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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Diamond Valley: Extracting Precious Stones in Slot Machines

Indeed, “diamonds are forever.” The planet’s hardest and most precious stone won’t have such a moniker for no reason. The utmost measure of prosperity, diamond makes its presence in almost all crossroads of wealth, even in online casinos. At 12BET, an online game called “Diamond Valley” allows you to secure winnings that grow like boulders of South African diamond crystals.

A five-reel slot with a progressive jackpot (where players contribute a small amount for a common pot), “Diamond Valley” produces winners by identifying players (which can be you!) who could arrive with a winning symbol combination. These symbols, as the game’s name implies, are all derivatives of items that constitute a valley of diamonds.

For you to win this game, you need to place a wager on any of the paylines. Use the “Bet One” button or the numbers in the left and right borders of the game window to select your desired line, and then click “Spin” to turn the reels. Click “Bet Max” or line number 5 to activate all paylines (this will spin the reels automatically).

If the reels show a winning combination after they stop (along an activated payline), you win according to the winning table.

Diamond Valley also has a scatter symbol (a bonus symbol) that if you get three or more of these on the screen simultaneously—regardless of where they appear in the reels—you win the corresponding amount.

As this game offers a progressive Jackpot, your chance of obtaining large prizes is even more bolstered. Such jackpot always has a base amount (called a seed) which means that even if you get a Jackpot result in a game right after someone else has won the same pot, you will still get a sizable win.

Shine bright like diamonds. Sign up now with 12BET, play Diamond Valley, and make a substantial wealth out of your luck in slots!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Thai Paradise: ‘Slots in a tropical Eden’

It is everybody’s dream to immerse in a serene experience as lucrative as a tropical retreat. Countries like Thailand have some of the finest beaches in the world, the most pristine wildlife in the biosphere, and arguably the best natural settings to head for vacation. But would it be lovely to ‘travel’ the entire Thai environment while making some money?  We’re talking about 12BET’s ‘Thai Paradise,’ an online slot game that harnesses Thailand’s majestic scenery (through virtual images) to inspire you to win and lead your game to a beautiful conclusion.

Available in online casinos like 12BET, Thai Paradise is a five-reel, 15-line slot that requires you to complete a streak that has the correct, winning symbols (the Thai scenery, that is).

Kick off the game by selecting the paylines you want to wager.  Clicking on the “Lines” button will activate a specific payline. Press “Spin” and the reel will rotate. Clicking “Bet Max,” meanwhile, will activate all paylines and will spin the reels automatically. Winning combinations are immediately shown on the screen once the reels stop turning.

This game also offers a substitute symbol (Scatter Symbol) which can stand for any other symbol and make the best possible winning combination. If you find three or more Scatters anywhere on the reels, you will be given 10 Free Games—a magnificent opportunity for you to reduce your chance of ending up broke to the slimmest possible circumstance. The payout for the Scatter symbols is multiplied by the total bet and added to the payline.

Enjoy the warmth of the Thai hospitality with this 12BET online slot game. Play now and your way to the tropical paradise may actually be paved in just one rise of the tides!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Reel Classic 5: Your Goal is to Hit the Jackpot

Ever heard of a slot game that offers a return to player (RTP) calculation of up to 97 percent? Or have you ever played the same game where winning prizes is capped by a set of energetic, football-related images? With 12BET’s Reel Classic 5, such features can be enjoyed in just a wave of the Internet. Bathe in the energy that envelops a football pitch while being crowned with a pot as huge as the names of Pele, Maradona, Beckham, or Messi!

Reel Classic 5, as its name suggests, is a five-reel and five-line slot game made available in leading online casinos, such as 12BET. The online slot game allows you to generate a winning symbol combination (whose images were inspired by the world’s most popular sport) by “Spinning” the reels.

Start your play by selecting a specific line or lines, which can be done by clicking on the arrowheads found in left side of the reels. Next, choose the value of the coins you wish to bet on each round. Click the + and – buttons on the left of the screen to do so.

The widgets “Bet” and “Max Bet” are used to select the number of coins you wish to wager. Each click on the “Bet” button increases your bet by the value of the coin you selected. “Max Bet,” meanwhile, is clicked to increase your bet to the maximum amount possible (usually, four coins). Not pressing Bet Max will require you to click “Spin” to rotate the reels. But if you chose to click it anyway, the reels will be automatically spun. The machine will immediately notify you if you won a prize or two!

Sign up now with 12BET and let prizes make prosperous innings for you. Play Reel Classic 5 and be the captain of your own league!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bagging the Gold Cup in Reel Classic 3

Online slot games, such as 12BET’s Reel Classic 3, allow you to earn a hefty sum of cash with just a small bet. You can win a cash prize of several thousand with a wager just the price of a simple ceramic mug.

Reel Classic 3 is a three-reel standard slot game that can be played via the Web through online casino services, such as 12BET. As it was born from the womb of actual slot machines, the game is also won by coming up with a certain symbol combination generated by a “Spin.” A winning symbol combination is automatically prompted by the machine, so you no longer need to guess if you won something or nothing.

Start the game by placing a wager on each round. This can be done by clicking on the + and – signs on the bottom left corner of the gaming window. Press “Bet One” to increase your bet. Each click will correspond to a column in the paytable being activated. This is where your winnings will be based upon. If you wish to activate all the columns and escalate your chance of winning, click “Bet Max” and the reel will also be automatically spun.

If the reels display a winning combination (which can be a row of “BAR” placards, film reels, gold cups, or a specific combination of them) after they stop, you win a prize based on the paytable.

Easy, neat, and offers high return to player. This is what the 12BET Reel Classic 3 is all about. Play now and start fattening your bankroll!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What the “Spartans” have to say about bolstering your bankroll

One of the Mediterranean’s mightiest military powers is now making their presence in the wired world. With a battalion of armed men and a ship of weaponry dominating their force, it would not come as a surprise if they conquer civilizations again. But nope, we’re not talking about the real Spartans that fought in the ancient wars. We are dealing with an online recreation inspired by and named after the empire, instead.

“Sparta” is an online slot game offered by online casinos like 12BET. It tries to mimic the wealth and power once exuded by Europe’s most esteemed city-states in the form of cash prizes and bonuses that customers like you can acquire from playing the game.

A five-reel, 30-line slot, this game is kicked off by placing a bet on a specific payline or paylines. Clicking on the “Lines” button or using the numbered buttons on the left and right sides of the reels will activate the paylines. If you wish to use all paylines, click “Bet Max.” Such button will also automatically spin the reels.

After every spin, the machine will notify you if you came up with a winning symbol combination or not. On a given payline, only the highest win combination pays, while follow-up winnings on different paylines are added up.

This game also offers a “wild” symbol feature, which is an icon that can stand in for any other symbol to make the best possible winning combination. If a Wild symbol appears on a reel and may stand to create a winning symbol combination, it will expand to cover the entire reel. All places on the reel will be temporarily considered as Wild and all winning combinations that result from this will be paid.

Perks for this game seem unlimited. The Wild symbol bonus is just one of the many exciting boons that this online slot offers. Sign up with 12BET now and learn more about this game!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

John Wayne: Matinee Idols are “born” in the Casino

Mimic the box office appeal of John Wayne in an online slot game inspired by him. Travel through the golden age of the Western film genre by watching a montage of 30s to 50s images flashing on your screen. This is what the 12BET John Wayne slot offers you―experiencing a grand tribute to one of film history’s greatest icons and leveraging on his charm to win well-deserved prizes!

John Wayne is a five-reel, 25-line online slot game. Winners are picked during a reel spin that yields a specific symbol combination. It is everybody’s game and just like the movie star it was named after, it offers a calm but spirited feel that allows good vibes to flow in.

In this game, you chose the line bets by clicking “Bet per Line.” Paylines, meanwhile, are chosen by clicking “Lines.” The reel will rotate if you press “Spin.” Clicking “Bet Max” activates all paylines and automatically spins the reels.

Bonus symbols also flood this game, ensuring that you will not end up empty-handed. The bonus symbols are found anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 5.

An exciting addition to this game, the “Duke’s Badge” round allows you to win a random cash prize every time you trigger The Duke’s Badge feature. The more badges triggered, the higher the prize you can obtain.

John Wayne seems like it does not run short of bonuses. We’re talking about the “Ranch Bonus” round, where you can shoot cans to win Free Games and Free Games features. A correctly hit target could claim any of the following pluses:

•More free games
•Another Multiplier
•Three more bullets (up to two times per Bonus round)
•“More Free Games” retrigger symbol
•Mystery Extra Wild
•Mystery Extra Scatter

Recalibrate your casino weapons now! Play John Wayne and be the most esteemed matinee idol the online casino world will ever produce!

Monday, July 22, 2013

12BET Casino Reels: Harvesting Prizes like Picking Apples

Online slots afford you to earn plenty of cash in the comfort of your own home. The games are played in very easy fashion and offer jackpots that you initially thought would never be won in just a few clicks!

12BET Casino Reels is an online slot game that enables you to win prizes just by spinning the reels and obtaining a correct symbol combination. Adorned with luscious images of fruits—both tropical and seasonal―the game is a delicious way to fatten your bankroll!

12BET Casino Reels differs from a standard slot machine in that it allows you to place your wager on a specific symbol combination or symbol combinations (three similar images of grape fruit, for example). Your bet wins if the corresponding symbol combination comes up after the spin. That is how simple it is.

To start with game, you will need to click the + and - buttons next to a row of fruit symbols to place a bet on that combination. The payout is indicated right beside it. When you have finished placing bets, click the “Spin” and the reels will turn. The bets remain in the machine so you do not have to place them again for the next spin. Clicking “Clear Bets” will cancel the bets and will help you make new ones.

With a maximum theoretical return to player (RTP) percentage of 97 percent, 12BET Casino Reels will make you an instant magnate. Become a 12BET member now and enjoy this lucrative perk the online casino offers!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Rome & Glory: A Brief, Luxurious Moment in a Long Roman History

The ancient Roman Empire was one of history’s most important civilizations, governing territories as large as the Mediterranean, Africa, and Asia. It lived in a long period of prosperity, power, and abundance before it fell apart in a series of civil wars.

Bringing the ancient Roman experience to online casinos might sound quite lousy and impossible. But 12BET has the knack for extracting blood from stone. With its Rome & Glory slot game, you can now enjoy the civilization’s spirit in the guise of iconic images such as The Coliseum, cinerary urn, wine grapes, and of course, the image of Julius Caesar. But the extravagance does not end here. As it is a slot game, you also have the chance to wield earnings as precious as the Aureus gold coins!

Rome & Glory is a five-reel, 20-line slot game that requires players like you to come up with winning symbol combinations by spinning the reels. As with any other online slot game, it starts with a wager being placed on your desired line bets. By clicking the “Lines” button, you are able to activate your pay lines one-by-one. Press “Bet Max” and you activate all the pay lines. You will know if you have winnings if a notification prompts on the screen after the reels stop spinning.

A special animation sequence offered by this game, Mystery Scatter allows you to take advantage of free games that let you win even bigger prizes without the need to spend on a huge bet.

During this round, the reels are spun automatically. The “Win” field shows the accumulated winnings from your current Free Games. After all of them have been completed, a result board calculates your total earnings.

Revisiting the past has never been this rewarding. At 12BET, you only need a moment to “match” the wealth of a centuries-old Roman history!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beef up your Bankroll Thrice with Triple Profits!

“Three” is your new lucky number. Set aside the digits in your birthday or the figures in your magic calculator because no matter how thorough you search for your best integer, the number “three” will always end up to your feet.  Acquire hefty payouts with 12BET’s Triple Profits and live a luxurious moment of fun, excitement, and above all, fortune!
Triple Profits is a 3-reel, 3-row multi-spin slot available for play in leading online casinos, such as 12BET. The online game requires you to come up with a winning symbol combination to stockpile prizes the size of the great Pyramid!

To start the game, you will have to select the value of the coins you wish to wager on each round. This is made possible by clicking on the + and – buttons on the lower left corner of the game screen.

Clicking on “Bet One” will enable you to choose the number of coins you desire to wager. Click “Spin” and the reels will be turned. Pressing “Bet Max” inflates your bet to the maximum possible amount (five coins) and spins the reels automatically. Your total bet is three times the bet on one row.

After the reels stop you may choose to “hold” the reel you want. Click “Spin” again and the reels you did not hold will be rotated. If any of the rows prompt a winning combination after they stop, you acquire winnings based on the winning table.

Triple Profits goes not without a “Bonus Game.” Collect three stacks of money symbols on one row and you will have the chance to to play this bonus round. Choose two (if you did not play for Bet Max) or three (if you did so) bags out of a dozen and obtain prizes hidden inside them!

Believe in the power and magic of the number “Three.” Gauge you luck with this exciting online slot game!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wheel of Light: A Wide Spectrum of Payouts!

Just when you thought roulette cannot buzz a light, 12BET’s Wheel of Light laser beams a chest of money. Become a member of an elite circle by placing your bet in a roulette that otherwise tells you how it is to be a son or a daughter of Father Fortune.

Wheel of Light is a roulette-style casino game played via the World Wide Web in select online casinos. It requires you to correctly predict the number that the light pointer will stop on at the end of every spin. Bets may be done by way of predicting the exact number, spreading of numbers, or guessing whether the number will be odd or even.

Here are the bet types this game offers:

•Exact number bet: one of 31 numbers (0-30)
•Color bet: one of 4 colored ranges
•Number spread bet: 1-5, 6-13, 14-16, 17-23 or 24-30
•Hi/Lo bet: Hi (16-30) or Lo (1-15)
•Even/Odd bet: even number or odd number

Selecting a chip is done by clicking on your preferred chip, whose value is immediately indicated. To place a bet, click on one of the bet placement areas on the wheel. The chip value will be added to the stake for that bet. Repeatedly clicking the placements can increase your stake by the current chip value. You may place as many bets as you want to on a single spin.

If you wish to withdraw your bets, hold down the shift key and click on the bet you want to eliminate. All chips will be removed from this bet. By clicking the “Clear All” button, you will remove all chips from the wheel and revoke all bets placed.

If light has a million mornings, Wheel of Light can definitely make some millions from morning ‘til dusk, and even beyond!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mega Jacks: Obtain the Best Hand and Win the Pot!

Acquire a five-card poker hand and enjoy big-time payout. With 12BET’s Mega Jacks, every winning card symbol pattern equates to a landslide seizing of prizes. If you need to unwind for a moment, delight your excitement, and net a good sum of money at the same time, Mega Jacks is your best pal to brush shoulders with.

You start your betting expedition by clicking on the denomination button in the lower left corner of the screen. Pressing the “Bet One” button will enable you to select the amount you wish to wager. If you wish to increase your bet to the maximum possible amount (25¢ multiplied five times), click “Bet Max.” This widget also “deals” the cards automatically. In addition, you can click the applicable column on the winnings table to specify your bet size. Clicking the “Deal” button will flip the cards.

Found just below the cards, the “Hold” buttons allow you to retain the cards you wish to keep. Clicking “Deal” will replace the cards that you did not choose to hold.
In this game, the lowest winning combination is a pair of Jacks. A pair of any lower cards (Tens, for example) is not a winning combination; but a pair of any higher cards (Queens, for example) enables you to stockpile winnings.

To shoot up your bankroll, Mega Jacks provides you the option to “double” your win. Every time you end up in a winning hand, you can accept the win (click Collect) or may choose to Double it. Doubling your win leads the dealer to draw a face up card and you get the chance to acquire four face-down cards as your options set.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lucky Blackjack Shares Reward That Are 19X Bigger Than The Original Bet

Lucky Blackjack is far from being your ordinary blackjack variant. Such casino game gets you a 19 to 1 payout even without card counting’s help. Under this game, the only thing required is for players to know how to add their numbers.

How does it work?
Lucky Blackjack’s game objective is to predict the total value of the dealer’s hand. Possible hand values, which range from 17 to 21 and even a bust are laid out on the table. The only thing left to the players’ responsibility is to choose the hand that will more likely show up.

In other words, this is a pure guessing game. You may find it odd, given the thrill that often accompanies blackjack. However, this relieves the stress often associated with applying blackjack techniques.

Winning possibilities
On a closer look, this game presents higher winning possibilities. This can be attributed to the fact that only a few hand values are offered. Hands that have a value lower than 17 are no longer included. As a result, the possibility that the hands laid out on the table shall crop out, duly increases.

Lucky Blackjack is just like roulette in a way. The more numbers you have onscreen, the lower is their chance to show up.

It has been already proven that blackjack is the only game that can be beaten legally. Indeed, there is truth to card-counting’s efficiency. But in cases where applying a technique becomes too cumbersome—too tasking—that it prevents the player from enjoying, games such as Lucky Blackjack provides a great alternative.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Win 20 Free Spins and 10X Bet Multiplier from Football Rules

Football rules indeed, especially when it’s in the form of an online slot machine that spews out goodies like there’s no tomorrow. Let’s take a closer look at these goodies.


Wild symbols can take the place of all symbols except scatters and bonus, so your chances of getting a winning combination are cranked up to eleven. However, they have to follow a set pay line, and they don’t appear often.


In contrast, scatters show up more frequently than wilds. That doesn’t mean they’re less valuable, however. If you get at least three scatter symbols in any position on the reels, you’ll get extra cash on top of what you already have.


If bonus symbols show up on the first and last reels, you’ll unlock up to 20 free spins (games). Your bankroll can multiply by as much as 10 every time you win a free game.

But what if you get bonus symbols on the first and last reels within the free games? Simple: You’ll have more free games. 

Dollar Balls

There’s more to “Football Rules” than betting and spinning. It also has “Dollar Ball”, a progressive lotto-type game that you can activate by clicking “Enable” on the top right corner of the screen.

In this game, you pick five numbers from 1 to 49. Once you’re done, the software will also pick five numbers, and they’ll appear at the bottom of the screen. For every drawn number that matches your chosen numbers, you’ll get a win.


“Football Rules” follow a progressive type jackpot, which means that the jackpot grows larger every time someone plays the game. To win it all, you have to get a certain result by playing the game multiple times. Because of its progressive nature, you can still win a portion even if someone else bags the jackpot.

And that sums up the five reasons to play this game. Take your gaming experience to a whole new luckier level with “Football Rules”.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Desert Treasure: The Hunt for 10 Free Spins, 3X Bet Multipliers, and Jackpots

Before you pack your bags and head off to Egypt to hunt treasure there, why not plop in front of your computer and play the online slot game “Desert Treasure” first? There are no gold artifacts in the game, but you’re sure to find something just as valuable.

Scatters Worth 10 Free Spins and Triple Wins

Scatters are represented by a pretty gypsy woman. Get two of them on the game field, and you’ll have an additional win. Get three of them, and you’ll have 10 free spins. Every time you win in a free spin, your payout is tripled. You can even trigger more free spins—as long as you meet the conditions for such.

Bonus Rounds

Have at least three bonus symbols appear on an active pay-line, and you can play the bonus round. Here, you pick a number of prizes corresponding to the number of bonus symbols you obtained. Each prize, in turn, has a particular line bet multiplier.

Dollar Ball

“Dollar Ball” is basically a progressive lotto. In this side game, you have to pick five numbers from 1 to 49. Once the game begins, five numbers will be randomly chosen. For every number in your hand that matches the drawn numbers, winnings will be added to your bankroll accordingly. In the event all the numbers match, the jackpot is yours.

You don’t need to go to a foreign country just to hunt for treasures buried in the sand. Just play “Desert Treasure” in the comfort of your home, and watch your bankroll soar with every win.