Friday, October 11, 2013

How Google Glass could revolutionize online gaming

In every tick of the clock, numerous technology offspring come to bloom. Online casinos—being a major technological breakthrough—have already been dubbed as a milestone in the online world, but their potential to transcend boundaries remains unpredictable. With new advances arriving, there is a growing supposition that online gaming will eventually take its footing several notches higher. We are talking about how and where they will be played in the future. We are talking about how they would become more accessible to players. We are talking about Google Glass, the newest innovation that would soon bring the world by storm!

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Google Glass is a wearable, ubiquitous computer currently being developed by Internet conglomerate, Google. Displaying interfaces and rendering information in a smartphone-like, hand-free format, this innovation could well define “mobile gaming.” While the project is still at its infancy, there is already a deafening buzz about the possible benefits this device could offer in the several departments of man’s modern lifestyle. Online gaming would just be one of them, but it will nonetheless provide cutting-edge solutions to the ‘mobile’ demands of tech-savvy customers.

Imagine playing online slots, poker, or roulette in a medium that resembles an eye patch. Will that seem cool enough to be others’ envy? Google Glass will definitely revolutionize the way we approach online gaming, especially that the superior-quality design triggers aesthetic evolution. Google Glass will work to customers’ best interests and will redefine their appetite toward electronic gaming.

Today’s technology only allows desktop computers and mobile phones to handle online gaming. The convenience of doing the sessions in these mediums is already sublime, but accessing them via Google Glasses would just be a ground-breaking approach.

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