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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Live Or Online Baccarat—Which Is Better?

The best of online and live baccarat are here in 12BET Casino! Bonuses and cashbacks are waiting when you play today!

Baccarat is a mainstay game in an online casino. New technology permitted it to be broadcasted online and played in real time.

A group of baccarat players finds live baccarat pretty exciting, while there are others who remained playing the RNG version. You may ask, which is better—online or live baccarat?

Both have their strengths and weaknesses. In live baccarat, you interact with real people. You play in real time. It is also more fast paced since betting is timed.

In online baccarat, you get superb graphics, design and theme. There is also less pressure for you do not have to place your bets immediately. Moreover, you can be sure to have an available table for you.

Apparently, the choice depends on your personal tasted and preference. The point is to enjoy these games and secure victory as you played past through rivals.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Joy Of Playing Keno

Bingo-inspired game, Keno takes Asian players by storm in 12BET Casino. Discover the rewards and bonuses you can get when you join our legion of followers.
 12BET Casino is not only the home of topnotch video slots, the best keno games are also available in the casino site.

Keno works like bingo and lottery. You pick several numbers and you automatically win if you have number matches. The more number matches you have, the bigger prizes you get. It’s that easy. You played past through rivals without lifting a finger.

The Keno games present in 12BET Casino are Fortune Keno, Keno Experiment and Keno itself. In 12BET Casino’s Keno games, you get the excitement of bingo and the thrill of lottery in one awesome game.

Feel The Crazy 7 Prize Craze In 12BET Casino

Go crazy in 12BET Casino’s Crazy 7 rewards and prizes. Register and play today!

 Classic slots never lost its appeal. Although video slots have already taken over, players continue to patronize the first generation of slot machines. It brings a nostalgic feeling and the joy of getting the jackpot.

12BET Casino’s Crazy 7 is a concrete example of classic slots, which never fails to attract more players.

What is Crazy 7?
Long introductions are no longer needed for this game. Crazy 7 is a classic slots game where you have to secure winning combinations to win.

Although it has less paylines than other slots game, this is neither a bane or liability for it makes Crazy 7 more challenging.

If 7 is your lucky number, you must get 3 of them most especially true for the red ones since it has the biggest payouts.

Enjoying Crazy 7 mania
While it is true that Crazy 7 is one of the early generation slots machines,  this game is known for its vibrant colors which give a sophisticated, classy, yet modern effect. At a glance, you might think that it  is one of the new video slots. The game’s interface keeps up to the current style and design.

Moreover, compared to other slots game, it uses a single symbol, which is no other than 7—a true take off from the typical classic slots that you encountered.

What is the benefit of using a sole symbol? First of all, it minimizes the confusion. You do not need to memorize patterns. It is easy for you to figure out if you won or otherwise.

It also lessens the eyestrain. Too much exposure to the computer’s glare and the inability to take frequent breaks to focus on the game is not very healthy.

The use of too many slots symbols is also a bit tedious. You need to multitask for you need to identify the winning patterns and at the same time, focus on the game.

Lastly, playing Crazy 7 in 12BET Casino gives you a daily bonus up to MYR 200. You get extra cash everyday and on top of that, you also receive an unlimited weekly cashback!

Go crazy in 12BET Casino’s Crazy 7 rewards and prizes. Register and play today!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Odds Are In Your Favor In 12BET Casino’s Mini Baccarat!

Mini baccarat is a great card game in 12BET Casino. Fast and sleek, it gives you longer playing time and the chance to bring home the biggest prizes!

For those who want to play baccarat in an easy, comfortable and fast-paced way,  12BET Casino has the best answer for you! This is via playing mini baccarat.

Compared to standard baccarat, mini baccarat has less players. Card distribution does not consume too much time, allowing you to participate in more baccarat rounds.

12BET Casino delivers an 8-deck live baccarat. However, there are other casino sites, which provide mini baccarat using a 6-deck card, which, may readily affect your winning odds.

To play mini baccarat in 12BET Casino, all you need to do is download our casino client. You may also use our flash client to play directly into your browser.

Enjoy a victorious feeling when you played past through rivals in 12BET Casino’s mini baccarat.

Live Roulette Makes Casino Gaming More Social

12BET Casino brings the ultimate casino action as you play roulette online. The best daily bonus and a rewarding unlimited cashback await you!

 At first, you may find playing roulette online a bit odd or even awkward, most especially if you are a familiar face in land-based casinos. This can be due to the lack of interaction or perhaps, the need to get that real feel of spinning wheels. This leads to the question on how online roulette addresses socialization demands.

A concrete answer to this is live roulette. In Asia, players from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and China swarm 12BET Casino’s live roulette. This is not surprising for the latter is a leading casino site in Asia.

Via live gaming, online roulette becomes more interactive since they happen in real time. With hot, pretty and accommodating live dealer supervising the game, the whole scenario manifests a deep sense of human touch—that while the players and the dealers are miles apart, there is sophisticated technology, which can help bridge the gap.

Since other players can also join and with the presence of the chat window, 12BET Casino’s live roulette makes it possible for people to connect with others who have similar interests. There in the live gaming room, roulette enthusiasts savor the moment as they played past through rivals.

Live roulette is indeed, a great breakthrough in online casino gaming and that is no other than putting the social aspect of gaming on the front row—not to mention the huge payouts and rewards that casino sites, most especially, 12BET Casino has to offer.

Casino Champs Turn Losing Streaks Into Great Winning Moments

Say goodbye to losing streaks in 12BET Casino’s weekly unlimited cashback. Win or lose, you are still rewarded in 12BET Casino

A true casino champion learns from their losing streaks. They turn these seemingly unfortunate events into yet another winning opportunity.

Instead of sulking over their beds and wondering what went wrong, they use the experience they gained to improve their skills. They identify their weaknesses and do something about it.

One of the greatest lessons that champions get from losing streaks is never to depend fully on luck. What they do in return, is build strong strategies so that they will never be at the mercy of Lady Luck again.

A losing streak can be a bitter experience, there is no doubt about that. However, it is also through this that champions have easily played past through their rivals.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Speed Matters When Playing Roulette Live In 12BET Casino

The best bonuses and rewards await those who play roulette live in 12BET Casino. Enjoy a daily bonus and a weekly cashback all in one sitting!
Be wary and alert as you play roulette live. Whether it is European or French roulette, take note of the speed.

In live roulette, everything is timed. You must be able to place your wagers quickly and confirm it. Otherwise, your bets will not be acknowledged.

One of the important reasons behind taking note of speed is that you do not miss a winning opportunity. Some members could have played past through rivals if only they confirmed their bet or place their wagers timely. You never want to lose such victorious moment, do you?

This is most especially true if you are playing in Asia’s leading casino site, 12BET Casino. Play roulette live in here and be rewarded.

Get up to MYR 200 daily bonus and to add more music  to your ears, we are also giving away a weekly unlimited cashback as you play roulette live in 12BET Casino!

3 Powerful Tips To Reduce Eyestrain While Playing 12BET Casino Slot Machines

Good vision leads to better gaming results. Join 12BET Casino as it explains the importance of taking care of your eyes while playing slot machines!

Too much playing of slot machines leads to tired eyes. Apparently, this is unhealthy and can even prevent you from enjoying the game. This can also stop you from winning since your eyes cannot function properly. Now, here are several ways on how you can reduce eye strain when playing slot machines.
Useful tips
Blink once in a while  - As much as possible, try to blink every now and then. Somehow, this exercise gives your eyes a momentary break.
Good lighting – Never ever play in the dark. Sure, you want to relive and enjoy those scenes from The Mummy, but do not do it at the expense of losing a good vision. Or else, you might not be able to play this game again.
Have a break – When you feel like your eyes are too tired already, stop and rest for a while. Recharge for a couple of minutes. Online casinos do not close, but your eyesight might shutdown. With poor vision, it will be difficult to get that feeling when you played past through rival members.
12BET Casino has the biggest and widest selection of video slots and we want you to enjoy all of them without sacrificing your eyesight. Experience the fun along with the best slot machines bonuses in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and China.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Betting Casino | 12BET Casino Explains Betting Systems

Different kinds of systems exist when betting. Casino players, whether they are into land-based or online casinos use betting systems to gain the advantage over the house and manage their bankroll efficiently.

Types of betting systems
Players used several types of betting systems.

One of these is the classic Martingale system where you double your bets whenever you lose.

The other one is paroli or more commonly known as the anti-martingale system. For this approach, you double your bets only if you lose.

There is also the Dopey experiment. Although it admits that this is not meant to ensure that you played past through rival members, it guarantees that you will have fun.

Betting systems, if used accordingly will work to your advantage. However, you will find it even more advantageous if you play in Asia’s trusted casino site, 12BET Casino.

Casino New | Online Slots Big Hit, Kong Graces 12BET Casino

Kong, the famous gorilla graces 12BET casino. New online casino games are bubbling up in the casino site.

This game comes with a big payout, which can be up to 23X bigger than your original bet, 2 bonus rounds and 3 respins.

For this game, Kong serves as the wild symbol. The game’s logo, on the other hand is the scatter that triggers the bonus rounds.

Meanwhile, it is not only through the game’s features where players can capitalize. Playing this game everyday entitles them to a daily bonus up to MYR 200. At the end of the week, another surprise comes and this is no other than the unlimited cashback.

A jungle filled with great prizes is waiting to be explored in 12BET Casino. Start your winning journey today! Played past through rivals and obstacles in the forest and win big now!

Casino Online | Spamalot Spams 12BET Casino Players With Huge Rewards

Get ready to be spammed when you play games in a casino online—this is most especially true if you are playing in Asia’s top casino site, 12BET Casino. The leading online casino brings to you a different kind of spam—one that will provide great prizes—Spamalot!

What is Spamalot?
Spamalot is a 5-reel 20 –payline slots game with 2 progressive jackpots and 4 bonus features. Along with these are the wild symbol which replaces other symbols to generate a win. You also have the scatter, which triggers the bonus features.

Making the game more exciting are the daily bonuses, which players from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and China can enjoy. There is also the unlimited cashback that can be obtained weekly.

Indeed, Spamalot is a game that requires little effort. You do not have to worry of how you can get played past through rivals.

Play this wonderful game via downloading the casino client. You may also access Spamalot directly into your web browser!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Casino Online Malaysia | 12BET Casino’s Final Score | Up To MYR 200 Daily!

Calling all football fanatics, here comes Final Score. It is a popular pick in a casino online. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and China players have readily shown their great interest in this game.

What is Final Score?
Final Score requires you to predict the results of football match. It is as easy and simple as that. You can place 3 different types of bets in this game. You have the match, correct, special and total bets.

Savor the thrill when you played past through rival teams and get a bonus in return!

Online Casino Malaysia Promotions | 12BET Casino Offers Amazing Promotions!

Indeed, it is true that rewards are overflowing in online casino—Malaysia promotions along with Indonesia, China, Thailand and Vietnam are prevalent in Asia’s top casino site, 12BET Casino.

Newly registered members get up to MYR 2,200 of welcome package. Slot and live games lovers, on the other hand receive a daily bonus up to MYR 200. At the end of the week of having played past through rivals, you enjoy an unlimited cashback!

So what are you waiting for? Asia’s most trusted casino site is brimming with prizes. Play and register immediately!

Play Malaysian Casino Games | Get Great Casino Gaming Only In 12BET Casino

If you are looking for the best place to play Malaysian casino games, you can always count on 12BET Casino.

From arcade, card, table and live games, video poker and slot machines, you will never be disappointed.

There are several reasons why 12BET Casino is your only choice. First, you’ll never get bored because of its wide gaming selection. Second you have the greatest bonuses and packages which are second to none. You have a daily bonus, a weekly bonus and a huge welcome package. With sufficient funds, you’ll easily get played past through rival members.
Register in 12BET Casino today!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Genting Casino/ Malaysia | 12BET Casino games are similar to Genting's Offerings

It is a weekend and you are looking for some relaxation to soothe your stress. You want to drive and find the best Genting casino, Malaysia’s best choice.  But the long drive takes 40 minutes to 5 hours.
What is the best choice then?

Join thousands of Malaysians who discovered a perfect substitute to the fabulous Genting Resort right in their own homes. Playing casino games similar to those in Genting casino in the comfort of their homes are becoming a popular pastime for the young and old.

With its state of the art casino platform, hot live dealers and superb online casino bonuses 12BETCasino is gaining more and more Malaysian players by the days. They are comfortable with its privacy policy, security and fast deposit and withdrawal services. In the privacy of their own homes, they get to enjoy a similar casino atmosphere as though they are in the midst of Genting’s casino gaming hall! They enjoy that winning moment when they played past through rival players.

Nothing beats the MYR 200 bonuses a Malaysian player receives each day in 12BETCasino. Apart from daily bonuses, they can look forward to a weekly unlimited cashback too. If they are new to 12BETCasino there is a popular Welcome bonus up to MYR2200 up for grab.

So relax and enjoy exciting casino games right in your own homes today. 12BET Casino guarantees a flow of bonus and cash to try all its best games.

12BET Casino is the perfect substitute for a Genting casino. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and China online casino patrons love the live dealers’ games. They stay and enjoy longer here!

Online Casino Bonus | Asian Players Enjoy Top-Notched Rewards In 12BET Casino

An online casino bonus is a sought-after perk of players. In Asia, 12BET Casino offers the most lucrative rewards. It is not surprising to see players from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and China.
If you are a new player, there is a fantastic welcome package in store for you. A welcome bonus up to MYR 200 is waiting for you in here.
Other than that, there is also a daily bonus up to MYR 200! Simply play and you’ll be rewarded. At the end of the week, you get another freebie and this is no other than the unlimited cashback. This cashback has the lowest turnover requirement, which is 1.
Indeed, 12BET Casino is your one and only choice for an online casino. Get the best games, savor that moment when you played past through rivals and increase your bankroll instantly in 12BET Casino!
Meta description
12BET Casino is the home of the best Asian online casino bonus. A welcome package, daily bonus and a weekly unlimited cashback is up for grabs in 12BET Casino.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Free Casino Bonus | Get Weekly Unlimited Cashback In MYR From 12BET Casino!

With 12BET Casino’s unlimited cashback, you have more reasons to play and enjoy.

The unlimited cashback is open to all players from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and China. Thus, start enjoying your favorite games now. If you are a new member, make your casino deposit and take advantage of this cashback. Have the utmost edge when you played past through rival members.

How it works
The unlimited cashback can be availed weekly. It does not matter if you win or lose. You will still get the cashback. If you think about it, it can almost pass as a free casino bonus. As long as you play any casino game, you are guaranteed to receive it at the end of the week.

Never worry on funds shortage again. Make your casino deposit, play 12BET casino games and start enjoying the cashback every weekend!

Free casino bonus and weekly unlimited cashback awaits 12BET Casino players from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and China.

Casino Sports Bet News: Players Get Up To 25X Worth Of Prizes Plus An Online Casino Bonus In Gladiator

12BET Casino’s Gladiator is probably one of the most profitable casino games you can find. Among our large selection of video slots, this online casino favorite gives an extra scatter, extra wild, a multiplier, free games and up to 5X bigger payouts!

To make your bankroll bigger, we are also giving you a daily bonus up to MYR 200 and an unlimited cashback.

Tell me more
Gladiator is a 5-reel 25-line online slots where you form winning combinations or patterns. Adapted from the blockbuster hit, Gladiator, scenes from the movie were included for maximum enjoyment.

How wild is the wild?
That seemingly scary helmet brings no fear at all. Instead, it triggers the Gladiator bonus. It does not stop from replacing other symbols.

To trigger the Gladiator bonus round, the wild must appear in reels 2. 3 and 4.

Scattering the rewards
Scatters function just like the wild. But it does not need to appear in a specific payline. Once you get a scatter, it will substitute the symbol next to it. Yet, if 2 scatters appear, you get an extra win. 

As if an additional win is not enough, this will also trigger the Coliseum bonus round if 3 or more of it appear in any payline.

Gladiator bonus round
You will see 9 helmets colored in bronze, gold and silver with different values that will multiply your winnings by 5, 3 and 1. Take note, your total prizes are cumulative.

For this round, the minimum win you can get is 5x of your total bet or a maximum of 25x of your total wager.

Let us say, you wagered MYR 10 or other equivalent currencies, you will get a minimum of MYR 50 and a maximum of MYR 2,500 and this is for this round alone. Simply imagine, how much more will you get once you triggered the Coliseum bonus round.

Coliseum bonus round
The prizes at stake become juicier here.

Four (4) rows of stones are revealed. They are not ordinary stones though. Starting from the bottom row you will choose the number of free games. For the third row, you pick your multiplier. The second row shows you the extra scatter and the fourth one allows you to select the extra wild.

Yet, it looks like Maximums Aurelius has no plans of stopping his generosity. When (insert symbol) appears on the third reel, you will get an additional 3 free games.

You do not need to be a gladiator to get big prizes nowadays. This easy and lucrative game is enough to guarantee a 100% win. But it makes a difference when you play in 12BET Casino. As mentioned, aside from your winnings, you also get a bonus everyday and at the end of the week, you become more triumphant because an UNLIMITED cashback is also waiting for you.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Casino Sports Bet News: Keno Captures The Joy And Big Prizes Of Lotteries And Bingo In Online Casinos

Winning in lotteries and bingo is never an easy feat. But we make it happen here in 12BET Casino. With the casino game, Keno, we take lottery and bingo right into your room.

Keno explained
Keno’s early beginning is linked to China. As a matter of fact, it is said that its earnings were once used to establish the Great Wall. Although  it is true that this game is inherent to China, the word Keno actually came from the French and Latin word “quine” which both suggest the use of five numbers.

How to play the game
Your main goal in Keno is to secure as many number matches as you can. You do not have to remember the strategies you used when you played past through a rival player.

When you login to your 12BET Casino account, you will be presented with a bingo-like card which is numbered from 1 to 80.

Choose 2 to 10 numbers. If you want to change a number, simply click on it. However, if you want to change all of them, click “clear.”

Click the “play” button if you are done. Several numbers will be drawn and if any of your picks show up, you win.

Choosing Keno
This online casino game can be compared to slot machines. Both games are easy to understand and you have high winning chances. It is no surprise that this has been frequently played by many of our members.

Another characteristic which gives Keno the edge over other games is that it does not observe strict requirements to win. This is in stark contrast to lottery and bingo. In bingo, you need to form patterns. In lotteries, sometimes, you need to get matches that are arranged accordingly. None of these complications are present in Keno. Whenever you have a match, you win—no questions asked.

Lastly, what makes Keno even more exciting is that you get unlimited cashbacks when you play in 12BET Casino. Add your winnings from the game and the cashback—just imagine how profitable this game is.

Start playing Keno right now. Make your winning adventure a habit and begin enjoying your unlimited cashback today!

Casino Sports Bet News: 6 Ways To Differentiate Video And Live Poker: A Must Read For Every Online Casino Player

Video poker is one of the most popular online casino game in 12BET Casino. It follows the same principles as that of poker. But they are entirely different from each other. Know what differentiates the two games and why you must play it in 12BET Casino!

The gaming software
Video poker is not just about the use of a gaming software. Here, the machine is your only opponent, making the game a lot easier and private.

 Since results are randomly determined, more or less you can predict the game’s outcome. You will also discover winning patterns along the way. This is in stark contrast to playing live poker. As for the latter, you are battling with real players, which make the game very unpredictable. Just when you thought you have the upper hand, another player shows you that he or she has a better hand much to your utmost dismay.

Video poker is a casino game played in a fast-paced manner. You get the results immediately. A single video poker round lasts for a minute or two. It cannot go longer than that unless your personal computer hangs.

The bets
The minimum bet for video poker is €0.01. Simply imagine how many video poker rounds you can enjoy if you have €10. Unfortunately, for live poker, such amount will not suffice. This can only go for the blind bet and there is a thing called “raise” in live poker where the pot size is increased.

Card combination
Card combination matters in both games. However, video poker manifests it even more. In here, you get the perfect combination and you win. Yet, as for live poker, you can still win even if you have the weakest hand. It is all about mastering the so-called “bluffs.”

It is obvious that you cannot bluff when you play against a machine.

Hand value
Each hand has a fixed value. You know how much you will win. What you see is what you get.

Video poker may look too simplistic. But this does not rips you off with the excitement and thrill that you get when played past through rival poker enthusiasts. Both games are enjoyable, indeed, that is true. Yet, this does not erase the fact that video poker possesses certain characteristics that make it stand out than its counterpart.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Genie’s Hi Lo Grants Every Player’s Wishes

Here is another easy and fun game that does not require expert skills, extraordinary strategies and high bankroll to win.

In 12BET Casino’s Genie’s Hi Lo, your winning wishes are granted in a snap. It is a true genie for it grants your winning wishes in a snap. Compared to mythical genies, you do not have to rub the lamp thrice and be contented with three (3) wishes.

For this casino game online, you are rewarded by every winning click that you make.

What is Genie’s Hi Lo?
Genie’s Hi Lo is similar to the arcade game, Around the World. You must predict whether the next card has a higher or lower value, red, or black.

The minimum bet you can place is €0.05—not too high compared to other games.

How to play the game
Choose your betting amount. Your bet can range from €0.05 to €7.50. Click the “confirm” button. Pick a card or you can choose “Autopick” to let the computer do the selection.

The chosen card will be your wager’s basis. For example, if you pick a King of hearts, you must determine whether the next card will be higher, lower, red or black.

You can place multiple bets for bigger winnings.

The Ace
You might be surprised to know that in this game, the Ace holds the lowest value. It is valued at one (1).

Tip from the Genie
Compared to the red or black wagers, the higher and lower bets are more profitable. It is much easier to determine whether the next number is higher or lower rather than trying to predict the color.

On the other hand, since you can place multiple bets, it guarantees bigger winnings once you made the right prediction.

The genie has tons of prizes in store for you. Play Genie’s Hi Lo today and get your exciting reward!