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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Instant Play’s Hidden Benefit, Revealed

Protecting the player’s privacy is an unrecognized benefit of instant play. This is in stark contrast to what others think—that this platform is yet another way of exposing one’s gaming activities.

To download and be tracked

Sometimes, the problem with using a gaming software is that it leaves a track. Some players are too discreet to let other people know that they are into online casinos. But the moment they downloaded a program and installed it, other users will eventually find it out. For those who are logged into computers with multiple networks or multiple users, getting the software is quite risky.  Whenever the computer reboots, a different person will know how the machine was used. Privacy concerns further escalate for players who need to secure permission before they can use a certain program. Now the question is how does instant play address this problem?

download-button5.jpg (300×288)
Instant play in action!

As often discussed, instant play is a web-supported application. If there is any downloading involved, it is no other than the flash player—and most web users use such program. Actually, most browsers are already equipped and compatible with the flash player, therefore, installation can be skipped.

Under this context, bettors gain leeway. They do not have to worry of other people monitoring their activities.

Other methods of protecting privacy

Meanwhile, for those who are still having doubts, here are tips on how they can further strengthen their privacy settings. Since flash player can access one’s cameras and microphones, bettors may adjust this manually.

Another effective method is to see to it that the browser’s web history is deleted. Or one may also adjust the browser’s settings when it comes to storing browsing data. Lastly, players should not allow browsers to store their log-in details. Not only does this method protect privacy, it is also a way of preventing identity theft and phishing.

Privacy is a serious matter. It is natural for one to be overwhelmingly concerned about it. Evidently, this is something that the instant play feature has already resolved. However, this positive aspect has not been thoroughly highlighted since much of instant play’s benefits are boxed into convenience and mobility.

f00203edab.jpg (524×229)

Monday, February 27, 2012

5 Types Of Players That Are Hooked To Instant Play

art_cartoons_190098_tns.png (128×114)

Instant play is an online casino feature that enables online gamblers to play via their web browser. Flexible and versatile, it can accommodate all gamers. But it cannot be denied that there are certain groups of players that are readily benefited by instant play.

Players that benefit from instant play

The “too little time” player – Some people are just too preoccupied with other tasks that even the simple act of downloading a gaming software and completing its installation are perceived to be too time-consuming. Evidently, these activities can be ignored when using instant play. Players simply need to remember their log-in details and they are done.

“Limited disk space” player – Personal computers are not only used in processing information. It is also a big storage area. Unfortunately, some people just cannot let go of their old files, or it could be that they do not have the time to clean their disks that it prevents them from getting the software—the solution? Instant play, of course.
casinolowdown03.jpg (288×432) 
The “on the go” player – Some individuals are simply born to travel—either it is work-related or not, there are people who just cannot stay in one place and bring their laptop. Although they can use other computers, they do not have the right to freely download a software and install them. They need to get permission first. Again, thanks to instant play, they can continue their game whenever they want, wherever they are.

The “firewall-barred player”- Firewall is a tool used to prevent information transmission, In other words, it prevents downloading. This is very common in the workplace. But take note that even household members can use firewalls too. Thus, if not for no-download casinos, it will be pretty hard for these players to continue their gaming activity.

The “multiple PC user” player – For people who shares their computers to other individuals, privacy issues tend to prevent them from using a gaming software. Needless to say, the instant play platform serves them well.

Definitely, instant play is far from being an option. It has carved its name in the online gambling industry.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Get Instant Play In A Flash!

Thanks to the flash application, many casino players are now enjoying the benefits of the instant play feature. Some online casinos offer this service alone. Yet, here in 12BET,we provide both the downloadable software and the instant play.

Flash Player In A Glance

The popularity of the flash player is brought by the fact that it enriches the user’s web experience via adding interactivity. It makes web surfing a lot more dynamic. This application enables one to watch videos and animations. It also paved way for music streaming and a better presentation of vivid and almost real-life graphics.

In as far as online casinos are concerned, the introduction of the flash player, has indeed, changed the way casino products are delivered. Highly accessible and convenient, it became an instant hit to players.

cartoon-man-using-computer-thumb4142338.jpg (300×300) 

How Instant Play Came Into Life

It would not come as too much of a surprise if in the instant play feature hardly appeal to online players. With the limitations of the World Wide Web and technology, the no-download option yielded more problems. With graphics that would take forever to load, plus the constant browser crashes that players needed to overcome, they would rather sacrifice that disk space than to confront those issues. Another problem with the early versions is that players need to constantly restart.

However, due to technological advances, the issues encountered before were already a thing of the past. Nowadays, instant play is getting more and more attention. There is an evident increase in the number of gamblers that have been using this particular platform. As a matter of fact, one can hardly recognize the difference when they use the gaming software or the instant play. Internet connections have also improved drastically. Loading became a lot faster and players can also save their previous games. Along with this, security issues are also addressed. If there is any shortcoming—well, some of the games cannot be accommodated. But this is nothing serious compared to what the early players had to endure.

Choosing no-download casinos or the instant play feature presents no difference when using the software. Instead, it gives players more and better option. As for 12BET, offering this platform is part of our never-ending endeavor to deliver the best online casino experience.

a0435a0419.jpg (524×229)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Triple Treat

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Friday, February 17, 2012

To tip or not to tip?

More often than not, players are caught in a dilemma of whether they should or they should not tip the dealers. The term tip, for one, is usually performed when a customer is satisfied with the service. But as for casinos, giving tokes or tips can be very difficult when someone is losing. Thus, the question, is tipping necessary or not?

Tipping explained

The term “tip” is actually an acronym. It stands for “to insure proper” service. In both land-based and online casinos, tipping is considered as a personal act. It is up to the player whether he or she decides to give a simple token to the dealers. Yes, it is purely optional. As a matter of fact, dealers do not really expect to get tips even if the player wins the jackpot. This is part of casino etiquette, but really, it does not push someone to observe it religiously.

thinking_face_answer_101_xlarge.jpeg (270×270)
How much should you give?

There is no definite amount when it comes to tipping. But generally, this would range from 10% to 20% of the bet made. 

Guidelines in giving tips

Players can give tips in different ways. First, they can give it directly to the dealer to ensure that the person receives it. However, there are instances wherein the casino divides all the accumulated tips. 

Players may also leave their bets on the table if they are in a hurry or hesitant to approach the dealer directly. Yet, this approach is usually discouraged for someone else might pick-up the tip.

Lastly, the best way to reward a dealer is to bet with them. In other words, this means putting two bets—one for the player and one for the dealer. Although dealers will also lose if the outcome is not that good, engaging and involving them into the game is something that cannot be ignored. Here, it is more of the game’s social aspect that matters, not the monetary reward. 

Winning and bigger tips
confused+look+smiley+face.jpg (131×135)

Tips usually come whenever a player wins. However, this does not mean that the player should give bigger tips each time he or she wins. Similarly, a player should not expect a dealer can help him or her in getting the prizes. Dealers do not influence the outcome of a game and if they do, they would be immediately sanctioned by casino owners.

There is nothing wrong in tipping dealers. As mentioned, it is a voluntary act. But neither can anyone condemn a player who refuses to give tokes.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ivey wins 250,000 Challenge

For most players, finishing 12th for 100,000 AU$ in an event in which first place is 1.6 million AU$ could be a little frustrating. By going so deep yet coming up short, a player must be in the mindset that their chance to hit a massive score just vanished. It's not easy to go deep in large-field events, regardless of who you are. Your "one time" just ended and it must be devastating. All that said, after a major cash like this, most players would be content with the payout and spend at least the next day enjoying the victory for their bankroll.
Phil Ivey does not fall into the category of "most players."
After becoming the first casualty on the penultimate day of the 2012 Aussie Millions main event, Ivey didn't collect his winnings and head home, dejected after the close call. Instead, he took that 12th-place 100,000 AU$ and immediately sent it back to the cage, with an additional 150,000 AU$ to complete his buy-in for the second most expensive tournament that will be held this year -- the Aussie Millions 250,000 Challenge. Ivey was one of 16 individuals who participated in the event, the majority of them household names for all poker fans. The four that aren't were potentially the reasons for many of these players to enter; they're simply businessmen looking to play in the biggest games. Daniel Negreanu, Patrik Antonius, Gus Hansen, Jason Mercier, Tom Dwan, Erik Seidel, etc., decided that a quarter million dollars would be best spent in an event that Negreanu likened to "flipping coins" based on the lucrative turbo structure.
One by one the icons of the game fell until it was Ivey, sporting a rare smile, sitting behind a stack of chips, holding the winning hand, a plaque, bottle of champagne. In addition to the 100,000 AU$ he earned for his main event finish earlier in the day, Ivey pocketed 2 million AU$, the biggest single pay day of his career. The cash moved Ivey into third on the all-time tournament money list.
For most of the lengthy one-day tournament, Negreanu was in control, but given the high blinds, it was simply a goal to get the chips in good and hope that the hands held. Unfortunately for Negreanu, the big pot didn't fall his way, and he would ultimately be the bubble boy of the event, going all-in with A-8 and unable to overcome the J-J of Antonius.
"Slightly disgusted 4th on an 800k bubble," Negreanu wrote in a Twitter post.
Ivey eliminated Hansen in third after flopping two pair with J-4 against Hansen's top pair (holding K-8). Hansen was the bubble boy in the 100,000 AU$ buy-in last week and was pleased that this time around he'd be taking home something for his effort.
"After all is said and done I am happy to cash in a big buy-in event as I felt I was going through a minor dry spell in those events," Hansen said on his blog.
Heads-up play began with Ivey holding a small chip lead over Antonius. That small lead quickly became a big one and with Ivey holding nearly a 7-to-1 edge, he'd call Antonius' all-in with A-Q and in a strong position over his opponent's K-3. Antonius did hit a three on the flop, but a queen on the turn gave Ivey the win. Antonius earned 1.2 million AU$.
Welcome back Mr. Ivey.
Oliver Speidel wins Aussie Millions main event
It's rare that any other tournament could steal the headlines from someone who wins 1.6 million AU$, but unfortunately for Oliver Speidel, that really is the case. Speidel won the 10,000 AU$ buy-in Aussie Millions main event, defeating a field of 674 players to win one of the most prestigious events of the year. Turnout was down from 721 players a year ago, but to achieve this number given the current poker economy should be viewed as a victory for the Crown Casino.
The victory for Speidel came after two previous final tables during the 2012 Millions. The Melbourne native finished second in the 1,000 AU$ shootout and sixth in the 1,500 AU$ bounty event before his second career Aussie Millions victory. This one, worth the 1.6 million, far exceeds the $99,491 he earned from his victory a year ago in a 1,000 AU$ event.
According to PokerNews, Speidel entered the final table second in chips behind Bjorn Li and would take the chip lead after his elimination of Yann Dion in seventh place. Mohamad Kowssarie eliminated Li in sixth, then handed most of his stack to Speidel a short time later. From that point on, Speidel had the tournament within his grasp and ran over each of his competitors in very quick fashion. Patrick Healy (fifth), Kowssarie (fourth), Mile Krstanoski (third) and finally Kenneth Wong (second) fell to Speidel in short time and one of the biggest events of the year ended with a local at the top offering a huge smile as he sat behind the bricks of cash.
Here's a look at the final table results from the 2012 Aussie Millions:
1. Oliver Speidel (1.6 million AU$)
2. Kenneth Wong (1.0 million AU$)
3. Mile Krstanoski (610,000 AU$)
4. Mohamad Kowssarie (405,000 AU$)
5. Patrick Healy (300,000 AU$)
6. Bjorn Li (230,000 AU$)
7. Yann Dion (170,000 AU$)
Small blinds: The WSOP Circuit main event is underway at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. A strong turnout of 662 entries created a prize pool of $963,210. First place in this event is worth $197,451. … The $3,500 Borgata Poker Open main event began on Sunday. The event offers two starting days. Day 1A featured a field of 243 players. … More from the Borgata: Brock Parker won the $2,150 Bounty event for $76K, Chris Reslock won the HORSE event for $14,045 and Kevin Saul won the $400 bounty event for $25,473. … The Isle Casino Pompano main event began on Saturday with 173 players entering the $2,500 event. … John Dolan, Joe Tehan and Jonathan Little were some of the big winners from the Beau's Million Dollar Heater. This tournament series was previously a WPT-sponsored stop. Dolan won $336,105 as champion of the $5,000 main event. … The next edition of "The Nuts,"'s poker rankings, comes out this week. Where should we rank Ivey? Weigh in below with your thoughts.

Improve Betting Performance. Reasoning

In the second in the series of articles aimed at improving betting performance long term, we look at the reasons for striking a particular bet. Bets should always be well researched, well thought out and offer good value in the eyes of the bettor. What scenarios might cloud this reasoning and how can they be avoided?

Betting to have an interest.

One of the many pitfalls that stop a losing gambler from being profitable is the compulsion to bet, regardless of whether a suitable opportunity presents itself or not. The majority of the time, the root cause will be the fact that the punter wants to “have an interest” in an event. High profile football clashes are one example where all like minded fans will be watching the match and have an opinion, so a bet seems almost a necessity. Ironically, because of the volumes of cash being wagered on these games, and the time and effort the layers go to to get their prices right, these are the very fixtures where true value is least likely to be found. If there is no value on offer, then there is no bet. Any other outcome is certain to be a drain on any bankroll.

Do your own research.

As well as the need to have an interest, many punters do not have the time or inclination to properly research markets, work out a price that they see as value and bet accordingly – it does require time and effort. Many will read tips in the newspaper, watch them on television or find some on the internet – and much of this advice will take the hard work out of finding value selections, but, and it is a big but, tips can not be followed blindly. Each article should back up any selection with reasoning and justification for the advice – punters should always dissect that information, mull it over and ensure they are in agreement before committing any funds. If the reasoning does not ring true or seems ill-thought out, leave it alone. A phrase regularly used in the stock market is “Do your own research”, it applies to betting in exactly the same way.


In the world of Poker, going on “tilt” is the phrase used when a bad hand, or run of them, affects a player in search a way that his thought processes are scrambled and their judgement clouded. Errors usually follow, often in the form of overly aggressive bets. A similar phenomenon can affect even the most successful bettor. Gambling long term means there will be inevitable losses, and on occasion a whole string of them. Many professionals advocate taking a step back from the action and taking stock when this happens – as a way to clear the mind. What must be avoided however, is striking bets purely in an effort to catch up, or equally damaging, raising the stake levels in such a way as to recover losses more quickly. Both of these approaches are doomed to failure long term and discipline during these demoralising runs is imperative.


Ensuring that every single bet struck is a well researched, well thought out selection, offering genuine value, is the only way to eliminate the annoying ‘leaks’ that can blight even the most dedicated betting professionals.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The 5 Most Popular Gambling Legends That You Need To Know

Long before online gambling was introduced, certain individuals were already making history in the Las Vegas outskirts. Some are known for their unsurpassed skills. Others, for their unbelievable bets and what the things that they did for gambling’s sake. Due to these their names are forever remembered in the gambling world.

William Lee Bergstrom – Bergstrom is a famous high roller player. Upon hearing that he could bet any amount at Ben Binion’s casino, he appeared at the casino with two suitcases. The first suitcase contained $777,000 and the other one was left empty. It was actually reserved for his winnings. Betting on a dice game, Bergstrom won his money back. Yet, the $777,000 bet was not his last. His betting spree continued, with amounts ranging $90,000 to $590,000. However, with a sudden turn of events, he lost his one million bet. Several months after, he committed suicide. Ironically, the incident has nothing to do with losing the bet. Rather, it was more of a romantic problem that he was unable to resolve.

4-1.jpg (150×200)
Nick Dandalos – Aside from being a high roller, Dandalos is also a poker master. Why is he a gambling legend? He played poker for five straight months, stopping only when it is time to sleep. Dandalos has managed to win $500,000 in a match. But his total losses range from $2M  to $4M.

johnny-moss-poker-player.jpg (259×218)

Johnny Moss – Called as the Grand Old Man of Poker, Johnny Moss is Dandalos’ greatest opponent. Now you know who took Dandalos’ million dollar losses.

Brian Molony  - A young banking employee, a bright future was waiting for Molony. Smart and very efficient, Molony is one of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce’s trusted guys. However, his gambling habits eventually brought him down. He stole more or less C$10M.

total_gambler_622_15.jpg (428×299)

Joseph Jagger – There is no doubt that Joseph Jagger has the moves! This British engineer is known often referred to as the “Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo.” What made him famous? Well, he hired people to look at the roulette results at Beaux Arts Casino. As soon as he had the statistics, he was able to identify the unbiased and biased roulettes and got big money. But his story does not end there. As casino staff members started to monitor his winnings, they soon placed the roulettes in different places. Jagger’s losing streak began. However, it did not take him long to recover for he soon found the roulette that he scratched. The scratch let him identified the winning roulette and soon his roulette luck started again.

Indeed, these are the people that shaped the gambling industry. Even with the onset of online gambling, their names will never be easily forgotten.

6adf2d17c4.jpg (600×186)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Important Slot Terms And Jargons That You Should Know

Mastering the terms and jargons of online slots is a must for every player. It enables them to strategize and of course, increase their winnings.

Thus, here is the list of the industry terms used when playing online slots.

Bonus – A bonus is an add-on, or a feature of online slots that is triggered whenever a player gets a winning combination. Bonuses range from free items to free spins.

House – The house is no other than the online casino.

House edge – This refers to the online casino’s percentage whenever a player places his or her bet.
Loose – Evidently, this is the opposite of tight slot machines.

Pay cycle – This is the notion that slot machines are programmed to give payouts in order to meet the payout percentage. During this cycle, players are said to win repetitively. Nevertheless, this notion is no less than pure myth.

Pay-line – The line which tells the players the direction where the symbols and images should fall in order to create a winning combination. Due to technology, different pay-lines are now possible. They are no longer limited to vertical and horizontal pay-lines.

Pay table A pay-table details the winning combinations of an online slot game. This should not be confused with the pay-line. As the term suggests, it is simply a line. 
Progressive ticker – The progressive ticker displays the amount of the jackpot at stake. For example, in 12BET’s Beach Life, you can see that the prize to be won is more than $8 million. 

Reel – The reel is where the slot symbols appear. Usually, you would see a 3-reeled online slot machine. But there are online slots that feature more than three (3) reels. But of course, this would not materialize if not for technology.

Take cycle – A take cycle is the exact opposite of the pay cycle. This means that the slot machine shall not yield any payout at all.

Tight – This refers to online slots that have less payout. 

To some players, these terms are no longer new to them. But for the rookies, understanding these jargons can readily help them familiarize with the basics of online slot gaming.  Yet more than that, it enables them to enjoy and get the best online gaming experience. Their knowledge makes them more confident in joining or participating in different online slot promotion such as February promotion ne that we have now, A Player’s True Love.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Slot Machine Etiquette: Things That You Should Know Before Making A Reel Spin

Although it is true that etiquette issues are less likely to happen in our current Valentine’s Day Promotion— we are featuring online slots by the way, this does not mean that slot etiquettes should be ignored or disregarded. Now, the biggest question is, how should a player behave if he is playing in land-based casinos?

One of the things that you should remember is to refrain from using multiple slots.  This most especially during this season when there are plenty of ongoing February promotions. This is one of those moments when there is a high influx of players. You need to understand that there are other people who want to have their chance in the machine. Playing at different slots at the same time is the apex—the epitome of rudeness.

On the other hand, should you decide to take a short break, this means that you are already leaving the machine, thus, allowing a different player to take over. If there is a slot attendant nearby, you better ask him or her to look over the machine. Just be sure to come back as soon as possible.

In the meantime, if you see a coin cup or a tilted chair, this means that the machine used by somebody else. Leaving personal belongings is a common practice. With the large volume of slot players that come every day, it is pretty hard for attendants to accommodate all requests.

But if it is not so extraordinary to see personal stuffs on the slot machine, what is uncommon is when you see a forgotten card. When you see yourself in this scenario, the best thing to do is to leave the card on top of the machine. Oftentimes, players would go back to the machine where they last played to get their cards.

Lastly, if you have a companion who does not play slots and is occupying another machine, always yield his or her seat whenever a legitimate player arrives. Again, be mindful of other people waiting for their turn.

Despite of the fact that online slot players do not have to observe these etiquettes, still, it is best to know them. After all, there are instances wherein you may want to try slots in land-based casinos. Since it is a different environment, it also requires a different set of behaviors and gestures.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Nuts: Poker's best in January 2012

Jason Mercier (7)1 (1)Won $709,767 in the $100,000 High Roller Bellagio Event, finished third in the $5,000 event at PCA for $80,460 and was a big winner in Aussie Millions cash game.Mercier has won at least $1 million at the felt in each of the past four years. He's $919,540 away from No. 5. (Feldman).
Erik Seidel (1)2 (2)He played in a lot of big buy-in events, but failed to cash in January.Although Seidel hasn't cashed in any tournaments in 2012 just yet, he's still one of the best players out there, hands down. You can brick a bunch of tournaments in a row, but that doesn't mean your game is bad. These things happen and he'll be right back in the winner's circle soon enough. (Peters)
Eugene Katchalov3 (3)Seventh in the $10,000 six-max at PCA for $25,320 and was named 2011 Bluff's Player of the Year.Katchalov broke the $7 million mark in tournament earnings in 2011. Not bad for a guy who played part-time up until 2009. (Feldman)
Phil Ivey (2)4 (NR)Won the 250,000 Challenge and finished 12th at the Aussie Millions main event.He's the best in the world. Since coming back to tournament poker he's played in four tournaments and cashed twice. (Bradley)
Sam Trickett5 (5)Named 2011 European Player of the Year.His tournament results are sick and the rumors of his cash game success more so. Even with the struggle against North American bias, he has to be recognized as one of the best in the world. (Wise)
Chris Moorman6 (7)Two small cashes at the Aussie Millions and another five figures online.It's only a matter of time until the online icon is in the top five. (Feldman)
Shawn Buchanan7 (6)Won PCA's $10,000 six-max for $202,360 and finished 130th in the main event for $17,500.He is currently on top of the BLUFF Power Rankings after yet another under-the-radar score at PCA worth more than $200,000. This guy is the stealthiest millionaire I've ever met. (Welman)
Jonathan Duhamel8 (NR)Four final tables in nine days at PCA worth $1.2 million.Monster PCA for the 2010 champion. Any questions regarding whether he can play with the big boys were put to rest by two high-roller scores. (Wise)
Bertrand Grospellier9 (6)A quiet January after $2.2 million in tournament winnings in 2011.Grospellier was named the Poker Personality of 2011. I hope he can find room for it in his trophy case next to his WSOP bracelet, EPT title and a whole lot of cash. (Feldman)
Jake Cody10 (9)Cody had two cashes in December for $230,000, pushing him to more than $3 million in live earnings in two years. And he's 23.I wonder what he's going to do for an encore in 2012. (Feldman)
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