Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Derby Day: Your Horse Racing Venue On The Internet

A lot of punters realized that horse racing game could not get any more fascinating when Derby Day happened. Derby Day Horse racing is a virtual horse racing simulation and one of the most played online casino games. Playing it on your computers is nearly as good as being at the actual horse racing stadium because of its vivid graphic design and authentic racetrack sound effects. The non-gamblers who just want to have fun need not to worry, this game is available in a free-to-play arcade mode and you can play it as often as you like without obligation.

For those who haven’t played Derby Day, here is how to play it:

This game has two phases: first you make any number of a series of bets and then you activate the race and wait if you have picked the right horse/s.

horse racing

You can select from the five tabs above the racetrack; on the left side of the window is the list of horses that will race including their recent history of races – click on any two horses to compare each other. The game begins with the player choosing the horse/s and making a bet. You can make the following bets:


Pick the horse that you think will finish first. You can place several bets at once. Invalid bet amounts appear on a red background.


Place your bet on two horses: the one that you think will finish first and the one you think will be on the second place.


Pick the horse that you think will finish first or second. You can place several bets at once.


Bet on the horse that you think will win the race, the one that will be on the second place, or the third place. You can bet place several bets at once.

Pick IV-V

On this category, you have to decide which horses will be on fourth and fifth place, in that particular order.

Once you decided which horse to bet and game to play, just confirm the amount you want to bet, start the race and wait for it to finish. Derby Day is available at any time of the day in your country’s best online casino, 12BET is just one.