Bet Strategy

Betting strategies, others call it as betting systems are organized ways of placing bets. These are carefully created to increase the player’s edge over the house.

Bet strategies should not be confused with casino strategies. The former is more concerned on how players bet while the latter specifies the different moves that must be made under different gaming scenarios.

Thus, when betting, here are the common approaches that can help you grab the elusive edge over the house.

Martingale system
The oldest betting strategy used until today is the Martingale system. Its main principle is to double your bets every time you lose.

This is performed to cover all your losses and at the same time, profit from casino sites. For example, if you place a $40 bet and lose, your second bet should be $80.

Under the Labouchere system, you follow a pattern wherein you add the first and last digits to determine your betting amount.

Assuming that you use the 5,10,15,20 and 25 pattern, your first bet must be the sum of 25 (the last digit) and 5 (the first digit). This gives you 30 as your initial bet.

If you won, your next bet must be the sum of 20 and 10. Again, you have 30 as your second bet.

However, if on the third bet, you lost, you need to add another number next to 25 and start all over again.

Therefore, your next bet must be the sum of 30 and 5, which is 35.

This is the reverse of the martingale system. In martingale, you double your bets when you lose. Meanwhile, in Paroli, you double your bets when you win.

Parlay is perhaps the most practical approach to betting. It is a bit similar to Paroli, but with a twist.

For Parlay, you also double your bets when you win. However, you have to set a limit. Once you reached that limit, you must revert to your original bet.