Thursday, August 1, 2013

Panther Moon: A Full Moon-lit Jungle of Prizes

Have the jungle wildlife help you enjoy a piece of mystery. Feel that very moment when you think you and nature are becoming one. What serenity would it make?

Now give that peaceful feeling a chance to beam into a somewhat journey to finding treasure. Money makes the world go round, so do human ingenuities like science, art pieces, banking, and yes, casinos!

At 12BET, the game “Panther Moon” will give you serenity (visual) and wealth in equal caliber. Imagine seeing magical or natural images (slot symbols) while bagging a cash prize as large a herd of panthers. That’s possible because in this online casino game, you can amplify your bet to more than 25 times, 500 times, or even 10000 times depending on the symbols you arrive with!

Panther Moon is an online slot game that makes use of wildlife symbols to make beautiful combinations. Come up with a correct streak and you can win cash prizes you would never think you will ever have.

Start the game by setting your desired bet amount through the “Click to Change” denomination button in the lower left corner of the game screen. Purchase bet lines by clicking “Bet per Line.” Choose your paylines by clicking “Lines.” When everything is already set (if you already have a final bet and have chosen paylines), click “Spin” and the reels will be turned. If you wish to activate all paylines and automatically spin the reels, click “Bet Max.” Your winnings will be immediately revealed once the reels stop spinning.

Now here is the more fun part. This game offers, among other bonuses, Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbol rounds. “Wilds” are extra symbols that give you higher chances of obtaining a bigger prize. They stand in for other symbols and when found along your chosen paylines, will give you large bet multipliers based upon the number of symbols that lie along your lines. The more wilds you have, the greater the multipliers you will get.

Scatter symbols, meanwhile, do not have to occur on a particular payline. That means to say that as long as they appear in your reels in a specific spin, you would have additional earnings that are added to your payline winnings!

Play Panther Moon today and enjoy the luxury of both serenity and wealth. Be a 12BET member now and let your bankroll climb heights as tall as forest-carpeted mountains, glacier-covered peaks, and moon-kissed summits!