Thursday, April 18, 2013

Iron Man 2 Unleashes 6 Stacked Symbols And 10 Free Spins

Just in time for the release of the movie, Iron Man 3, Playtech likewise release a new version of the casino game, Iron Man.

A better Iron Man slot
The new version of Iron Man 2, contains fifty (50) lines. This readily translates to more winning combinations and bigger prizes.

In online slot gaming, paylines determine the required patterns, which are needed to generate a win. The more paylines that a slot machine has, the more profitable it becomes

Iron Man slot was already raking big bucks for the players with its 25 active paylines. But its creators want to make it even more appealing and attractive to members and so they are doubled.

More symbols
Iron Man 2, 50 lines is also adding more symbols to its current line-up. Not satisfied with fifty (50) additional lines, the game features six (6) stacked symbols. These are War Machine, A Machine, B Machine, C Machine, D Machine and the hero himself, Iron Man.

The above-mentioned symbols appear twice in the game and help players win.

Free spins
Iron Man 2, 50 lines shall not be complete if there are no free spins. But of course, freebies cannot be taken out of the limelight. In this game, members get ten (10) free spins. An increasing multiplier is also part of the slot machine’s package. Members can expect their rewards to grow bigger every now and then.

The 50-line Iron Man 2 slot is definitely worth the effort and time. The features and the bonuses it offers are indeed, very rewarding.