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Friday, September 27, 2013

Online casinos and the many bonuses they offer

The enticing glitz and invigorating ambience of the casinos in Las Vegas, Monaco, or Macao make them real havens for the most avid punters. But in recent years, online casinos seem to be writing new history as they are already winning gamers over. How did this happen? They offer convenience, variety, and above all, great bonuses. The following are some of the basic bonuses that online casinos offer to their customers.

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 Sign-up and welcome bonuses

In order to get hold of a good number of players, online casinos offer welcome bonuses—incentives that provide gamers with an initial pay upon their registration with the promise of playing their games regularly as a return. This provides advantage to both parties: the casino obtains a potentially ‘loyal’ customer and the customer earns prize even before he or she enters a betting session.

No-Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus works more advantageously to players. A no-deposit bonus simply allows them to play online games and earn prizes if they win without having the need to make a deposit up front.

Loyalty Bonus

Players who regularly play in online casinos will have a reward in the long run, in the form of loyalty bonuses. Most online casinos offer VIP programs to players who utilize their service in a regular basis. They are rewarded with extra points as they progress in their casino stint and when the ripe time comes, they will be promoted to VIP level—a status for players who are given the chance to earn more lucrative bonuses than what they are getting from their regular sessions.

High Roller Bonus

The most loyal players are duly rewarded for their passionate patronage. The same system applies to customers who make huge bets in their every gaming round.

Cash-back Bonus

Online casinos understand that customers flock to their portals with just one important aim: to win. If players fail to earn any jackpot or lose so much of their money, online casinos will give them a cash-back bonus based on a certain percentage of their original or total wagers.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Online slots: The changing face of one-armed bandits

online slots

Casinos—land-based casinos in particular—have always been branded as the place for the rich, powerful, and famous. But with innovations in technology and the changing pace of man’s lifestyle, the gaming venue has given birth to a new medium: e-gaming. Here, playing Poker, Blackjack or Slots is no longer the sole business of the rich or the famous. As long as players have the capacity to deposit an initial amount, know how to follow simple game mechanics, and possess (sometimes, unknowingly) a weighty ball of luck in their hands, enjoying the casino games is absolutely thinkable. And here’s a plus to that: bettors can earn jackpots even without the need to leave their bedroom!

Online slots are arguably the most subscribed (and enjoyed) online game of all service features in online casinos. Why would they not be when e-gaming instructions are very easy to follow, graphics are outstanding, jackpots burst through the ceiling, and free spins are just everywhere. In addition, online slots do not necessarily veer away from the charm and glitz of their real-world counterparts as developers of the games have made it sure that their quality would parallel (or even surpass) the caliber of their conventional versions.


Despite the spellbinding images, revolutionary 3D effects, and ambitious associations with popular culture (superhero characters, TV shows, etc.), online slots remain simple in the most relative sense. Game instructions are readily available in one of the game window’s buttons and players have nothing more to do but to place their wager, select their desired paylines, pick up bonus rounds, spin the reels, and cash out their prizes—as simple as that.


Prizes in online casinos range from a humble hundred dollars to skyrocketing millions. Depending on the type of slot game chosen, along with the bonuses, free spins, and special prizes inherent to them, players can become wealthy individuals in just a few clicks. The lucrative nature of the games ensure that bettors will have a good time in their casino stint, earn plenty of winning chances, and end up big-time.


What really makes online slots superior than those in land-based casinos is the ease of accessing them. Almost every individual in the world already has access to the Internet, which means that harnessing any online opportunity—such as online slots—can be readily doable. As long as there are no restrictions to accessing these portals, playing slots in the web is highly plausible.

Experience the thrill and excitement that online slots offer. Start the fortune-clad journey by signing up at one of Asia and Europe’s most esteemed online casinos, 12BET.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

12BET Spawns Three New Online Games

There is a multitude of online games in 12BET’s arsenal, but when new games are introduced to the pack, players get instantly excited of trying them out. Here are three of the newest additions to the online casino’s catalog. Read these brief overviews to know a few things about them.

Spider-man: Attack of the Green Goblin

slot game

Featuring a progressive jackpot, “Spider-man: Attack of the Green Goblin” is Marvel’s newest slot variant of one of its biggest superhero characters. The game offers a five-reel, 25-payline feature which is besieged with plenty of bonuses. To engage players even more is the game’s ultra-enticing soundtrack, genius graphics, and see-through reels that reflect an illuminated, night-time skyline—reminiscent of Spider-man’s urban frills. In addition, images displayed in the game window include Daily Bugle, a camera, skyscrapers, Mary Jane Watson, and the Green Goblin.  Basic symbols are 9, 10, J, Q, K and A.

More than the visual spectacle, Attack of the Green Goblin vaunts bonus features that every bettor would want to take advantage of. The extra feature includes the Spider-Man Wild (triggered randomly during the base game) and the Spidey Snapshot Feature (the hero dangles in the screen for camera shots which consequently corresponds a cash prize between 3x and 10x the players’ total bet).

The game’s biggest bonus feature, however, is the so-called Spider-Man Collection. This is a package of free games that include Hot Zone, Rivaling, Radioactive, City Chase, and Ultimate Fight.

Live Unlimited Blackjack

live blackjack

An eight-deck card game, Live Unlimited Blackjack is mediated with a live croupier and a real Unlimited Blackjack table. It contains five main betting positions, five Player’s Perfect Pair betting positions, and one Dealer’s Pair betting position. The game is in a league of its own as it allows for an unlimited amount of players to bet on the five main betting positions within a single game round.

In this game, several players have a go-signal to wager on the same seat. If two players play on the same position, one may choose to “Stand” and the other may select “Hit.” In such a scenario, the croupier will deal another card to the position, except for the player who chose to “Stand” not being allowed to receive the card.

The cards are played until the “split” is drawn. At this juncture, the dealer will have the cards replaced in the following round. A shuffler will arrive to the table with pre-shuffled cards and cards used in the earlier part of the game will be removed from the table. The shuffler will perform an additional shuffle on the table and the new deck will be placed in the cards shoe.

Iron Man 3 scratch

scratch game

Scratch games are perhaps the easiest casino features a customer could ever play. With simple rules and generous prizes at the picket, these games can make for one convenient casino recreation.

To make things even more exciting, a blazing charisma of Marvel’s Iron Man was embedded in one of 12BET’s scratch games. The Iron Man 3 Scratch allows players to unveil symbols (with corresponding prizes) that seem to denote the luxury of Tony Stark’s lucrative life. The symbols behind the boxes were taken from the superhero’s most recent medley of appearances in the media.

The main object of the game, as with any other scratch, is to match the prize symbol displayed next to the grid to any of the six symbols on the scratch card. Wins are achieved if any symbol on the scratch card is identical to this prize symbol. The prize for the current active round depends upon the player’s bet and is displayed below the prize symbol. The player may win up to 10,000 times his bet.

For more information about the bonus features, prize range, and mechanics of the aforesaid games, log on to 12BET’s official portal.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Strategies to Apply to Become an Online Poker Prodigy

Business and sports are the most recognized fields that require expert strategies to avoid bankruptcy or defeat. But creating strategies is not solely confined to these sectors; even in more subtle areas such as building a doghouse, preparing a crab soup, or playing board games, correct strategies play a key role. In online gaming, strategies are in fact very important. Tactics serve as players’ blueprint that guides them in all the decisions they need to make with regard to their gaming needs.

online casinos
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In online poker, strategies help players obtain the best (not necessarily the maximum) prize relative to their bet. The game remains under the ‘spell of luck,’ but it will not hurt if a good use of the mind is employed. Especially for players who wish to become poker prodigies, creating the most reasonable and practical tactics will duly serve their interests. Instincts are very helpful indeed, but learning the tricks of the trade is just so much better than not having any idea of the game’s map at all.

Here are few, basic strategies players need to consider when playing online poker:

•    Determine your purpose. As with any other online games, online poker entices players to play the feature either for the mere winning of the top cash prize or simply for fun. Regardless, bettors need to prioritize the game’s ultimate product: the prize. So even though customers engaged in the game purely for fun, it would be a lot more gratifying if they go home with bulky cash in their pocket.

•    Manage expectations. Even the most experienced online poker gamer makes some mistakes. An imperfect gaming experience is normal, but thinking about winning the biggest prizes all the time is practically illogical. When players lose, they get overly disappointed because of the very high expectations they have set for themselves. Keeping expectations at the minimum will help them enjoy the game a lot more effectively.

•    Control your emotion. Pressure is something that should be absent in any gaming session. After all, it is played for fun, not for misery. Too much pouring of emotions in the game will compromise players’ decision making skills and might probably ‘infect’ their fellow players with their negative vibes. Playing online poker with grace and dignity is key to finishing it with a smile—win or lose.

Experience the grandeur of online poker now. Sign up with 12BET to learn more of the game’s exciting perks.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

12BET Casino Levels Up with Innovations from Opus Gaming

Asia’s premier online casino hub, 12BET, has given its players the most exciting experience for live games. There is no other casino provider out there that could parallel the smooth gradations that 12BET employs to its gaming platforms, whether it is baccarat, poker, roulette, or any other game that is played best when “live.” As if the fun and rewards from these units were not yet ample, 12BET is now making new milestones to innovate its already impressive deals. In partnership with industry-leading game developer Opus Gaming, the online casino is proud to present its newly created Diamond Club—an online station for the most esteemed gamers who want to take a ride on a series of games (standards and new ones) embellished with modern technological touches.

At 12BET’s Diamond Club, players are given the options to view their video-based gaming windows in a variety of means: 2D, 3D, multi-table, or seven-seat 3D. This is pure technological revolution at its finest, telling customer’s casino story in a high-quality video medium.

The 2D option is 12Bet’s way to allow customers to play their session the same way they play in the old live club. That is, they go around their game with a live dealer (ladies who are presentably dressed) flashed on a small video screen on their gaming window. The cards she handles are then displayed and enlarged via computer-generated images for clarity purposes. This best suits players who are not yet ready to experience new introductions, and whose casino needs can still be satisfied by this traditional model.

As for the 3D feature, players will have the opportunity to experience their live session with a larger, much clearer video that puts them “closer to reality.” Unlike in the traditional video set-up, the Diamond Club 3D video allows players to see their table in its entirety. There is no need to magnify the card via computer-simulated images as the cards themselves can already be seen clearly. Because the video offers a bigger video window, players indulge in the game a lot more attentively.

For players who are excellent at multi-tasking and enjoy playing multiple games simultaneously, the Diamond Club Multi-Table session will serve their purpose best. Here, players are allowed to play and “watch” several games live in a single game window. Exciting perks do not fade here, and the multi-gaming atmosphere ensures that players will never run out of choices.

Players who want to experience a combination of 3D qualities and other casino features may choose to set their game in the Seven-Seat 3D video. High-quality images cloak this game session, in addition to an interactive communication with croupiers, mutual collaboration with other live players, and a sizable string of options for players’ gaming needs.

12Bet really makes it a point to put customer convenience first above anything else. With the arrival of the Diamond Club, superior-quality gaming experience can now be achieved single-handedly. Register now with 12BET and learn more about the new club.

Monday, September 16, 2013

12BET Casino Launches Three (3) Branded Casino Rooms

Asia’s most trusted online casino provider, 12BET Casino, adds three (3) superb casino rooms that showcase many of the industry’s top-notch and high-paying online casino games. The integration move is designed to satisfy the never-ending demand for a diverse and challenging online casino environment.

With distinct features to boot, 12BET Casino introduces its 12Ruby and 12Diamond clubs.

12BET Ruby Club
The Ruby club, formerly known as Live Star Club,  flaunts the industry’s first live dancing dealers, which promise nothing but pure, unadulterated entertainment right in the comforts of the players’ own home.

Deviating from the typical live game scenery, the club features croupiers that simultaneously sing and dance while supervising the whole game. Gone are the days where members need to immerse themselves in a formal and stiff online gaming environment.

12BET Diamond Club
The Diamond Club adds more live game variety to the online casino site. Aside from the usual live casino games seen online, it also offers a Live Texas Hold’Em Poker room, Live Dragon Tiger and 7 Up Baccarat. Another game that players can feast on is the Live 3 Pictures. This casino game is quite similar to Poker, except that it only uses three (3) cards.

Likewise, the Diamond Club brags features different viewing options. Members can choose the 3D version if they are into bigger screens and high definition streaming. For those who like to multi-task and enjoy the challenge of playing 3 different games in one sitting, they can go for the multi-table view. Or punters may also check out the 7-seat 3D view.

Yet, what makes the Diamond Club stand out  is its “no commission baccarat feature.” Such feature lets go of the payout percentage that is common in many online casino providers. As a result, members get their prizes in full.

12BET Emerald Club
The Emerald Club showcases 12BET Casino’s  original casino games. Rebranded and compiled into one, the Emerald Club ensures that members can still access and enjoy the best of Marvel slots, challenging arcade games, huge progressive jackpots, multi-table live games and state of the art roulette variants.

With 12BET Casino’s new face, products and features, members are up for a spoilt for choice experience.

For more information, visit 12BET Casino here.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Wagers: Onset of a Lucrative Casino Experience

Jackpots often serve as the health boosters in players’ online casino stint, but wagers or bets are the lifelines that sustain their gaming activities. Hence, it is necessary to focus not just on obtaining the top prizes but also on making wise decisions related to maintaining the ‘welfare’ of their wagering power.

Not everyone has access to online casinos, but for those who have, they would know that wagering is one of the fundamental aspects in making a stellar casino experience. “Wagering” in this context does not just mean “placing a bet on this or that.” It is about the intelligent allocation of this piece of fortune to the different games players might want to delve into. It is an investment that they have to take care of, and a “capital good” that will serve as their gauge to any loss or profits.

Online casino games are more than just mediums to win easy money. They are in fact, a complex network of multifaceted mind exercises that hone both their investing skills and decision making abilities. The games have established rules and winning chances depend on mind matters, so making strategies is a basic skill players need to develop. They appear easy because online casinos have made their gaming crusade very user-friendly and embellished their offers with human-interest qualities (eg. attractive themes, 3D effects, etc.).

In most cases, high rollers are the only ones who risk huge wagers to earn even greater prizes. But those are casino whales, and they are totally different from greenhorns and small-time players. Nevertheless, there are some players who brave to enter into a risky gamble. They may win, or they may not. Regardless, everything boils down to the proper use of wagers.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A range of choices: Determinants of a Good Progressive Slot

While it is true that progressive jackpots can turn Mr. Pauper into a Tycoon, there are a couple of things that need to be addressed before playing online games that offer such feature. The choices are spectacularly wide, and choosing the best game is necessary to avoid mechanics confusion, wager loss, and an awkward gaming experience. Online casinos are great avenues to take advantage of lucrative betting trends, but inherent to this fun is the responsibility to pick appropriate game variants.

Online casinos have a myriad of ways to pamper customers in a steady flow of bonuses, jackpots, and other rewards. Choosing the right progressive slots is one way to take this experience one level higher. There are two main approaches players can use when determining the right progressive slot for them: identifying content quality and focusing on the numbers.

Content quality
Game developers use a variety of themes to lure players into playing their slot games. Depending on the customer’s preference or taste, a game with attractive colors, images, characters, and sound effects can generally improve the gaming ambiance. Some slots are inspired by popular TV sitcoms, others were patterned after literary characters. For those who love sports, slots with football or basketball motifs can surely satisfy their aesthetic requirements. And for customers who are into arts and beauty, cinema- or stage-themed slots can be their best choice.

Number Factor
Bonus features are another factor to consider when choosing progressive slots. Many players love progressives that offer a great deal of free spins, and games where such features can be re-triggered is more likely to acquire greater player traffic (more players, more progressive jackpot contributors). High rollers or casino whales can go for slots with gamble games in which they can multiply their winnings several folds at the risk of losing all.

Sign up now with 12BET to obtain a good list of progressive slots that fit your demands.

progressive slots