Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jacks Or Better Surprises You With Bigger And Better Wins!

12BET Casino is an online casino recognized for its big variation of online slots. It is also the home of the best and latest online casino games like video poker—to be more specific, Jacks Or Better.

The goal
Review your poker hands for you will be using it here. If there is one thing that separates this game from poker, here, you are not playign against tough oponnent directly.

In Jacks Or Better, your main goal is to form the best possible 5-card poker hand. Retain the best cards and let go of those who do nothing good.

How the game is played
Fice (5) cards will be distributed unto you. From these cards,you have to carefully select those which you think will help you form a winning combination. Do this via pressing the “hold” button.

You can choose one or more cards. Do not be surprise if some of the cards are automatically held for you. For example, if you get two (2) Aces, you immediately keep these cards.

You have nothing to worry when the cards are automatically chosen for you. Going back to the above-mentioned example, this only means that you already have a winning combination at hand.

In case you want to change cards, you can freely do so. But you should do this sparingly as you cannot change cards all the time.

Press the deal button if you are confident with the cards that you have.

Double your win
When winning, you have the option to make a double bet or double half. Nevertheless, if you prefer to save all your winnings, simply click the collect button.

Jacks Or Better—nothing can be better than winning in this fun, exciting and truly enjoyable game.

You can start playing Jacks Or Better by downloading the 12BET Casino client. Or you can also use the flash client if you want to play directly into your web browser.