Friday, April 12, 2013

Premium 3D Roulette Redefines Roulette Gaming

Premium 3D Roulette is another successful attempt to make roulette more dynamic, exciting and appealing. Malaysia players will be surprise to see their favorite 3D Roulette improve.

What’s new?
Compared to its earlier version, this one is more animated. The ball’s movements are more identified, crisp and clean. A little bit of tweak and it shall deliver a seemingly holographic gaming experience.

However, animation per se is not the sole thrust of this game. Its table layout was also changed to deliver a better view.

In its previous version, the betting layout for the standard and special bets looked cramped. Not only does this set-up confuse the player, it also prevents the latter from placing their bets correctly.

Fortunately, these betting layouts are still present in the premium version. However, they are neatly organized.

If you want to see the special bets betting area, all you need to do is click the “more bets” option.”

Playing the game
The good thing about Premium 3D Roulette is that it follows the European Roulette rules. Only a single zero is used.

As with other forms of online roulette, multiple betting is still the best approach.

For a different roulette gaming experience, Premium 3D Roulette is a must-try game.