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Friday, December 28, 2012

3 Habits Of Smart Online Casino Players

Smart players can else beat the online casino’s edge. They do not have to use complicated methods. Rather, they maintain healthy playing habits, which make them true-blooded winners.

Here are some of the characteristics of smart online casino players.

Constant practice
Smart players practice. As the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”

Those that can easily snatch the house’s edge respects the game and their opponent. They neither belittle their rivals nor underestimate the game.

Most players complain about the casino’s terms and conditions. However, this dilemma arises only because many do not read.

At a glance, these are simple characteristics or habits. Yet, no matter how simple they may look like, they have successfully turned small punters into full-blown winners.

Are you a smart online casino punter?

Large Casino Bonuses In Malaysia Lurks Online

There is no doubt that an online casino bonus is bigger than its land-based counterpart. It is for this reason that many prefer to play online and grab those casino bonus—Malaysia members, t be more specific, are slowly making their shift to casino sites.

But why are online casino bonuses bigger?

There are several factors, which explain why online casino rewards are bigger and more profitable. These are:

Low operation costs
Casino sites are spared from building complex establishments. Relatively, this means they do not have to spend too much not only for building structures to accommodate their product and services.

The only thing they need is to use downloadable casino clients developed by reputable gaming developers such as Playtech. In this way, online casinos like 12BET Casino do not have to spend too much.

Player volume
It cannot be denied that casinos sites can easily attract members since they are more accessible. With a high number  of members, which play consistently, online casinos are able to deliver larger bonuses. It is easy for them to grow their funds rather than be a t the mercy of casino whales.

Healthy competition
Characterized by its stiff competition, online casinos exert effort in preparing promotions and awarding bonuses, which are bigger than the ones offered by their competitors.

Apparently, in terms of giving the best payouts and rewards, there is no doubt that the largest casino bonuses are lurking in casino sites.

Online Slot Game, Chinese Kitchen Fattens The Players Bankroll Instantly

The online slot game, Chinese Kitchen brings more than good food. This 9-reel slot machine is also known for cooking great prizes and bonuses.

Players do not have to lift a finger to win in this game. Since each square spins independently, the chances of forming winning patterns are very high.

Moreover, members can form winning combinations in different directions. It can be vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Layers get bigger prizes whenever 2 crabs appear on the reel for they will double one’s winnings.

Meanwhile, if 3 turtles appear, this will yield 1,000 coins.

To increase their bankroll even more, 12BET Casino is giving a weekly cashback and a daily bonus for playing this game alone.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Where To Play Live Casino In Malaysia—Important Factors That Players Must Consider

Members must consider several features if they are looking for a place where to play live casino in Malaysia.

Since it is a bit hard to spot a reputable casino site that delivers this product, here are some factors which players must be wary of.

Streaming quality – Go for live casinos that use high definition cameras and other sophisticated technologies. The purpose of playing in a live casino is to get a real feel of what it is like to play in land-based casinos. Comfort and convenience are the operative words that express the purpose of a live casino—Malaysia members must remember that.

Accessibility – Live casinos serve no purpose if they are not accessible. Members must be able to play the game immediately. Waiting for a long time is like playing in land-based casinos where you need to line up and wait for several hours until you can play and join a table.

Loads easily – Studies revealed that web visitors have short attention span. The longer it is for the live casino to load, the harder it is to retain and attract players.

Never settle for a second rate live casino. Malaysia casino enthusiasts must be selective in choosing their casino site. Online casino gaming is meant to be fun and enjoyable, not the other way around.

Simple Live Roulette Strategy Secures Big Wins For Malaysia Players

Simple techniques are enough for players to win in Malaysia’s live roulette. Strategy is important. However, the more complicated it is, the harder it is to apply and practice.

On a closer look, it can be seen that most roulette lovers only apply simple roulette strategy. Malaysia roulette enthusiasts do not have to be that hard on themselves.
The most common techniques applied are the following:
  • Odd and even bets
  •  Red and black bets
  •  Betting on high or low numbers

In both online and live roulette, the numbers and colors can be categorized into 2 different types. They are either odd or even. Likewise, they can be high or low. Similarly, the 2 most dominant colors in the wheel are red and black.

Technically, there are only two categories to choose from every time a player makes a bet. This means that both choices have a 50% chance of showing up. This is already a high percentage compared to the winning probabilities of specific numbers.

To counter or minimize the risk, players may apply multiple betting. For example, they can wager on both odd and red bets. Still, both wagers have equal winning chances. If one of the bets do not deliver result, there is still a huge possibility of the other bet to win.

When forming a roulette strategy, keep it simple. Players will be surprised by how much they can get from doing this.

Different Types Of Live Baccarat Bets: What Every Player From Malaysia Must Know

Knowing the different baccarat bets is essential to those who want to play live baccarat. Malaysia members need to understand these wagers before they move forward to complicated online baccarat strategies.

Banker bet
It is considered as he most profitable bets in live and online baccarat. Malaysia players can fatten their bankroll with this wager for it has the lowest house advantage. Easy to win and longer playing time—these are some of the perks members can derive from the banker bet.
Tie bet
Tie bets are also known as “sucker bets.” For this wager baccarat players predict that a tie between the player and banker.

Although it has a higher house edge than the banker bet, this gives a bigger payout.

Player bet
This one is easy to understand. It simply means predicting that the player’s hand has a total value of 9 or close to it.

In terms of the house advantage, this is one has a higher edge than that of the banker bet, but lower than the tie bet.

It is easy to win in baccarat. Malaysia members simply need to know the wagers they can place. 

Popular Slot Machine, Tennis Stars Multiply Winnings By 250 Times

A certified money raking game, Tennis Stars is one of the best slot machines, which can easily increase a player’s bankroll and prolong their playing time.

One of Malaysia’s bet slot machines, Tennis Stars guarantees winnings, which are up to 250 times bigger than the original bet and tons of free spins.

The above-mentioned advantages are not surprising. Tennis Stars has 5 reels and 40 active paylines, which makes forming winning combinations, easier.

It also features a wild symbol, which multiplies the player’s winnings by 10.

During the free games round, the free spins can be retriggered. Players can get another set of 15 free spins. Prizes are also tripled.

Aside from the wild, it also has a scatter symbol, which triggers the bonus round. Once the bonus round is one, players can multiply their winnings by 250 times via winning tennis matches.

Enjoy tennis, be a star and win easily in the most sought-after slot machine in Malaysia, Tennis Stars!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pinball Roulette Deviates From The Usual Wheel Spinning—Grants Online Roulette Players With Up to 10 Times Bigger Wins

Instead of the typical wheel, the online roulette variant, Pinball Roulette uses a pinball to determine the winning number or color.

This unique approach becomes even more exciting as players have the chance to get prizes, which are 10 times bigger than their original bet. A X4 multiplier is also at stake in the best online roulette variant in the web.

The game begins with the pinball launching the ball. Underneath the platform are roulette’s colored numbers. 

Should the ball landed on the player’s bet, the latter wins immediately and taken to the bonus round.

For the bonus round, members need to hit a multiplier. This will determine the size of their winnings.

Players may also collect their winnings should they wish not to join in the bonus round, enjoy their current prizes and leave a footpr1nt in roulette gaming.

Multi-Wheel Roulette Surprises Players With Bigger Winning Chances And 35 To 1 Payout!

Boasting a 35 to 1 payout winning becomes easier in Multi-Wheel Roulette. Malaysia roulette supporters will be surprised by how lucrative this game is. Needless to say, this game is better than the ones you see in Genting.

Featuring 6 spinning wheels, you will never regret playing this variant of online roulette. Malaysia land-based casinos can only offer a single table and you will have a hard time playing on them simultaneously. But not for Multi-Wheel Roulette. You can bet simultaneously on these 6 wheels and increase your winnings easily.

Betting on 6 wheels means spreading your risks and minimizing your losses. This is because your winning probabilities are not concentrated on a single wheel. If one of the wheels does not deliver results, you still have 5 more wheels where your bets can show up.

You can also limit the number of wheels where you can play. If you want to bet on 3 wheels, all you have to do is deactivate the other wheels.

Since multiple betting still, applies, this allows you to further lower your risks and win more games.

With features so great, indeed, Multi-wheel roulette has made a name and managed to leave a footpr1nt in online casino gaming!

Slot Machine Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Share Up to 280 Times Bigger Wins

You shall never regret the day you played the slot game, Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven. Considered as one of the most profitable slot machines, it increases your winnings for up to 280 times than your original bet. Moreover, you also get up to 35 free spins.

Watch out for the wild
Top-notched equestrian, Frankie Dettori is the game’s wild symbol. It substitutes other symbols to generate a win. In addition, you will receive different payouts whenever 2 or more of them show up.

Bigger prizes await you whenever 5 wilds appear. In this case, you multiply 5 by 7,777 to calculate your winnings.

The scatter symbol
Scatters act like wild, except that they do not have to occur in an active payline. They also trigger bonus rounds.

As for this slot machine, the bonus round is trigger when 3 or more scatters appear.

Free games with a twist
Deviating from the typical slots bonus round, you will participate in horse racing in here. Wager on your preferred horse to get free spins.

If your horse bags the top spot, you get 35 free spins; 15 if you landed as the runner up and 10 more spins if your horse secures the 3rd spot.

The bonus round
Your chance to win prizes, which are up to 280 times bigger than your original bet, can be found in the bonus round.

Yet, like the free games round, you will not be spinning reels. Instead, you will choose among different spots in the racetrack.

Each spot contains cash prizes and a multiplier. There is no doubt that this is one of Malaysia’s best slot machines

Leave a footpr1nt in slots gaming. Win and fatten your bankroll today!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Sportsbook NEW URL

To all sportsbook players of 12BET, in case you are having problems accessing the site, you can still login to your account via this link

12BET Casino’s Queen Of The Pyramids—Malaysia’s Best Slot Machine

If you are going for a royal slot treat, Queen of the Pyramids is a must-try game. This one of the slot machines, which you must never underestimate for this one of Malaysia’s best slot machines.

A 5-reel multiline slots game, you can get winnings, which are 10 times bigger than your original bet.

To make things easier for you, you have the Pharaoh, which acts as the game’s wild and of course, the Lucky Scorpion, which is the game’s scatter.

The scatter triggers the so-called “super payout” mode whenever 3 or more of them appear on the reel.

During the super payout mode, all your winnings will be multiplied by 5. But this can get bigger if you trigger the bonus round. Once again, all your prizes will be multiplied by 5.

The bonus round is triggered by the appearance of 3 unicorns.

The Queen of The Pyramids is ready to reward you. Start playing today!

In-Running Baccarat Makes Noise And Big Wins In Malaysia

In running baccarat is a rising variant of baccarat. Malaysia players will definitely have a good time playing this game as it provides, yet another approach to playing this game.

For clarification, in running baccarat is one of 12BET Casino’s live games. One thing that differentiates it from your typical card game is that you can still bet during the latter part of the gaming session. Normally, this is not permitted. But not in in running baccarat.
Another major difference is the use of handicaps and odds. This feature gives the player and the banker equal winning chances. But to make a sound choice, you need to familiarize yourself with how handicaps work.

If you are wondering where do the odds come from, well this is based on the odds of cards that were not drawn. 

Other than having a thorough understanding of odds, another effective approach to this game is placing multiple bets.

Leave a footpr1nt and mark in one of the most sought-after card game in the world. Play in running baccarat at 12BET Casino today!

Roulette Strategy Still Works For American Roulette

Yeah sure, applying a roulette strategy in American roulette is a bit difficult. Those two (2) zeros that lessen your winning chances are frustrating. Many times, they cause near misses. Just when you are about to nail the jackpot, the ball lands in a different number or color.

So what is the point of playing this game? What good can you get knowing that it has a high house advantage?

Actually, if you only take a closer look, you will realize that American roulette is just the same as that of the European roulette. Yes, you can still employ your roulette strategy. Malaysia roulette enthusiasts should not be bothered about that.

For American roulette, still, the best approach is to capitalize on the red/black and odd/ even bets. Still, they remain as the most profitable wagers. What many fail to realize is that American roulette may be difficult, but the prizes it offer is bigger than that of its European counterpart. Players simply need to continue with the above-mentioned strategy.
Roulette gas managed to leave a footpr1nt in the lives of many gamers. This game is meant to give joy, not the other way around. But this can be only achieved if the necessary strategies and approaches are implemented and used.

Casino Bonuses To Enjoy In Malaysia This Holiday

This holiday season, you can feast on 12BET Casino’s platter of casino bonus. Malaysia players will definitely have a great time playing in the casino site. With games that are as exciting as that of Genting and payouts, which are bigger than its land-based counterparts, a merry and exciting gaming activity shall greet players.

What are the bonuses they can take advantage of?
Daily bonus – What many players do not know is that they can get two (2) types of daily bonuses. First is from playing slots and the other one is by playing live games. Overall, you can bring home up to MYR 200 daily without doing anything!

0.6% Unlimited slots cashback – After several days of playing your favorite slots and live games, reward yourself with yet another online casino bonus. Malaysia members and also those coming from other parts of Asia such as China, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam may get a 0.6% unlimited slots cashback at the end of the week.

Triple 12 – Now here is an exclusive offer for players from China, Thailand and Indonesia. The Triple 12 promotion makes them eligible for a great raffle draw. Its only requirement is to play their favorite casino games this December. If they played for a much longer period of time, they will qualify for a raffle draw with a much bigger prize.

Enjoy the holidays. Enjoy playing and take advantage of 12BET Casino’s pool of great bonuses and rewards.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Poker Three Unfolds A Great Casino Bonus

Poker three is a straight-forward card game where accumulating a casino bonus is easy. Simpler than the traditional poker, you do not have to exert too much effort to increase your bankroll.

In Poker three, you only use 3 cards, but the usual poker hands, still, apply. If you are already familiar with these hands, you will never have a problem winning.
You win if you get a better hand than that of the dealer. However, one feature that makes this game a complete stand-out is the call and fold options.

If you are not confident with your hand, choose fold. But if you think that your hand is strong enough to get you a casino bonus, Malaysia poker three enthusiasts like you must choose the call option.

Now is the best time to enjoy tons of casino bonuses. Leave a footpr1nt in online casino gaming via getting great prizes.

12BET Casino Launches Live Star Club Baccarat

12BET Casino gives a new face to baccarat gaming with its new product, Live Star Club Baccarat. The favorite game of the elite, the rich, and the sophisticated brings a different casino experience.

Baccarat fanatics will surely have a time of their lives as 12BET Casino’s sexy live baccarat dealers jive and groove to the latest dance craze and house music.

See them strut and sway their hips as they distribute your cards.

The Live Star Club Baccarat Edge
12BET Casino’s Live Star Club Baccarat is more dynamic than your typical live baccarat session.

The new live baccarat game features dealers that do not only distribute cards. They perform and at the same time, supervises the whole game.

Live Star Club is a seamless fusion of Number Game’s zippy environment and baccarat’s thrill.

This characteristic does not only gives a new face to the game, but also minimizes boredom that often results from too much baccarat gaming.

Other than the unique approach, the game is also user-friendly. There is ease in navigation. As a matter of fact, you can play in five (5) tables on a single window.

Simply choose and join the table you want to join. This time, you do not need to deal with too many pop-ups. If you want to change tables, a simple click will do. There are no complicated interphase or processes to go through.

Playing Live Star Club Baccarat
All it takes to get a dose of this great game is __ simple steps.

Step 1: Visit 12BET.Com and log-in to your account.

Step 2: Click the casino button and choose the “Live Casino Tab.”

Step 3: Enjoy the game instantly!

Play Live Star Baccarat Club today and never miss a great game today!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How Online Casino Bonuses Increase Your Winnings In A Snap!

Casino welcome bonuses are familiar perks that every online casino player enjoy. Welcome bonus packages are major hits in Malaysia. Online casino lovers see them as yet another way to take advantage of the house and increase their bankroll immediately.

Among the casino sites in the country, 12BET Casino delivers one of the most profitable Welcome Bonus packages. You can get up to MYR 2,200 just by depositing and becoming a member. Along with it, you also get to enjoy its hidden benefits and advantages such as the following:

·        Extra funds – If you have plenty of games to enjoy, but is short in funds, 12BET Casino’s welcome package can immediately address such need. Gone are the days where you have to worry on where you can get sufficient resources.
·        Spreading your risks – You do not place all your eggs in one basket. Do that in online casino gaming and you will end up losing more. You spread it. Take for example in roulette. You do not solely concentrate on the red/black bets. You also wager for other options such as the odd/even bet to ensure your winnings. But how can you do that if you have limited funds? Apparently, the simple act of completing the registration page and claiming the Welcome Package, proves to be a win-win solution.
·        Bigger winnings – It is no longer a secret that bigger bets can yield bigger wins. Yet, if your funds are insufficient, you have no choice but to be contented with measly wins. Go for bigger wins, the welcome package is there to help you achieve it.

Are you ready to set a record-breaking win and leave a footpr1nt? Get it today via claiming your 12BET Casino Welcome Package.

Slot Games Secret: How To Win And Enjoy Without The Hassles And Stress

Playing slot games can be tiring and stressful too. When you are stressed out, winning becomes a lot harder and you will probably end up more frustrated.

To avoid such scenario, here are ways on how you can enjoy and get more of slot games. Malaysia is a renowned gaming hub. You are supposed to relax not the other way around.

Blink – Try to blink occasionally.  Too much exposure to the computer’s glare is harmful. If you are worried that somebody else might take your seat, play in online casinos. Across Malaysia, 12BET Casino is noted for its great slots collection. Actually, it has the biggest and most extensive collection of video slots in the country

Set time limits – Playing for hours can be stressful. Be wary of your time. 12BET Casino does not close. You can always go back and play anytime you want to.

Have a break – Get breaks. Move. If you do not want to leave your game, use the “Auto Play” option. It will automatically do the spinning for you.

Slot games must bring joy, not stress. Follow the above-mentioned tips and you will find yourself generating more wins. You can even leave a footpr1nt via setting great winning records.

Online Roulette VS. Live Roulette: Can You Tell The Difference?

Online roulette is always confused as live roulette when in fact, the two of them are entirely different. If you want to take advantage of the best online roulette, you must learn their difference first.

When you speak of online roulette, this means you are going against a machine. This is in stark contrast to its live version.

In live roulette, you are playing with real players. Moreover, a real dealer facilitates the game. This is not the case of online roulette. As for the latter, apart from not having real dealers, the outcome is determined by random number generators.

Nevertheless, whether it is online or live roulette, as long as it is played in 12BET Casino, you are guaranteed to have tons of fun, excitement and of course, big bonuses. Leave a footpr1nt via securing big wins.

Play in 12BET Casino today!

12BET’s Live Casino Brings Great Sic Bo Prizes

Along with craps, there is no doubt that sic bo is popular in many casino—Malaysia casinos, to be more specific. Yet, if time forbids you to travel you can always play it in live casino. Malaysia is likewise known for having reliable casino sites such as 12BET Casino.

12BET Casino rings a bell when it comes to live sic bo. The reason for this is obvious. First, it delivers the same experience as that of playing in land-based casinos.

It uses a real sic bo table, real dice and of course, live dealers.

Second, 12BET Casino’s live casino is neither scripted nor staged. Simply look at the television program beside the dealer’s table and watch it in your own television. What you see in the live stream is the exact program that you will see at home.

Lastly, other live sic bo coverage has no match with what 12BET Casino has to offer. The latter employs sophisticated recording and streaming technology to ensure that each member plays like a king.

Dive into the thrill of playing live sic bo today. Why get stuck at home, when you can enjoy sic bo in one simple click?

Register, leave a footpr1nt and start winning NOW!

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Best Roulette Strategy To Get Big Wins

Roulette strategy does not have to be complicated. As a matter off act, the best techniques are derived from the actual game mechanics.

When playing in 12BET Casino, wagering on the odd/even and red/black is a great roulette strategy. Malaysia roulette enthusiast must understand that under these bets, they have higher winning chances.

Since there are only 2 types of numbers and colors in the wheel, winning possibilities are equally spread. This is in stark contrast to betting on specific numbers where there are plenty of choices. This makes winning chances lower than the first 2 type of bets that were mentioned a while ago.

Capitalize on those bets and see your bankroll increase instantly. Play in 12BET casino, win and leave a footpr1nt today!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Online Slot Game Players Get Sick Prizes In Wall St. Fever

Wall St. Fever has heavily affected online slot games players with its massive cash prize and rewards.

Other than your game winnings, you also have the chance to bring home the huge progressive jackpot.

Included in 12BET Casino’s roster of 5-reel online slot games, Malaysia players can also look forward to winning symbols.

What do you get in Wall St. Fever?
Progressive jackpot  - The  game features a progressive jackpot that constantly increases every time the game is played.

Bonus round – During the bonus round, players can get up to 20% of added reward.

More freebies – Playing this game alone entitles you to a daily bonus up to MYR 200 and of course, a 0.6% cashback. If you are a player from Thailand, China and Indonesia, you also have the chance to be included in the Triple 12 Promotion raffle where you can get even bigger prizes.

Playing Wall St. Fever indeed, leaves a footpr1nt in online slots gaming. Start capitalizing and profiteering in this great slots game!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

12BET’s Live Casino Stands Out In Malaysia’s Gaming Scene

There have been questions on where to play live casino in Malaysia. Various casino sites have been offering live gaming, but security, integrity and functionality issues often crop out.

Poor streaming, constant crashes, garbled audio—these are some of the most prevalent complaint against a live casino. Malaysia is one of Asia’s casino hot spots. Players expect to get the same excitement and thrill akin to that of Genting without really exerting too much effort and time.

Although there have been live casinos in the country, it is 12BET Casino’s live game platform, which stands out.

12BET Casino’s live game is equipped with state of the art interface and user-friendly navigation, which, pave way for less clicks and more gaming time for the player.

Another major (attraction) of the live casino is its lovely dealers, which are at par with Genting beauties.

Lastly, 12BET Casino’s live gaming is noted not only for successfully imbibing the feel of real casinos, but also for its huge payouts and bonuses. So far, the casino site has managed to leave a footpr1nt in the live gaming terrain.