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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Yes, Online Casinos have their own ‘Skin’

Much like any other computer-based service, online casinos are dependent upon software. Games are launched through gaming platforms developed by some of the world’s best software engineers. With thousands of online casinos worldwide, and practically just a few software providers out there, it is not uncommon for these gaming companies to share similar (or even identical) game interfaces. This makes it hard for casino players to determine the casinos’ identity.

In such a case, bigger (and more prestigious) companies would willingly purchase a “skin” of the platform in order to make their own stamp on the games. Casino skins are like clothing accessories with similar designs but different in size or color. Skins are helpful in establishing a casino’s identity and it will help players get more acquainted with their gaming partners.

Companies like Playtech and Microgaming lead the world in terms of market share, but their products are also the most commonly used amongst online casinos. With skins, casinos can have their own distinctions. Vastly different skins offer different looks for what is essentially the same platform.

Some online casinos have their own in-house software development department which allows them to offer games that are entirely original and virtually not offered by other casinos. However, this is only possible for the biggest companies who can afford millions of dollars of investment in an independent research facility. In fact, even these casinos may still require the service of leading providings and it would be more practical for them to buy skins instead of creating a totally different platform.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Popular Card and Hand Nicknames in Card Games

Like people, card games such as Texas Hold’em poker need some nicknames to easily identify hands. Hundreds of these monikers exist throughout the online gaming world but not all of them may be completely remembered by players. Here are a few of the most interesting nicknames used in card games:

One-eyed royals. These are the three court cards (face cards) showing only, as the name suggests, one eye: the Jack of Spades, Jack of Hearts, and King of Diamonds. The nickname stems from the depiction of the face on the card as being shown on side view, so only one eye is visible (all other face cards show two eyes).

Batteries. This refers the Ace Higher Card “AA,” which is also the symbol used to identify one of the most common sizes of a battery.

Brokeback. This is the nickname given to “KK” (King Higher Card) which in turn is a reference to the film “Brokeback Mountain” where a romantic relationship between two cowboys (the King card is also known as Cowboy) was depicted.

Bus Pass. This term was coined for the Six Higher Card “65” as reference to the UK bus passes for citizens over the age of 65.

Valentine’s Day. Obviously, this refers for the Heart Flush in poker. If the hand wins, it is called “All My Hearts.” If it losses, it is called “Heart-breaker.”

Jackson Five. The nickname for the hand “JJJ55” as an attribute to the famous family band composed of the Jackson brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Michael.

The Devil. The “666” hand is often considered the devil’s hand due to the number’s religious meaning. It is also known as The Beast, Lucifer, or Kotch.

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French Deck: The Popularity of the 52-card Deck

The bulk majority of on-land and online casinos today use the standard 52-card deck, commonly referred to as the French deck. This set of cards includes thirteen ranks of each of the four French suits (clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades) with reversible court cards (King, Queen, and Jack)—hence, the number “52” not including Joker cards. Each suit includes an Ace which is depicted by a single symbol of its suit, the court cards represented by a symbol of their suit, and the numerical ranks (two through 10) each allocated to the four symbols of their suit.

The 52-card deck has been used for decades (even centuries) for the mathematical role it plays in numerous card games, particularly in terms of shuffling. It is unusual, if not impossible, for a single game session to shuffle cards and have two sets result in identical order of the cards. The 52-piece set is ideal for many games as it is neither too small nor too big of a number, suggesting an ample and enjoyable play time at the table (that is, not too few to finish a game early or not too numerous to extend the game for longer hours). The deck is especially perfect for popular games like standard poker, blackjack, and baccarat.

The most recognizable cards in the 52-card deck are the 12 court cards, in which three of them (Jack of Spades, Jack of Hearts, and King of Diamonds) are “one-eyed” or were drawn in profile. The exact origin of these cards is not clear but there are speculations and theories of who they represented in the past. The Queen of Hearts, for example, is believed to be a representation of Elizabeth of York. Charlemagne is also touted to be the inspiration of the King of Hearts while Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, and King David (biblical) were the pegs of the King of Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades, respectively. The Jacks, which are normally considered the lowest-ranking card among the court cards, have no known exact representations although Ogier the Dane, La Hire, Hector, and Lancelot were commonly attributed with the symbol.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Surpassing the Niche Status: The Mainstreaming of Online Gaming

Online gaming has rapidly picked up momentum in the past few years and in spite of its relative infancy, the industry is already a major player in world business. Some experts estimate that more than half of the world’s adult population engages in some forms of gambling at least once in their lifetime and online casinos can tap into this finding to obtain converts and expand the empire.

Four years ago, nearly a quarter of the world’s online casino revenues and activities were generated by Asian markets. Although official statistics have yet to be released, that figure would have increased so much higher in 2013. Globally, it is projected that the total revenues from all online gaming websites by 2015 would breach the $40-billion mark.

Although online gambling is much more convenient to do than its conventional counterpart, it requires so much details, efforts, and creativity for it to function well. Mathematicians, business analysts, computer geniuses, money pundits, and software engineers all work together to produce a highly engaging online casino environment. With the industry’s rise, customers’ demand for high-quality games and online tools has also skyrocketed.

Online gambling is composed of three major market players:

  • Software vendors
  • Online gambling business operators
  • End customers/players
 Since 2003, the market has grown by an annual average of 23 percent and while that figure may soon be reduced to just single digits (as with most developed economies), the revenues will continue to soar.  The most common gaming services are wagering, slots, roulette, and card games. Online gaming is becoming more popular and its growth is catalyzed by factors such as improved Internet connectivity, increased accessibility, the proliferation of mobile devices, the continued legalization of gambling in many countries, and the rise of new player groups. Online gaming used to attract mainly younger men, but these days it is becoming increasingly enticing amongst women and older age groups.

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