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Friday, May 30, 2014

Maya Push Force Your Winnings Up To 200x Larger Than Your Bet

Maya Push is a famous online casino game that gives you the appearance of the fantastic Mayan Civilization and also, a prize multiplier which makes your winnings 200x larger than your original wager.

Maya Push is ideal for anyone who is in search of unadulterated and genuine enjoyment, without having the tension and hassle. This popular online scratch card makes sure that it will fatten your bankroll immediately.

online casino game

Never mind about the patterns
The largest portion of the scratch games will need to strictly follow a pattern. This will make the winning intensely hard and stressful. If this might be intense to win in a game, you could be surprised to discover your bankroll depleted instantly.

However, such concern has been non-existent in the Maya Push. At this place, these patterns you will need to form are three similar symbols showing in the display. They must not form a horizontal, vertical and diagonal pattern. Provided that you notice the similar images, you will be an instant winner in the game.

Winning multiplier plus the wild symbol
Every icon in the screen contains the appropriate multiplier so that it will be the basis of your winnings.

online casino game

For an instance, if there are three skulls show up; your prizes are instantly multiplied by 200. Presuming that you put a $2 bet, the cheapest winning you will possibly get is even money. However, Lo and behold, the largest winning you will get is a screaming $400.

However, the sun disc provides as the wild icon. It doesn't have a stable multiplier. Nevertheless, this ensures the game is much more exciting.

online casino game

When the sun disc shows up, it’s also possible that you can obtain a 200x multiplier or even a $200 winnings in just a single sitting.

A basic tactic
The key to achieving large winning in Maya Push would be to set up a bigger bet. There will be no other complex approaches needed to earn big prizes aside from the above stated technique.

Now urge your winning boundaries and experience Mayan Civilization. Earn big prizes with Maya Push.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mahjong Hi Lo: Learn How to Play Effectively a Guessing Game

mahjong online game
Sometimes a game with ease of use brew's an excitement. The 12Ruby Club arcade gaming named “Mahjong Hi Lo” is one of the excellent examples of that concept. This online casino game is very easy in regard to rules and guidelines, but still it seems to keep players excited, interested, and focused. The Mahjong Hi Lo is typically a guessing game in which the players just need to guess the result of a given next tile or card.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Learn How to Bag Hat-Trick Wins by Using ‘Football Fans’ Slot Game

online slot game
Enjoying football will not consistently call for pints of sweat, a superstar lineup, and a skilled team coach. Anyone can feel the thrill with this great sport even when in your home. The 12Ruby Club’s slot game, namely ‘Football Fans’ is among the novel methods to play the world’s hottest sport. One may achieve the championship only by rotating the reels!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Witness the Wildest Winnings in Jungle Wild with as much as 100 free spins

Look for the required animal icons, mine valued objects, and wish for your Treasure Chest – perform these things in a proper way and you’ll fall into the bankroll woods of Jungle Wild.

The Jungle Wild is a five-reel, 25-line online slot game offered at the 12Ruby Club. It consists of classic characters made famous from the 1999 adventure and action film, Tarzan.

online slot game

Goal of the game

The objective of Jungle Wild is to obtain a winning symbol combination by rotating the reels. A very light hindrance seen from the common internet slot game, the latest in 12BET’s 12Ruby Club online slot games collection has no diagonal and vertical lines. Nonetheless, it continues to exhibit horizontal lines along with other exclusive geometric styles like zigzags.

Discovering the jungle

You will find 25 lines to set your wagers on that bet are positioned in coins. The coins are immediately changed from the dollar account (1 coin = 1 cent). Selecting the “Bet Max” button triggers all the 25 lines and provides better possibilities of winnings.

This game begins after spinning the reels; select on “Spin” button every time you are happy with your wager. An “Auto Spin” button can be clicked for the automatic range of preferred spins to produce a specific round. “Auto Spin” can easily be stopped anytime you desire.

Keep an eye on this

There are a couple of symbols you have to watch for: Jungle Wild plus the Free Spins. These special icon modes in the game which will help you to become richer more than you have.

Free Spins – You will get as much as 100 spins in Jungle Wild. This option is when three or extra Treasure Chests show up; 10 Free Spins will be provided for three Treasure Chests, and five more for every additional chest within the same pay line.

Bonus Free Spins – These free spins might be acquired only, by the way, of free spins with rolling reels delivering chances to produce a number of consecutive wins in the game. A maximum of 20 succeeding rounds is allowed for rolling reels.

Jungle Wild – The famous Tarzan image or even the Jungle Wild is randomly activated and will give you five free spins. This option can’t be initiated free spins. Jungle Wild and Free Spins options can’t be activated at the same time.

Pay table and Pay lines

Check out the Jungle Wild symbols before you commence to play this popular game. Understanding this game seriously with heart will make it simpler for you in several ways. Find out more about the Jungle Wild images as well as their payouts:

online slot game

Listed below are the 25 pay lines you have to accomplish to try further from the jungle when using the golds:

online slot game

Icon combinations may be fabricated from left to right or vice versa, and yet many additional games only accept left to right combinations. Exclusively the highest win will surely be paid for each selected line. Every win pay left to right and scatters are not included, which pay any.

What are you waiting for? Discover the jungle now with the popular Tarzan go after the wild winnings at 12BET!