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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

6 Interesting Things To Enjoy In Live Sic Bo

Sic bo is an ancient yet popular casino game filled with excitement and of course, huge payouts. The odds are a bit high, but definitely, the prizes at stake are worth the effort, most especially if you play it in online casinos.

More interactive
Live sic bo is more interactive than its land-based counterparts. Talk to the dealer anytime you want. Nobody will prevent you from doing so. Normally, this is not permitted in brick and mortar casinos to eliminate the impression of having biases.

It is also quite unlikely to see players talk lightly to each other. The competitive atmosphere and the pressure to score big prohibit them from freely interacting.

A huge difference, however, is noticeable when playing live sic bo. Players chat not only with the dealer, but also with each other.

The gaming environment is more relaxed. The competition is present but hardly felt.

Live Sic Bo is more accessible, obviously. A single click leads you to the gaming platform immediately.

You do not need to embark on long trips that are not only tiring, but also very expensive. You spend on the gas, the lodging and other stuffs that require you to shell out money.

The idea of spending too much for the above-mentioned expenses is very impractical, knowing that other platforms offer a similar experience in an instant.

For live sic bo, the only thing you need is a stable connection. It does not matter whether you are playing inside your house or even in a shopping mall. As long as you are connected, you can play.

Open 24/7
You will hardly notice time when playing live sic bo in brick and mortar casinos. Unfortunately, in most cases, you spend most of your time simply waiting and at the apex of your game, the casino is about to close. Just when you are getting the momentum and on your way to a winning streak, the casino is already on the verge of calling it a wrap.

Keep track of your bets
You do not normally keep track of your bets when in brick and mortar casinos. Many times, you are simply shocked by how much you have already spent.

But with live sic bo, you can easily monitor your bets. You know when to stop. You know when enough is enough.

This aspect adds another advantage and that is no other than efficient bankroll management.

Form a community
Interaction gives birth to community formation. You deal with people, who, like you, shares similar interests.

Rather than going to far-flung areas to play sic bo, play it in live casinos instead. Only a few online casinos, however, are capable of delivering this platform. Extreme caution, therefore, must be observed.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How To Play Baccarat

Baccarat is played with eight decks of 52 cards each (no Jokers).
Cards have face value, except: 10′s and face cards count 0, Aces count 1, and suits are irrelevant.
Each independent coup is initialized with two cards dealt to each hand. The possibility of a third card is dependent upon the total (see Rules of the Draw). If the total exceeds 9, only the right-hand digit is counted. For example, an 8 and a 7 equals 5.


Wagers may be placed on the player, the banker, or the tie. Winning player and banker wagers are paid even money. Winning banker wagers pay a 5% commission to the house. Winning tie wagers are paid 8-to-1.

Rules Of The Draw


If player takes no card, banker stands on 6.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Make That Winning Kick In Penalty Shootout

Football fanatics arise! Prepare your powerful kicks and winning clicks when you play Penalty Shootout in 12BET Casino.

This online casino game captures the most nerve-cracking moments in football history where a tie must be broken by a successful penalty shot.

The game might look simple. You might even call it a child’s play. But wait until you have a dose of Penalty Shootout. It is irresistible and truly enjoyable for it readily captures the thrill and challenge of scoring against an excellent goalkeeper—the victory of playign against tough oponnent.

Your mission
You are not compelled to execute memorable hat tricks in this game. Simply make a good aim—one that cannot be saved or prevented by the keeper to win.

Playing the game
You will see different arrows pointing into different directions. This will determine where you want the ball to go.

Each arrow has different odds. Multiply these to your bet and that is your total payout.

Keeper history
The keeper history tab shows the result of every kick you made and the ball’s direction.

The good thing about this tab is that it helps you strategize. You might notice success patterns and you can use it as your guide.

Enjoying Penalty Shootout
One of the best things that you will enjoy in this latest online casino game is its simplicity. Members of all type—new or veteran can get the hang of Penalty Shootout.

Moreover, it cannot be denied that this is an action-packed game. You will never get bored. This is most especially true when you see all those kicks pass against the keeper.

You will also benefit from a much longer playing time. Because it is simple and easy to understand, you do not need to familiarize yourself with rigid rules. As mentioned, all you need to do is make that winning kick.

Friday, September 14, 2012

1250 To 1 Payout Awaits In 12BET Casino’s Wild Viking

Roulette and poker
Wild Viking is a fusion of roulette and poker. In a typical roulette game, you use a roulette wheel and determine the outcome of every spin.

But this time around, this is a little bit different. Instead of the roulette wheel, the outcome depends on the distributed cards.

How the game is played
The Wild Viking table is similar to that of roulette. Placing bets should not be a problem since the table layout is easy to follow and understand.

A total of five (5) cards will be distributed. The fifth card will determine the result so always watch out for this one.

For example, if you get the following cards: 8, King, Ace, 10 and Queen. You win if you place a wager on the Queen.

Assuming that the Queen belongs to the heart suite and you also placed a bet on that, you also win.

Since it is color red and again, say you also placed a bet on the color red, you win again. 

If you take a look at it, you won thrice in one sitting.

The poker bets
Located on the upper right portion is the poker bets. You will be using your poker skills for this since you need to identify the possible hand that will cropped out.

Going back to the previous example, it is evident that you get nothing from this as the cards do not form a hand at all.

The special bet and the progressive jackpot
The Wild Viking bet yields the biggest reward in this game. Its payout is an amazing 1250 to 1!

As if this is not enough, you will also bring home tons of extra cash when you get a royal flush. This is the winning combination for the progressive jackpot.

The concept behind Wild Viking is indeed, very unique. Combine it with the winning opportunities and the great prizes makes this latest online casino game very enjoyable.

Get some variety after playign against tough oponnent. See yourself holding that sought-after jackpot in Wild Viking!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Players Gain More Advantage In Blackjack Switch

If you are still polishing your card counting skills but want to profit from online blackjack, play blackjack switch.

This online casino game is more profitable to the traditional blackjack and perfect for all types of players.

Whether you are a new or veteran player, you can easily benefit from blackjack switch.

Spot the difference

Blackjack switch allows you to play with two (2) hands and switch your top cards. Rules are not changed. You still need to form a strong hand with a total card value of twenty-one (21) or close to it.

Top cards are explained

The top cards refer to the second cards that you received. These are the only cards that you can interchange.

For example, for your first hand, you get a four (4) and a seven (7), then your other hand receives a nine (9) and an Ace. You can switch the 7 and the Ace.

The point in here is to make the best combination out of the cards that you received.

What you should remember

There are two things that you must remember when you play this latest casino game.

First of all, no matter what happens, the dealer will always have a soft 17 and is always entitled to get another card or make a hit.

Lastly, you must never forget that the dealer will not get busted even if the total card value is twenty-two (22). The dealer will still have the upper-hand.

However, you win just in case you get blackjack.

Such situation is known as “push.”

Super Match

The super match bet is another winning opportunity that you must take advantage.

With this bet, you win whenever you get a pair.

Playtech casinos

Blackjack switch is available only in Playtech casinos such as 12BET Casino and you can start playing via downloading our casino client.

If you want to take some time off in playign against tough oponnent , there is no doubt that blackjack switch is the perfect game for you.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jacks Or Better Surprises You With Bigger And Better Wins!

12BET Casino is an online casino recognized for its big variation of online slots. It is also the home of the best and latest online casino games like video poker—to be more specific, Jacks Or Better.

The goal
Review your poker hands for you will be using it here. If there is one thing that separates this game from poker, here, you are not playign against tough oponnent directly.

In Jacks Or Better, your main goal is to form the best possible 5-card poker hand. Retain the best cards and let go of those who do nothing good.

How the game is played
Fice (5) cards will be distributed unto you. From these cards,you have to carefully select those which you think will help you form a winning combination. Do this via pressing the “hold” button.

You can choose one or more cards. Do not be surprise if some of the cards are automatically held for you. For example, if you get two (2) Aces, you immediately keep these cards.

You have nothing to worry when the cards are automatically chosen for you. Going back to the above-mentioned example, this only means that you already have a winning combination at hand.

In case you want to change cards, you can freely do so. But you should do this sparingly as you cannot change cards all the time.

Press the deal button if you are confident with the cards that you have.

Double your win
When winning, you have the option to make a double bet or double half. Nevertheless, if you prefer to save all your winnings, simply click the collect button.

Jacks Or Better—nothing can be better than winning in this fun, exciting and truly enjoyable game.

You can start playing Jacks Or Better by downloading the 12BET Casino client. Or you can also use the flash client if you want to play directly into your web browser.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Catch The Winning Horses In Derby Day

Speed is a key ingredient in winning the prestigious prize in 12BET Casino’s latest online casino game, Derby Day.

You need to make speedy decisions, speedy horses and a speedy hand to grab all those big rewards.

Derby Day explained
Derby Day is a mixture of horse betting and online casino gaming. You wager on your favorite horse. But you do it right at the comfort of your own house.

This arcade game highlights the thrill and of course, the juiciest rewards that you can avail with ease.

To further help you increase your winnings, records, statistics and even track conditions are provided. All you have to do is choose wisely.

Playing Derby Day
When you log-in to your 12BET Casino account, you will see a list of horses. Also included in the list are their respective points.

A tip in choosing horses, always remember that horses with higher points have lower payouts.

You can use the records and the track advisory to choose the best horse. Study them carefully to secure your high winnings.

Placing bets
Why settle for a single bet when you can place several ones?

Derby Day permits multiple betting. This feature opens more winning opportunities for you are spreading your risks.

Risks are more concentrated in single bets. In multiple betting, however, you are wagering on two (2) outcomes, which have equal possibilities of showing up.

For Derby Day, here are the wagers that you can place:
Winner – Identify the horse that you think will make it to the top spot.
Exacta – From the word “exact,” you need to determine the horses that will fill the first or second spots. Be ready for a big payout once you identified them correctly.
Place – A lucrative bet. If your horse bagged the first and second spot, you win.
Show – A win-win bet. Once your horse makes it to the top three, you will get rewarded
Pick IV-V – In exacta, you only need to determine the first two (2) horses. But here, you need to name five (5) of them in their exact order. It has the highest payout compared to all the bets.

For once, do away from playign against tough opponent. Let those horses do the work for you. See them run their way to victory and you, a big winner.

Friday, September 7, 2012

How To Know The Best Casino Game For You In 4 Ways

Are you new to online casino gaming? Are you having difficulties in identifying the best game for you?

Take note of the following aspects to help you in finding the game that will enjoy and at the same time, give big prizes.

One of the first things that you have to ask yourself is your interest.

Interest plays an important role for this will motivate you to create efficient strategies and you cannot disregard strategy.

Going back, you must determine the kind of game that suits your taste and preference. Do you prefer challenging games over the simpler ones? Or do you prefer fast-paced games? Do you prefer RNGs or you want to savor the thrill of playign against tough oponnent

You need to identify all of these factors. At any rate, with so many games offered at 12BET Casino, all you have to do is choose.

The Skill
Identifying the right game takes more than interest. You must have the skill. Or much better, you must be willing to develop a certain skill

In video poker for example, or in other online casino games that are poker-inspired, one skill that you must possess is how to form winning hands. This means that you must understand the ins and out of poker.

If you are a newbie, you might want to try slots and transcend to more difficult online casino games. The Mumjy, Spamalot and Kong are three (3) of the latest online casino games that 12BET Casino has. Not only are they enjoyable, but also profitable.

The profitability
You can profit from online casinos and you can do that via knowing the games that have a high payout and can be easily mastered.

Risk appetite
Know the betting amount that you can afford. Play responsibly. By knowing your risk appetite, you can easily set aside a budget.

Consider the above-mentioned factors when playing in online casinos for this will help you not only in winning but also in becoming a responsible player.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Online Slots Game, Cinerama Takes The Spotlight!

With a progressive jackpot and two (2) bonus rounds, Cinerama is an online slots game that you will surely love.

You have 2 great winning opportunities that can increase your bankroll easily, plus you have several symbols to help you seal a winning combination.

Symbols to expect
Cinerama is a 5-reel progressive slots inspired by the film industry. To win, you need to nail a winning combination.

To help you, you have the camera, which is the wild symbol. It substitutes all other symbols, with the scatter as an exemption.

Speaking of the scatter, this is represented by headphones. Three (3) headphones will trigger the bonus round.

Lastly, you have the director, which is the bonus symbol and evidently, this will trigger the bonus round.

Action in the bonus round
The bonus round is like playign against tough opponent, except that you are guaranteed to win. This is a great time for you to increase your bankroll.

Other than the bonus round, you should also look forward to the progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpots increase each time you play.

Turn on the lights, roll the cameras and let the action begin in this one of a kind online slots game, Cinerama!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Different Types of Slots Tournaments

Online slots  tournaments add excitement to online casinos. But there are different tournaments that exist.

Knowing how each of them works give you time to prepare and of course, become a big winner!

Schedule-based tournaments
Schedule-based slots tournaments observe a timeframe. Some last for just a couple of hours, while there are others that happen for a month or so.

Tournaments of these kinds are noted for the huge volume of participants and the winners’ big prizes.

Due to the need to accommodate interested players, scheduling becomes very important.

The Sit and go
Slots tournament under this category is the opposite of the former for it has no timeframe.

However, it can only accommodate a limited number of players. Once the quota is met, the tournament will no longer accept participants.

In terms of the prizes, the ones at stake here are much lower. Nevertheless, you do not have to wait for several days to know the results.

It is also a lot easier to win in these tournaments since you do not have to strive hard when it comes to playign against tough opponent

If you are the type of player who needs to have a regular dose of slot tournament action, you must join a weekender.

Obviously, this happens during weekends. You do not have to wait for schedules.

What to prepare
If you are serious about getting the top spot in online slots tournament, you really need to prepare.

There are several important details that you must know when joining one.

·         Schedule  - All slots tournament follow a schedule, even the weekender so be wary of the dates, You do not want to see yourself joining a tournament that does not exist, right?
·         Bankroll  - Smart players allot a budget. They play online slots and join tournaments, but they still know their limitations/
·         Internet provider – See to it that you are not having problems with your internet connection, you do not want to miss the action and fun, do you?

Slots tournaments are one of the most exciting activities that you can enjoy when playing in online casinos.

But you will enjoy it even more when you are aware of these tournament basics.