Thursday, April 25, 2013

Malaysian Player Becomes $75,000 Richer After Playing Archer And Iron Man 2 50 Lines

Malaysian player  xoxixsxxxxx becomes $75,000 richer after playing two (2) of 12BET Casino’ s most profitable games, Archer and Iron Man 2 50-lines.

The lucky winner bagged $33,000 from Archer and $42,000 from Iron Man 2, 50 lines.

Archer is known for its all-ways feature, where paylines no longer determine the winning combination. Instead, all adjacent symbols, beginning from left to right are considered as winning patterns. In this game alone, a player can form 243 winning combinations.

On the other hand, the 50-line version of Iron Man 2 is recognized for its increasing multiplier. While the player enjoys ten (10) free spins, his multiplier increases from time to time.

Archer and Iron Man 2 50 lines are not the only profitable games in 12BET Casino. There is Lucky Panda, which, like Archer, also showcases the all-ways feature. But compared to Archer, a player can form 1024 winning combinations in this game. Another  lucrative game in 12BET Casino is Wings of Gold, which shares up to 100 free spins in one sitting.

Start playing in 12BET Casino today and just like xoxixsxxxxx, rest assured that you can also score huge rewards.