Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Match Preview: Manchester United Vs. Stoke

Manchester United might find it hard to rest on their laurels for their upcoming match against Stoke.

After its heartbreaking loss against Real Madrid, which made the Red Devils exit the Champions League, history repeated itself and resulted to an unexpected tragedy. But this time around, it was against, the next best team in the Premier League, Manchester City.

Such unfortunate events must serve as a reminder that in impossible is nothing in football and that in yet, another unforeseen scenario, the tides might turn away again, from the Red Devils.

Odds as of 10 April 2013
Statistically speaking, Man Utd’s record is impressive. Sir Alex Ferguson’s squad won twenty-five (25) of their thirty-one (31) games. On the other hand, Stoke’s records show a lackluster performance, winning only seven (7) out of their thirty-two (32) appearances.

Apparently, it is already an easy win for The Red Devils. Yet, if overconfidence forces Lady Luck to favor The Potters, then that is already a different story.

The verdict: Manchester United is 12BET’s top pick with a 2.070 odds against Stoke. But to win against Stoke’s Asian handicap of 1, the Red Devils must score 2 goals. 

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