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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Coin Flipping In Malaysian Online Casino Generates Bankroll Increase

One of Malaysia’s online casino games gives players the opportunity to increase their bankroll from coin flipping.

The simple method that serves as guide when choosing between equally good alternatives, is now an online casino game.

Called as Heads or Tails, players simply need to predict the outcome of coin flip. Making it even more interesting is that the coins can be flipped once, twice and even thrice.

Since multiple betting is allowed, it increases the player’s winning possibilities. A player wagering for both options (heads and tails) are automatically guaranteed of their winnings.

To get the most out of this game, members are encouraged to place the maximum bets.

Video Poker Game Deuces Wild, Honors 2 Types Of Royal Flush

If players find Caribbean Stud Poker easy, the casino game Deuces Wild will surprise them even more.

Compared to other video poker games, Deuces Wild honors 2 royal flushes. There is the so-called natural flush and royal flush.

What’s the difference?
The natural flush is comprised of the following cards:
·        Ace
·        King
·        Queen
·        Jack
·        10
Meanwhile, the royal flush uses the wild card, which is 2, in order to complete the winning combination.

Indeed, this game has a wild card and so the name, Deuces Wild is used.

How to play Deuces Wild
Deuces Wild is very simple, players must choose the cards they want to retain in order to form a strong hand.

The ones they did not choose shall be replaced. A player automatically wins if a strong hand is formed.

Take advantage of the wild and the simplicity of Deuces Wild. Start playing this game today.

Secure Big Poker Wins In Caribbean Stud Poker

Putting the player’s Piker skills to the test, the casino game Caribbean Stud Poker offers attractive rewards.

The game’s only requirement is to get a stronger poker hand than the dealer. Those who are already familiar with Poker has a definite advantage in this game. 

As a matter of fact, Caribbean Stud Poker is easier than the poker played in land-based casinos.

How to play the game
1.      Place the ante bet.
2.      Form a poker hand.
3.      Choose call to go against the dealer and fold to surrender.

A definite advantage of Caribbean Stud Poker is getting a preview of the game’s possible result. They will immediately know if they have a weaker hand and therefore save their bets.

Relatively, they can choose call and be confident that they shall win in the game.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Football Mania Happens In Online Casinos—Players Prepare For Great Rewards

Another one of those sought-after online casino scratch game is Football Mania. This is one of those rare chances where one does not have to sweat and exert too much effort to win in football.

What to do
Getting image matches is the only requirement to win in this game. The more matches that a player has, the bigger is the prize they get.

Of changing cards

Players have the liberty to change their cards. They only need to press the shuffle button. However, they can only change their cards thrice.

Football Mania is perfect for newbies and veterans alike. It is easy, simple and does not require too much strategies and techniques.

Online Casino Game, Alchemist Lab Increases The Players Winnings By 10,000X!

Sharing prizes, which are up to 10,000X bigger than the player’s original bet, the online casino game, Alchemist Lab creates a loud buzz among slots lovers.

Instead of the sought-after fountain of youth, this epic laboratory, creates gold.

Getting the gold
Simple spins are enough to produce gold in this online casino  game. Members, however, have to watch out for the precious alchemy books if they want to rake huge amount.

Whenever 3 more books appear on the screen, they will be asked to mix those seemingly magical potions.

The bonus feature ends with the amount of gold produced by the player.

The winning combination
The best winning combination that every player must strive to achieve is a pattern of golden coins.

Such winning pattern gives them the highest payout.

Why Online Casinos Monitor Winners

Questions on whether online casinos  monitor the player’s winnings, often arise. While there is truth to this situation, there is a much bigger issue that must be examined—and that is if frequent winning can prevent a player from getting his reward.

Are they really checking?
Monitoring is indeed, performed. However, this is not because of the intention to prevent a member from getting what is due to him.

Rather, this is performed to check whether unscrupulous tactics were used to secure the win. This is meant to protect the player’s rights to fair and just gaming and also to prevent fraud.

At the end of the day, if no fraud is detected, the winning player gets his reward.

What about big wins?
Casino sites observe policies when it comes to delivering big wins. For some, getting a MYR 10,000 is also considered big and is therefore subject to legal and official protocols before it is credited into the player’s account.

The good thing, however, is that most online casinos have a chat support representative where members can send their queries and get immediate response.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

X-Men Brings Unlimited Slot Free Games To Malaysian Fans

Indeed, it is hard to resist unlimited slot free games. Malaysia players will surely have the time of their lives when they knew that these unlimited free spins are available in the X-Men.

Adapted from the most popular comic book and blockbuster hit, X-Men guarantees a major increase of one’s bankroll.

Of being a hero and getting free spins
The never-ending free spins are available in the Heroes mode. But to trigger this, 2 or more scatter (X-Men symbol) must appear on the screen.

When triggered, players simply need to sit-down, relax and watch as their rewards accumulate.

However, this feature will stop if Magneto appears. Yet, there is nothing to fear for the player shall enter bonus round, which is the Villain’s mode.

The Villain’s mode also delivers free games. Players can get a total of 8 free spins in this round.

Totally X-citing
Aside from the free games, players may also multiply their winnings by 5. To do this, the hero’s symbols must line up and form the letter X.

The unlimited free spins are waiting for a lucky player in 12BET Casino. Log in to your account and start winning immediately! 

Desert Treasure Serves Up To 20 Hot Free Spins To Malaysian Slot Game Players

A big fortune awaits players of slot games. Malaysian slots fanatics may get up to 20 free spins and triple their prizes in Desert Treasure. 

Taking advantage of the free spins
Triggering the free spins is simple. Three (3) or more scatters (a gypsy) appearing on the reels will immediately bring the player to the free game’s mode.

If during the free games, 3 scatters appear again, another batch of 10 free spins shall be awarded to the player.

Take note that all of the player’s winnings shall be tripled during the free games.

Mapping out the treasure
For this game, the treasure map represents the bonus symbol. Similar to the scatter, it will trigger the bonus round whenever 3 or more of it shows up on the screen.

Members do not have to spin the reels to get their prizes for this round. The only thing they must do is to choose and pick their respective rewards.

The summer heat will be here soon. Instead of waiting for the season to come, experience the blazing and burning rewards of Desert Treasure in 12BET Casino first.

Hunt 25 Free Spins And 2 Bonus Rounds In Alien Hunter

Alien hunting in 12BET Casino rewards players up to 25 free spins and 2 bonus rounds. The slot game, Alien Hunter is ready to increase member’s bankroll in a snap.

How to get the free spins
All it takes to get 25 free spin is for 5 scatter symbols to appear on the screen. The game’s scatter is a jet plane.

Entering the bonus round
To enter the bonus round, the bonus symbol (cracked egg) must appear on the 1st and 5th reels.

The bonus round is comprised of 2 modes. These are the collecting and hunting modes.

During the collecting mode, a player needs to gather eggs. Each egg contains great prizes. Once the super egg is found, the player’s winnings will be doubled.

On the other hand, the hunting mode requires the player to choose doors where they need to capture aliens.

One of the doors is fondly called as the sharpshooter mode where members need to catch 6 aliens.

The same principle applies to the luck mode. The aliens, however, move in a much slower pace in this mode.

Combining the simplicity of slot games and the interactive feel of arcade games, becoming an Alien Hunter in 12BET Casino, is indeed, a great way to build one’s bankroll. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Pinball Roulette Redefines Online Roulette Gaming In Malaysia

Pinball roulette is another successful attempt of combining 2 different but equally exciting casino games: pinball and roulette.

Other than variation, there is more to this game that online casino players must look forward to. These are the free bonus game where they can increase their winnings for up to 10X; a X4 multiplier and of course, a 36 to 1 payout.

Nothing really differentiates this online roulette variant from the traditional ones. Members can place their bets just like what they do in the typical roulette game. Instead of the wheel, the ball will go through the pinball maze.

The highest wager payout they can receive is 36 to 1 for a straight up bet.

There is also the bonus round where members can get winnings, which are 10X bigger than their original bet.

On the other hand, players can multiply all their winnings by 4 if they hit the mystery win.

Experience change and start winning big in Pinball Roulette today.

How To Get High Payouts From The Casino Game, Let Them Ride Poker

Giving flexible options and high payouts to players, Let Them Ride Poker is one of the profitable casino games  in 12BET Casino.

Actually, this is one of the easiest card games in the land. The different  poker hands, these are the only information that players need to know.

How to play Let Them Ride Poker
To win, players must form a strong poker hand. In order to this, members will be receiving 3 cards and 2 community cards, with the latter, facing down.

Before one of the community cards will be opened, the players shall have the option to Let Them Ride or Pull Out.

Let Them Ride means continuing with the wager, while Pull Out is the opposite.

After the first community card is opened, the players will be asked with the same question—if they want to continue playing or withdraw their bets.

Should the player decides to continue in the casino game and forms a strong hand; he wins the game.

The good thing about Let Them Ride Poker is having a preview of one’s winning possibilities. Members will immediately see if they have a chance of forming a hand long before the 2nd community card is opened.

In this manner, they are able to strategize and at the same time, save on their bets.

Side betting
Let Them Ride poker also offers side betting, which can fatten one’s bankroll in an instant.

Great winning possibilities are present in Let Them Ride Poker. Grab them all before they are gone.   

Slot Game Archer Guarantees 243 Ways To Win

With an All-Ways Feature where all paylines are considered active, Archer is one of the slot games that a slot enthusiast will never ignore.

In Archer, the number of winning combinations that can be formed is up to 243. The All-Ways Feature is likewise, active all the time. It does not need to be re-triggered.

It is likewise powered by a wild symbol, which appears on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels. Through this, forming winning patterns will never be that hard again.

Along with the wild is a scatter symbol, which gives way for the game’s expand and split features. It also triggers 7 free spins.

As for the graphics, Archer is a definite A-lister. It successfully captures the medieval and Victorian era, which, adds to the game’s thrill factor.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Perfect Combinations Deliver High Payouts In Perfect Blackjack

Online blackjack’s variant, perfect blackjack becomes even more profitable with its huge payouts.

This game derived its name from the idea of having “perfect pairs.” Perfect pairs in this case, refer to the first two identical cards received by the player or banker. They are also the game’s side bets, which, if won, can secure life-changing wins for the punter.

The perfect pairs that one can bet on this game are:

Perfect pair – This means predicting that the banker and player’s first two cards will not only form a pair, but also belong to the same suit e.g 2 King of hearts. It has the highest payout, which is 25 to 1.

Colored pair  - This means predicting that the banker and player’s first two cards is a pair that belongs to different suits, but the same color e.g a queen of clubs and a queen of spades. Its payout is 12 to 1.

Red/black pair – This bet assumes that the player or banker’s first two cards is a pair, but they are of different suites and colors e.g ace of diamonds and ace of clubs.

With all these side bet options, it gives the players the freedom to exploit multiple betting where they can reduce their risks and gain the edge over the house.

Exciting, thrilling and profitable, perfect blackjack is a must-try game of blackjack enthusiasts.

Nostalgia And Simplicity Breeds In the Slot Game, Fountain Of Youth

While slot games have evolved into different types, the appeal of classic slots never fade. It continues to attract both veteran and new players.

There are two reasons that best explain this situation. First, classic slots is not that confusing compared to multiline slots. For players who have a hard time identifying the active lines, classic slots is the perfect game. The other reason is the novelty evoked by these digital one-armed bandits.

One of the classic slot games that members can enjoy online is Fountain Of Youth.

Filled with symbols such as the flowers, frogs, birds and butterflies, the only thing that players need to do is secure a winning spin.

When any of the symbols line up and form a winning combination, the player can immediately collect all his prizes.

In 12BET Casino, players are rewarded not only by the winning combinations they form, but also with a daily bonus.

Playing slot games in 12BET Casino entitles a player for a bonus and of course, an unlimited cashback.

4 Online Casino Essentials When Playing Card Games

There is a strong need for players to understand the basics of card gaming prior to entering different casino games. 

It lessens the confusion and gives a strong edge to the player. Examples of card games, which can be enjoyed both in online and land-based casinos are baccarat, blackjack and poker.

So what does a player needs to remember when joining card games?
·        Number of participants – Actually, this will most likely apply to land-based casinos. Due to spatial limitations, a table can only accommodate a certain number of players. This also applies to casino sites. However, they entertain more members compared to its land-based counterparts.
·        Selecting a dealer – The good thing about playing casino games is the member’s freedom to choose the dealer. If they are more comfortable when a specific dealer supervises the game, they can freely select the one that they prefer.
·        Play direction – In Asia, the most common play direction is counter-clockwise. Play direction may sound irrelevant to some; others consider it important due to the superstitions attached to it.
·        The jargons – Jargons lessen confusion. It does not leave the player groping in the dark. Also, it will be a lot easier to master the game if the players understand the most-commonly used language in it.

At first, card games may look too intimidating. But really, everything becomes easy when a player understands the ins and out of the card gaming scene.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another Player Wins Massive Jackpot In 12BET Casino

Top online casino jackpots continue to pour in 12BET Casino as two (2) of its players from Vietnam and China nailed life-changing wins.

Adding their names to 12BET Casino’s long winner’s list, these lucky members won VND 200,000,000 and RMB 278, 328.

Games that made it happen
Jacks or Better and the recently added, slots game, Ghost Rider paved way for the players’ big fortune.

Via choosing the cards to hold, the Vietnamese player secured a Diamond Royal Flush whereas it was Ghost Rider’s expanding wild that helped the Chinese member form a winning combination.

Big Jackpots spree
There seems to be an outbreak of grand winners in 12BET Casino. Just recently, a Thai member has also sealed its name into the big winner’s category.  The said player brought home a total of THB 352, 246 in live baccarat.

Winning streaks are currently, the trend in 12BET Casino. Join the bandwagon! Play and win today!

12BET Casino Makes Live Roulette More Exciting

Live roulette is a certified hit among the casino games in Malaysia. To get the best of it, this game should be played only in reputable sites. Trusted online casinos can guarantee the game’s integrity and outstanding delivery.

One of the best live casinos that offer live roulette in Malaysia is 12BET Casino. Established and experienced, it possesses great features that most live roulette players are looking for:

·        Superb streaming – Streaming interruptions rarely happen in 12BET Casino. Indeed, there are technical glitches at times. But these are very minimal so as to push all of its players away.
·        Easy navigation – Members can easily find their way inside the live casino for it is equipped with outstanding navigation panels that help players see the feature that they want immediately.
·        Pretty dealers – 12BET Casino’s live dealers are not only trustworthy and experienced. They are way too hot and pretty as well.

·        Huge payouts – Players can actually profit from 12BET Casino’s live roulette. First, one gets a daily bonus up to MYR 200. At the end of the week, they are entitled for an unlimited cashback, Members can add all of these prizes and they will be surprise with how much they can bring home.

If you want to experience roulette as if you are playing in Genting, choose Malaysia’s premier live casino provider, 12BET Casino.

Enjoy 10 Times Bigger Rewards and Get Up to 20 Free Spins In the Slot Game, Football Rules

Bringing the spirit of the Africa Cup of Nations, slot games player can also experience the thrill and excitement of the huge sporting event through the game, Football Rules.

A 25-line slot games, members can win up to 20 free spins and a multiplier that increases one’s winnings by up to 10 times.

Through the bonus symbol’s (man holding a trophy) help, players will be immediately taken to the bonus round. The said symbol must appear on the 1st and 5th reels to trigger the above-mentioned free spins and multiplier.

Football Rules also feature other winning opportunities. A classic example of this is the Dollar Ball side game.

During the Dollar Ball round, the player must choose 5 out of the 49 numbers presented unto him. Winnings are determined via the number of matches that a player accumulates. The more number matches that a player has, the bigger is his winnings.

Feel the football fever without getting trampled in the field. Play Football Rules today!