Tuesday, April 16, 2013

5,000X Win Multiplier And Multiple Wins Up For Grabs In Funky Fruits

The 25-line online casino game, Funky Fruits is perhaps one of the most profitable online slots. It has a progressive jackpot, a 5,000 win multiplier and a “chain reactor” effect, which gives birth to multiple wins.

The chain reactor effect
This is one of the game’s best features. Through this, players do not have to make several spins to collect big wins. A single spin produces at least two (2) combinations, with wins that are counted individually. As a result, players make less spins, but win more.  In addition to that, members get to save their bankroll.

The chain reactor effect happens when a winning combination explodes and creates another winning pattern as the symbols underneath it are pushed downwards and mixed with other symbols.

The progressive jackpot
Progressive jackpots are very common among slot machines. Not only do they make the game more exciting, they also share big jackpots. Many of the online slots, which offer progressive jackpots, feature rewards that reach millions. Lucky for those who are into Funky Fruits since, they can also experience this treat.

To get the money pool, members must watch out for the cherries. When twenty-five (25) of them fill the reels, this means that the money pool has been won.

Multiply them by 5,000!
Just like any other slot machine, Funky Fruits also showcases a win multiplier.  In this game, a MYR 10 bet can yield MYR 50,000 if the multiplier is triggered and to trigger it, a total of sixteen (16) lemons are required.

Fun, practical and one of a kind, indeed, Funky Fruits is a must-play online slot.