Friday, October 11, 2013

Return to Player (RTP): Why you should trust the figures

While most casino games are touted to be based purely on luck, some of them are actually based on the players’ skills. But these two are not the only ways to gauge the possibility of a win. Statistics are also an important factor to mull over. One such system is the ‘Return To Player’ (RTP) metric of online casinos.

 Needless to say, everybody wants to win in casino games. However, players should comprehensively understand how online casinos work, how they manage their processes, how they increase customers’ chance of winning, how they may offer a helping hand to struggling players, and the most fundamental of all, how their payout system actually performs.  Customers have only one major reason why they engage in the various games casinos offer, and that is to make the best value out of their wagers. That could be easily achieved by considering the RTP of every gaming variant (slots, poker, etc).

RTP is a figure based on percentage that tries to predict how often players will win during a certain part of their run in the online casinos. The higher the percentage, the more often players will bag the cash prizes in the long-run. RTP, based on standards, is calculated via this formula:

RTP = (total amount returned to players) / (total amount bet per players)

Total amount returned to players. This is the total amount of the initial bets that each player has invested in every round of the game. The results are often analyzed over the course of one month (average) or during which the audit would take place.

Total amount bet per players. Simply put, this is the net amount players win in a single game round. When measuring these wins, most table games would not include the amount wagered on the return, only the net amount won. For slot machines and video poker, what is counted is only the amount won based purely on the pay table and the result of the round.

RTP is an important tool for the player to use in evaluating a particular game’s historical performance. Register with 12BET now to know more about this metric.