Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Find Out How Six Million Dollar Man Scratch Brings Millions To Your Bankroll

The Six  Million Dollar raises the bar higher when it comes to scratch card gaming. Its unique interface, as well as its successful adaptation of the hit television series’ theme makes it stand out in many of Malaysia’s online casino games.

What to expect
The game’s interface takes you to a lab, where the 6 Million Dollar man was built and assembled.  Indeed, you’d see those flickering and colorful lights, the ones similar to those of a spacecraft and different measuring devices.

Likewise, the bionic parts of the 6 Million Dollar man are used as symbols are used in this game. You’ll have the bionic hands, feet and eyes, that will make you reminisce the glory days of the series.

How to play the game
Still, as with other scratch cards, the game’s goal is to secure matches. But what is ironic in this scratch card is that although it shows a typical 9-tiled card, only four of them shall be revealed and you must secure three (3) symbols to win.

How much is the reward
In terms of the reward offered, there’s no doubt that it is indeed, profitable. Your reward can be 10,000X bigger than your original bet. With a win multiplier so huge, it’s as if you’ve already won in a progressive slot game.

If you are ready to collect millions without exerting too much effort, the Six Million Dollar Man scratch, is indeed, a must-play game.