Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Game Review: Fantastic Four Scratch

Nothing But Ordinary

Fantastic Four-themed games fill online casinos. Its newest member is a scratch card, which tries to impress readers with prizes that are up to 10,000X bigger than their original bet—a hefty casino bonus, I must say.

Ordinary scratch
In the truest sense of the word, this scratch card is nothing but ordinary. It continues to follow that good old scratch card formula: match and win.

Although majority of scratch games work that way, some beg to differ. For example, you have Rocky. This game redefined the idea of “symbol matches.” Instead of looking for identical symbols, the match pertains to a “boxing match” instead.

Such innovations and clear-cut improvements, if applied to Fantastic Four can make the game a little bit close to being exciting.

Free card
Nevertheless, despite of its seemingly “lackluster” performance, the game tries to make it by giving a free card. Each time the four (4) Fantastic Four characters show up, you get a freebie.

The verdict:

Profitable—perhaps this is the best word to describe the game. With the 10,000X win multiplier, it is a bit hard to ignore. Yet, if you are looking for an action-packed game, it’s much better if you go for the slots.