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Thursday, May 30, 2013

3 Live Casinos Must Haves That You Should Know

The unprecedented growth of live casinos reflects the industry’s response to the strong need of having a “real feel” of casino gaming within the comforts of one’s home. But although there are plenty of options to choose from, this should not prevent players from being selective. After all, their gaming experience is on the line.
We’ve come up with a short list of things to consider before entering a live casino.

High-definition view
Live casinos should deliver a great view of the game. They need to make sure that player see the cards, tables and most especially, the results, clearly. Members are entitled to having crisp images and vivid footage of the ongoing game. Actually, the term “entitled” is an understatement. It is a player’s right.

Through the years, various online casinos invested on high-definition cameras to capture the essence of delivering live games. And if your live casino fails in this aspect, the best antidote of course, is to look for a better room.

Well-trained dealers
Quite the contrary of what many think, players don’t just chase good looking dealers. The looks matter. However, many would also go for someone who knows how to efficiently supervise the game, answer questions and a little bit of spice into the game. Nobody loves a dull and boring live dealer.

Extensive games
Indeed, it is true that live baccarat and blackjack are exciting. But too much of something is also not that good.  For sure, you’d want to try a little bit of live sic bo or some live roulette on the side. Choose live casinos that have an extensive product offering. You don’t want to experience burn out, do you?

Choose your live casinos well. Look out for those details. If you’re really into that “real gaming” feel,” applying the above-mentioned criteria is a great way to do yourself a favor.

Monday, May 27, 2013

3 Proven Techniques To Spot A Legitimate Online Casino

Looks are deceiving, that’s a fact. It is through this pitfall, through this trap that many online casino players are victimized.

But when something is simply too good to be true, how can you easily spot the authentic one?  How do you differentiate the genuine from the fake—the sincere from the rip-off?

Admit it; the above-mentioned task is not easy. Even veterans are fooled in their own territory. Yet, the good thing is that there are signs, which scream that an online casino must be avoided. There are signs, which, although very simple are nonetheless, very potent in spotting an illegitimate online casino.

Live chat does not work
Convenience and accessibility are the main thrusts of online casinos and these do not end by simply providing a platform filled with different kinds of games. Along with these is the effort to extend great customer service. Thus, when the live chat fails, it raises different kind of questions. Is it just a mere technological glitch? Or was it simply placed for display purposes?

But by virtue of logic and reason, a live chat is a feature, designed to be functional. It fails to serve its purpose whenever it crashes. Delayed responses are easy to forgive. But those which subjects you to long waiting hours, as if you’re waiting for a miracle to happen, is a solid proof of a hoax online casino.

A Disorganized Website
Are you having page navigation troubles? Does the site looks like it’s infected with malwares, Trojans and other viruses? Does it defy the principles of design? Or does it  simply look too amateurish and trashy? If you answered a nod to those questions, then why do you still play in that online casino?

It’s time to wake up! A good design goes along with convenience and accessibility. Legitimate online casinos invest in their website. They spend time in making their site presentable. There’s a thing called reputation and branding, right? An online casino that barely focuses on their site appearance may be legitimate, but then again, it speaks of its inability to organize and put value to what their players get.

Unknown Gaming Platform
Yes, even this (little) aspect is important. It’s not about the “prestige,” rather, it is more of security issues and having a fair game that demands you to look into the software used by your online casino. At the end of the day, you don’t want to waste your time playing games that have manipulated results, do you?

Ensuring the online casino’s legitimacy is a duty of every player. It’s never an option. It’s a responsibility that should be readily observed. Unless, you want to gamble your bankroll’s fate, then legitimacy should not be your top priority.

Friday, May 24, 2013

What Is Live Blackjack?

Through web stream, you can now join a blackjack table right at the comforts of your own house. The manner in which it is delivered and made available to the public differentiates live blackjack from the RNG blackjack that you know.

With live blackjack, the game happens in real time. There is a real dealer facilitating the game and the cards used are bigger than the usual. Big cards make it easy for the players to see if they’ve got a strong hand or not. However, for those who have poor eyesight, the card’s value is vividly shown in the video.

Playing live blackjack overflows with benefits. Among those who benefit from it are players who don’t have the luxury of time to play in brick and mortar casinos. For those who want to be discreet with their gaming activities, but still, want to experience the joy and thrill of playing blackjack, they can always resort to live casinos.

Similarly, those who are uncomfortable in going against a machine, or doubts the results produced by a random number generator, they can always go live. In this platform, they can see their cards distributed and they can even interact and chat with the dealer.

Meanwhile, if you ask about card counting, well, this is still, possible. But it’s a bit more difficult than when you do it in land-based casinos. Nevertheless, you can try. Now, that’s the difference when you play in live casinos. Even if card counting is a bit hard to implement, the point is you can still, do it. It will be pretty hard to do this in brick and mortar casinos due to innovations that use face recognition technology to combat counters.

On a final note, always remember that before you register in a casino site, which offers live blackjack, do your legwork first. The game is more enjoyable when played in a safe and secure online casino.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

3 Reasons Why You Should Forget Lady Luck

Luck is a term that applies and works only with newbies, thus, there’s the so-called “beginner’s luck.” But as time goes by, you must learn how to slowly depart from Lady Luck.

Indeed, it is true that luck cannot be disregarded whenever you play an online slot game, blackjack or other card games. However, you have more reasons to create your strategy rather than depend on something that cannot assure you of your winnings.

Strategy is consistent
Developing a strategy gives you consistency. It guides you to the right direction—it gives you a system.  Instead of simply following your gut feel, you become more organized. If all things fail, you know how to recover easily.

Luck is fleeting
The problem with Lady Luck is that she is very fickle minded. One day she’ll support you, the next day, she won’t. She’ll give you all the wins that you need only to leave you in a bottomless pit.

But of course, you don’t want to be trapped in that kind of cycle. You don’t want to confine yourself in a maze of uncertainty. Lady Luck is just option, strategy is a must.

Strategy has a basis
Science supports strategy. When you use strategy, you know that you’re using something that has been proven and tested. Although, there are some that flopped, well at least, you know that it has been carefully thought of and not just something, that popped out of nowhere.

Luck will always be an important element in online casinos. It cannot be taken away. But to fully depend on it is something that can be readily changed.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

12BET Casino Unleashes Another Cashback Surprise In Celebration Of The UEFA Champions League Final

Two of Bundesliga’s greatest teams, Bayern Munchen and Borussia Dortmund are vying for the most-coveted UEFA Champion’s League title. And to make this event even more meaningful, 12BET Casino is sharing a 1% cashback to all its players.

The promotion covers all Asian, scratch, arcade and slot games. 12BET Casino is known for having the largest online slot collection and many of them adapted a football theme. Examples of these are Football Fans, Benchwarmer and Top Trumps Football Legends. The football fever has also reached the scratch games arena. You have the scratch version of the Top Trumps Football Legends and Football Mania. As for the arcade games, experience football action in Penalty Shootout and Final Score.

Make your journey to the Champions League Final more memorable. Support and rally for your team! And on top of it, reward yourself with a cashback.

5 Blackjack Icons To Thank For

Blackjack owes its popularity not only to its inventor and players. More than anything else, the credit goes to the people who spent time and effort in developing their blackjack expertise and for pursuing the most effective strategies to beat the game.

Aberdeen’s Four Horsemen
The four horsemen refer to Herbert Maisel, James McDermott, Wilber Cantey and Roger Baldwin. But they’re not just ordinary men, they are soldiers who first laid down the foundations of card counting. It is believed that these soldiers spearheaded the idea of coming up with a formula that can beat blackjack.

Eleanor Dumont
Dumont, or more popularly known as Madame Mustache is one of the  greatest blackjack players that mankind has ever encountered. As a matter of fact, she is also recognized for introducing the game to Nevada.

MIT Blackjack squad
Comprised of intellectually gifted students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who would’ve thought that these young braniacs stormed through land-based casinos, brought down the edge and collected millions in just one night?

Indeed, these students have managed to literally bring down the house. If there’s any team who has been very successful in card counting, there’s no doubt that the MIT Blackjack group is one of them.

Cathy Hulbert
Hulbert is Dumont’s protégée. She left her promising career in the senate, decided to become a dealer and transformed into one of the finest players that stormed and drained every casino that she played. There was even a time when she was asked to leave.

Ken Uston
Ken Uston is said to introduce the most successful approach to card counting and that is team play. In the early days, card counters work individually. But as casinos used card counting to counter the practitioners, card counting became more difficult. However, when working as a team, card counters were able to take control without being suspected of applying such strategy.

Blackjack is a great and exciting game. But if not for the above-mentioned individuals, blackjack shall not have the prominence that it enjoys now.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

3 Blackjack Techniques That You Should Never Try

Do you ever wonder why you can’t beat the house in blackjack? Well, maybe you fail to execute your strategies properly.

To split or not to split
Splitting is an option given whenever you have a pair. Take note, however, that this move is a double-edged sword. Either you benefit from it, or it becomes your worst nightmare.

When you have a pair of eight (8), still, it is much better to split. Sixteen (16), is still, not a strong hand. But if you split it, still, you get more winning opportunities. One of your hands can get a seventeen (17) or even an eighteen (18) for that matter.

Meanwhile, if you have a pair of nine (9), you can keep the hand since you’ve got an eighteen (18) in there. However, if you have plans of splitting, do it only when the dealer has a nine (9), Ace or ten (10).

Not hitting with sixteen (16)
Most players are hesitant to take a hit whenever they get a card value of sixteen (16). It’s a good one. But unfortunately, it’s not strong enough. Never miss the chance to get a twenty-one (21) or even a twenty (20) just because you fear of busting. Well, that is normal. But what is perhaps “not-so-normal,” is to wait for the dealer to get busted when you can get a better and stronger hand.

Taking the insurance
Whenever the dealer’s upcard is an Ace, you have the option to get an insurance. It protects you from losing big amounts if the dealer secured blackjack. It sounds great, right? Unfortunately, the insurance is no more than an illusion. Just because the dealer holds an Ace already means that he or she has blackjack. It could’ve been another result. But because the thought of having blackjack already scared you, you end up spending more.

Of all casino games, blackjack is the only game where you can easily destroy the house edge. However, you should be careful with the moves and strategies that you employ. As seen on the above-mentioned examples, those are proven techniques, however, if it is not executed properly, it may not work to your advantage.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sic Bo Basics—The Ultimate Guide For Newbies

Also known as Tai Sai, Sic Bo is fast becoming a favorite online casino game of many. It’s a bit similar to craps, where players have to guess the outcome of a dice throw. Sic Bo, however, uses three (3) dice.

Sic Bo is believed to originate from China.  In the early days, bricks were used instead of dice. But due to the danger it posits, a safer and better way of playing sic bo is now, practiced.

Nowadays, dice replace dangerous bricks, which can easily cut through somebody’s head. Moreover, instead of being tossed in the air, the dice are rolled inside a mini cage.

Online vs. live
Online and live sic bo shouldn’t be confused with each other. Online sic bo means playing against a machine. To go live means to go play with real players and to have a game facilitated by a real dealer. It is also important to note that playing live thrives through speed. You must learn how to bet quickly, confirm your wager immediately and choose the perfect wager.

Sic Bo simple tips
Sic Bo may look intimidating at first. But this is probably because of the number-filled table right before your very eyes. For newbies, the table layout can be a curse, however, familiarity will soon guide you throughout the time.

The game also shares a certain similarity with roulette. Both games allow multiple betting. It is best if you can also capitalize with this wager, even if you’re playing sic bo.

You can also increase your winning chances via focusing on the big and small bets. These two are like the red and black bets of roulette.

A pool of prizes is waiting for you in Sic Bo. Sit and play with us in 12BET Casino and get the chance to end this day with a million worth of cash in your pocket.


Friday, May 17, 2013

3 Safety Measures That Online Casinos Provide

Convenience is not the only thing that online casinos provide. More than anything else, they also protect you from dangers and crimes that often occur in land-based casinos. Here’s how these casino sites do it:

It protects your privacy
You’re readily exposed to different kinds of entities when playing in brick and mortar casinos. This makes you very vulnerable to criminals who can easily monitor your activities and plot something against you.

But with casino sites, you’re totally anonymous. Unless you share your personal information to others, then that’s a different story.

Safe late night playing
It’s a bit ironic to see land-based casinos operate at daytime. These establishments open only at night and to go there and even stay there during the wee hours of the night posit some danger. Instead of taking the risks of going out at night, why don’t you just sit down in front of your computer and play in an online casino instead? It’s not that different anyway.

Protect your bankroll
Whether you admit it or not, you are forced to carry large amounts when you play in a land-based casinos. Although this is necessary, still, you cannot deny the fact that it is a bit risky. There’s this risk of being robbed or misplacing the huge cash due to the tension and stress.

Fortunately, in casino sites all transactions made are online. You can easily check and track your deposits and withdrawals.

Indeed, you cannot just ignore how online casinos protect you. Although the land-based ones do everything to safeguard their players, still, the mere fact that the establishments per se, expose members, make them an easy target or prey of any casino-related crimes. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

How To Get Free Spins And Big Multipliers In Azteca

Azteca does not only bring the grandeur of the Aztec culture through the symbols and images it uses. The slot game proves this through its twenty-four (24) free spins and a X27 win multiplier.

The game barely guarantees that you can be a millionaire in one sitting. However, it ensures that your bankroll overflows with prizes long before you log out of the casino client.

The 24 free spins
Angelina Jolie’s replica triggers the free spins. It is not very surprising though as it is the game’s scatter. Whenever three (3) or more of them appear on the screen, you get the free spins.

But it does not stop there. All your prizes are tripled for every winning combination that you form during the free spins.

It is for this reason that placing higher bets is considered as one of the most effective slot strategies. You must take advantage of the triple wins. If you can win this easily, why settle for small prizes?

Win multiplier
There’s no doubt that Azteca’s multiplier is one of the biggest. While other slot games can only multiply your prizes by 10, Azteca makes your rewards twenty-seven (27) times bigger than your original bet.

But in order to take this multiplier, five (5) Temple of The Sun logos must appear on the screen.

You don’t have to travel throughout time to dig the treasures of Aztec, the slot game, Azteca has everything that you need.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

12BET Casino Celebrates Wigan’s Big Win; Players Get Exclusive 1% Cashback.

Winning over football giants, Manchester City, Wigan Athletic clinched the FA Cup title, making the match as one of the biggest upsets in football history.

Manchester City had everything they need to bring home the silverware—the key players, the numbers and the support. But in an unexpected turn of events, Wigan became the last man standing on the field.

Several minutes before the match ended, Ben Watson’s corner kick sealed the match’s outcome.

In line with this victory, 12BET, Wigan Athletic’s proud sponsor is sharing an exclusive 1% cashback for all its casino players.

Beginning 13 May to 19 May 2013, members shall get an unlimited cashback for playing slots, scratch, arcade and Asian casino games.

Celebrate the victory with us! Enjoy the games and take advantage of the exclusive cashback today!

A New Breed Of Blackjack Is Born

Blackjack scratch relieves the players from the pressure of learning card counting and at the same time, multiplies their winnings for up to 10,000X, thus, making it one of the most profitable scratch games.

Playing blackjack scratch
When playing, you will be asked to choose the value of your scratch card. Simply press the + sign if you want to increase the card’s amount or the sign if you want to decrease it.

You can also shuffle the cards thrice if you are not confident with the ones you have. But remember that you can only use the shuffle option prior to the game.

If you’re ready to make your moves, simply press the “deal” button. You will automatically receive three (3) hands. The dealer’s card shall be distributed as well.

Press  the “scratch all” option to reveal the cards. Should any of your hands get a higher value than that of the dealer, but without exceeding twenty-one (21), you win in the game.

Better  than the real thing?
Nothing beats the original. However, blackjack scratch possesses features that seems to make it stand out than the card game.
·        Practical – Since it is a scratch game, the initial bets are smaller. Bankroll issues hardly become a problem
·        Fast-paced – You will immediately see the results in blackjack scratch. Unlike in live blackjack where you still have to wait for twenty (20) seconds to confirm the bets you’ve placed and a couple of seconds more to wait for the results. In blackjack scratch, you finish the game in less than a minute
·        Expert level doesn’t matter – The only thing you have to remember in this game is that your hands should have a value of twenty-one (21) or close to it

Playing blackjack as if it is a scratch game may not sound too attractive. Perhaps, we’ve all been used to enjoying it as a card game. Nevertheless, with all the advantages you can derive from it, diving into unfamiliar territories is not a bad idea after all. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How To Take Advantage Of Bonus Codes

Bonus codes are probably the least important thing that you’d ever give a damn when claiming a casino bonus.

Anyway, who cares about a bunch of mixed numbers and letters? It’s the cash that matters. However, if you take a closer look, bonus codes are far more important than what you think of.

Convenience, convenience, convenience
When you’re joining a promotion, typing long promotional names, over and over again, will definitely make you tick. Believe it or not, it’s tiring and a little bit, annoying. Moreover, there are occasions where your memory betrays you. With all the strategies and techniques that you have to remember, you barely have the time to think of the promotion name.

So in this (dilemma), what’s your best line of defense? Bonus codes. It’s easy to memorize, it’s easy to key in.

Promotion’s trademark
You’re not the only one that benefits from bonus codes. Customer representatives also enjoy its advantages. When you ask for their assistance, they can immediately address your concern since it’s much easier for them to identify the promotion that you’re joining.

Bonus codes may look trivial or mundane. But then again, these simple things, if only you’d examine them, are of great value and importance. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Feature-Rich Slot Game, The Mummy Fills Every Player’s Bankroll

The Mummy is one of the most feature-rich online slot games in 12BET Casino, which players should not miss. It delivers free spins, bonus rounds, collapsing reels and the freedom to choose symbols that will help you fill your bankroll easily.

Select a feature
This option does not only outline the special symbols that you have acquired during a bonus round.  It also allows you to use them strategically. For example, choose the scorpion symbol to have an extra scatter. Or you might fancy on the scarab attack to trigger the wild’s appearance on screen.

Always remember this, all the symbols shown in the select a feature option are designed to beat the house and increase your winnings.

Collapsing reels
Collapsing reels are simply, irresistible. They pave way for multiple spins in one sitting. The players don’t even need to place another bet to enjoy the extra spins.

In this game, it is the Mummy symbol that triggers the collapsing reels. It explodes and pushes all other symbols beneath it whenever a winning combination is formed. Should there be another winning combination formed after the symbols are pushed downwards, the prizes shall be added to the member’s total winnings.

Free games
But of course, this game has free spins. Other than that, it also has the so-called super spin feature, which is ideal for those who want to see huge amounts in their paycheque.

Bonus rounds
Unlike other slot machine, The Mummy has three (3) lucrative bonus rounds. On an average, a player is lucky enough to spot an online slot that has a bonus round. Many don’t even have one. Thus, to have a game that offers not only one (1), but three (3) is pure heaven to slots lovers.

If you want to re-live the The Mummy adventure in a fun and “lucrative” way, play The Mummy slots. Enjoy the features, exploit the bonus and experience top-notched online slot gaming!