Monday, September 17, 2012

Make That Winning Kick In Penalty Shootout

Football fanatics arise! Prepare your powerful kicks and winning clicks when you play Penalty Shootout in 12BET Casino.

This online casino game captures the most nerve-cracking moments in football history where a tie must be broken by a successful penalty shot.

The game might look simple. You might even call it a child’s play. But wait until you have a dose of Penalty Shootout. It is irresistible and truly enjoyable for it readily captures the thrill and challenge of scoring against an excellent goalkeeper—the victory of playign against tough oponnent.

Your mission
You are not compelled to execute memorable hat tricks in this game. Simply make a good aim—one that cannot be saved or prevented by the keeper to win.

Playing the game
You will see different arrows pointing into different directions. This will determine where you want the ball to go.

Each arrow has different odds. Multiply these to your bet and that is your total payout.

Keeper history
The keeper history tab shows the result of every kick you made and the ball’s direction.

The good thing about this tab is that it helps you strategize. You might notice success patterns and you can use it as your guide.

Enjoying Penalty Shootout
One of the best things that you will enjoy in this latest online casino game is its simplicity. Members of all type—new or veteran can get the hang of Penalty Shootout.

Moreover, it cannot be denied that this is an action-packed game. You will never get bored. This is most especially true when you see all those kicks pass against the keeper.

You will also benefit from a much longer playing time. Because it is simple and easy to understand, you do not need to familiarize yourself with rigid rules. As mentioned, all you need to do is make that winning kick.