Christmas Surprises Players With Up to 25 Free Spins

Even with their small bets, players can easily profit from the online slot game Ghost of Christmas. With up to 25 free spins and bonus features, there is no way that a player can lose in this game.
To trigger the free spins, at least 3 scatters must appear on the reel. At first, the player will only receive 15 free spins, however, if the scatters appear again, the player gets added 10 freebies. But not only that, all the accumulated winnings are multiplied by 3.

On the other hand, if the free spins are already over, punters do not have to worry since the free spins can be re-triggered.

Aside from the free spins, players can also feast on the bonus round. Once activated, players will have the freedom to choose their own prize.

Ghost of Christmas knows no season. With its enticing surprises and big rewards, you cannot afford to wait until Christmas to play this game.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Casino Game, Pink Panther Multiplies Rewards By 1,500

Where else can a player find a scratch card where the winnings are up to 1,500 bigger than the original bet? It may sound impossible, but this can be experienced in the casino game, Pink Panther.

Players might think that the prize amount is way too good to be true or they might think of the game’s intimidating winning requirements. But just like other players who have already amassed their big prizes in Pink Panther, there is no reason to believe all the worries and doubts.

Pink Panther works exactly as that of other scratch cards—a player forms 3 identical matches and they win instantly.

This game, however, allots a different reward for the symbols formed.

If 3 Pink Panthers show up, the winnings are multiplied by 1,500. If 3 Inspector Clouseau are formed, the prized is multiplied by 8. Lastly, when 3 Little Men show up, the prize becomes 4 times bigger.

There is also another bonus feature that the players can take advantage of. Once they have formed the word PINK, all their winnings shall be multiplied by 8.

Find the Pink Panther today and get extra cash with ease. Log in to your 12BET Casino account and play Pink Panther now.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lucky Panda’s 1024 Ways To Win A Top Online Casino Jackpot

With its All-Ways feature, Lucky Panda slot makes it easier to win top online casino jackpots.

Thanks to the All-ways feature, there is no limit to the winning combinations that a player forms. It becomes possible since paylines do not matter anymore.

Starting from the left to the right reel, all adjacent symbols automatically form a winning combination.  Lucky Panda player can form up to 1024 winning patterns.

This slot machine also shares 15 free spins. Other than playing without betting—well literally, all the wins in this game are doubled. But to avail this feature, 3 scatters must trigger it.

During the free games and the scatters appear again, the above-mentioned free spins can be re-triggered. In other words, all players have the chance of enjoying  more than 30 free games.

Lucky Panda is not the only 12BET Casino game that highlights the All-ways feature. This is also available in the Archer slot machine.

Forget about relying on luck while playing Lucky Panda, win and make your own luck instead.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Incredible Hulk Scratch Smashes Players With 1,000X Win Multiplier

Get a casino bonus that is a 1,000X bigger than the original bet by making a simple scratch. This huge prize is possible in one of 12BET Casino’s new games, Incredible Hulk  scratch.

After the release of Incredible Hulk 50 lines, the popular movie is not only an online slot, but also a scratch game.

Its goal is simple: secure 3 matches. The winning combination does not have to form a pattern. As long as 3 identical symbols appear, the player automatically wins. It does not matter if they show up diagonally, vertically or horizontally.

Making it even more profitable is the fact that every symbol corresponds to a specific multiplier. For example, if the 3 police cars pop out, the bet is multiplied by 10. If 3 helicopters cropped out, the wager shall be multiplied by 2 and so on and so forth.

(Unfortunately), the game’s bonuses do not end with the symbol multiplier. Incredible Hulk scratch also boasts of the smash bonus feature. It is triggered whenever the smash bonus symbol shows up.

When this feature is triggered, players will be surprised by how much they can get. Whenever the said symbol appears, the card value is multiplied by 1,000 and this will be the player’s winnings.

Whoever thought that a simple scratch can turn one’s gaming life upside down. Well, here in 12BET Casino, everything is possible. Play your first scratch card today!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How To Spot Roulette Cheats When Playing Video Roulette

A mind-blowing surprise awaits those who play online roulette in Malaysia. Just when a player thinks that, he has already seen its entire variant, well; wait until he encounters video roulette.

Video roulette combines the elements of RNG and live roulette. When playing, punters do not leave the RNG platform. However, the moment they start spinning, a video of the roulette shall pop out of the screen. Along with it, players can also hear the sound of the spinning wheel as if they are playing in land-based casinos.

This game also features the La Partage option, which is commonly found only in French roulette. If after a spin, the ball lands on zero, the player loses only half of his bet. This is in stark contrast to other roulette variants. As a result, players will never have to worry about fund shortage.

Punters will also love the game’s history tracks and heat map features. They can use this to better strategize. They will not be confused since it only records their own statistics. The heat map on the other hand, shows the numbers that come out often. It is as if the player has his private coach.

Spectacular fun and prizes are now offered in video roulette. Never miss out this great game. Log in to your account and start winning today.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Two Lucky Players Win Major Slots Jackpot

Two (2) of 12BET Casino’s made it to the casino site’s long list of winners. Much to their surprise, the players found the pots of gold in 12BET Casino’s slot machines.

Winner lxx1xxx5x  bagged a grand RMB 46, 185. 25 via playing Gladiator, while player xmxxlxox brought home MYR 33,850.

Gladiator is a household name in as far as big prizes are concerned. Other than that, the game also shares up to 25 free spins, thus, opening more winning opportunities for many.

Meanwhile Irish Luck is also a certified loose slot machine. In this game, a player enjoys 8 free spins. But not only that, all winnings during the free games are doubled.

The winning spirit is high in 12BET Casino. Play like a boss and win instantly today!

Iron Man 2 Returns As A Scratch Game

After gracing the pages of Marvel Comics and making a big debut on silver screen, it is not surprising to see a sequel of Iron Man and just like in the movies, another Iron Man enters the online casino scene.

From slots to scratch, Iron Man 2 received a warm welcome from many players. As a matter of fact, some Malaysian online casino agents  would also recommend this game.

Simple and sleek, Iron Man 2 simply requires its players to uncover 3 reactors. The pattern can be formed vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

With various winning opportunities and images, which are directly taken from the movie, players may have a hard time resisting this game.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Elektra Scratch Awes Online Casino Players With A X10,000 Win Multiplier

The fierce, bold and foxy lady in red makes a grand entrance in Malaysia’s Best Online Casino, 12BET Casino.

Equipped with her powerful armors, the celebrated femme fatale returns with electrifying rewards that barely require rigid effort from the player.

From slots and now to scratch, Elektra is one of the most rewarding scratch games in casinos. Players can actually collect prizes, which are 10,000 bigger than their original bet—and they only need to do a very simple thing: form matching symbols.

The winning combinations can be formed in three easy ways: horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Line them all up together and voila, players become extra richer.

Scratch, match and secure an electrifying win. Elektra Scratch disappoints no one.

Collapsing Reels Increase The Online Slot Players’ Bankroll In Hot Gems

Hot gems proved to be one of the best online slots. Free games in Malaysia, as well as in other parts of the world, are to be given away. Multiple wins and a great bonus feature is also present in this game.

One of the game’s main thrusts is its collapsing reels, which explode whenever a winning combination is formed.

When a reel collapsed, symbols from the top row fall down. As they get caught up or mix with the symbols below them, they give the players the chance to form, yet another winning patterns, thus, resulting to multiple wins.

This approach to online slot gaming highly resembles that of the kiddie game, Bejeweled—simple, easy and very lucrative.

But the collapsing reels are not the only hot items in this game. Free spins and an increasing multiplier are also present.

To note, a total of 15 free spins can be availed. Moreover, the multiplier increases whenever winning combinations are created. Players can take advantage of a X5 multiplier during the entire game. By the way, the free spins are triggered by at least 2 scatters.

As hot as the sun, Hot Gems, is a great online slot pick of many players. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Collect Top Online Casino Jackpots And Free Spins In Dragon King!

Dragon King is the perfect game for those who are looking for that top online casino jackpot. This online slot features a split symbol, 15 free spins and an increasing multiplier.

To trigger the free spins, the player will need the help of 3 scatters. Once activated, one can immediately avail the free spins. Aside from that, the game is likewise equipped with a multiplier, which continuously increases. Players can get a maximum of X5 multiplier.

Making the game even more profitable is the so-called “split symbol.” As the name suggests, it cuts the symbols into and thus, increasing the chances of forming more winning combinations.

For Dragon King, the split breaks the last symbol of a winning combination. Due to this, forming a 6 of a kind is possible.

Dragons are often described as harbingers of good luck. Now that the Dragon King has landed in 12BET Casino, it is time to take advantage of the luck and fortune, which it brings.

Luck Overflows In Irish Luck Scratch

The leprechauns of Malaysia’s best online casino, 12BET Casino are sharing huge rewards to scratch game lovers.

Irish Luck scratch is giving away prizes, which are 5,000X bigger than the player’s original bet. Instead of securing matches, this game requires players to find the lucky leprechaun.

There are 3 pots of gold in the game and the player must choose one. The player wins if the leprechaun lurks in the selected pot.

Since there are only 3 options, players get higher winning possibilities. Just like slots, the higher the wager, the bigger is the prize.

Whether you are Irish or not, you are certainly lucky in this scratch game. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Malaysian Casino Game, X-Men Scratch Scratches All Woes, Up To 10,000X Of Prizes At Stake

Malaysia’s casino game X-Men scratch, no matter how simple it looks, multiplies winnings by up to 10,000X. To make winning easier, this game also features a wild symbol.

To begin with, the players will be asked to choose among 6 scratch cards. He also has the option to select all the cards.

After picking the preferred cards, the players must secure a match to win. A player can rake prizes through different winning combinations.

If a card shows one of the hero symbols and a wild, the player gets a perfect match. The same thing is true if the player gets 2 identical hero or villain symbols. However, if 2 different villain or hero symbols appear, the player still, win. Yet, he only gets half of the prize amount.
2 Heroes In A Card And 2 Identical Symbols

2 Villains In A Card
Winning with the wild's help
Without complicated rules to memorize and stringent strategies to develop, winning in X-Men scratch is nothing but natural.

Your bankroll growth is already at your fingertips. Win big without lifting a finger in X-Men scratch today!

Fantastic Four Offers 12 Free Slot Games And 50 Activated Paylines

The slot game, Fantastic Four becomes even more fantastic with bigger prizes and features, which exponentially multiply one’s bankroll.

Its newly released version now comes with 50 activated paylines, 12 free spins and heroic symbols, which easily generate winning combinations.

First off, the free spins are triggered by the appearance of 3 or more scatters on the reel. The player will automatically receive 12 free spins.

During the free games, the player also has the chance to trigger the so-called “4 fantastic features.”  It highlights the 4 main characters of the game—Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing.

Each character offers a distinct reward to the players. For example, Mr. Fantastic shares 4 free spins and an expanding wild. The Invisible Woman also shares 4 free spins. Yet, instead of an expanding wild, it comes with a multiplier. Four (4) spins are also offered by the Human Torch. It is also scattered on the reels, once triggered. Lastly, The Thing shares 3 free spins and becomes a freezing wild during the game.

Combining all these features and the 50 active paylines will definitely result to huge prizes. But there is a bigger question that every player has to address, how do they trigger the above-mentioned features?

For this, the answer is simple. When any of the 4 characters occupy the 3rd reel, its bonus features shall take into full effect.

Do you want to be a fantastic slot player? Play Fantastic Four 50 lines today. Unleash your gaming power in a simple click!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Spin A Win’s Betting Options Guarantee Easy Win

Spin A Win is much like online roulette, except that it is more colorful and plenty of winning opportunities. Players may bring home prizes, which are 23X bigger than their original bet.

Since it has plenty of betting options, multiple betting guarantees a win. Players, however, must understand the different bets to maximize the game.

The wagers they can place are as follow:

Colors  - In roulette, there are only two color options—black and red. In Spin A Win, one can wager on red, yellow, orange, blue and green. As a matter of fact, a player can even bet on color combinations (e.g. red and blue, green and red etc).

Range – This is one of the most profitable bets of the game. Since all numbers belong to a specific number range, the bet has a higher possibility of showing up. Players neither need to dabble with complicated statistics nor dive into a guessing game to guarantee their winnings.

Any one number – For this, the player bets on a specific number. If chosen correctly, this wager multiplies the player’s winning by 23X.

Last digit – This bet easily increases one’s winnings by 7. Simply choose the last digit of the number, which shows up.

Odd/ Even – For players who are into roulette, this is a very familiar bet.

Higher/Lower – This bet is special. The player must wait for the result for the initial result of the spin. Afterwards, they need to predict whether the result of the next spin shall have a higher or lower value. 

Spin and Win--what an easy and simple way to getting instant huge cash!

Tequila Poker Brings Out The Best In Malaysian Card Gaming With 200 To 1 Payout

Tequila Poker is one of those card games, which is certainly, the best at Malaysia. With payouts, which are high as 200 to 1, what more can a player ask for?

There are 2 ways to win in this game. These are via forming a poker hand or having a total card value of 46 or higher (High Tequila).

Winning via the Tequila Poker way
Winning via the High Tequila way
The player can also choose the “fold” option if he feels that his cards cannot form a hand or will not get a card value of at least, 46.

When a player folds, he loses only half of his bets.

But the good thing about Tequila Poker is that a member gets a preview of the game’s result, so he will know the right time to fold or not.

The cards total score is already indicated right after the card distribution. Likewise, the player will know if there is a possibility for him to form a hand or not. There is neither the need to fully depend on Lady Luck’s grace nor use complex strategies. Really, this game is all about common sense.

Again the 200 to 1 payout is simply too hard to resist. Moreover, the fact that it does not require sophisticated strategy, this game will surely intoxicate any online casino player with thrills and tons of prizes.