Thursday, December 20, 2012

12BET Casino Launches Live Star Club Baccarat

12BET Casino gives a new face to baccarat gaming with its new product, Live Star Club Baccarat. The favorite game of the elite, the rich, and the sophisticated brings a different casino experience.

Baccarat fanatics will surely have a time of their lives as 12BET Casino’s sexy live baccarat dealers jive and groove to the latest dance craze and house music.

See them strut and sway their hips as they distribute your cards.

The Live Star Club Baccarat Edge
12BET Casino’s Live Star Club Baccarat is more dynamic than your typical live baccarat session.

The new live baccarat game features dealers that do not only distribute cards. They perform and at the same time, supervises the whole game.

Live Star Club is a seamless fusion of Number Game’s zippy environment and baccarat’s thrill.

This characteristic does not only gives a new face to the game, but also minimizes boredom that often results from too much baccarat gaming.

Other than the unique approach, the game is also user-friendly. There is ease in navigation. As a matter of fact, you can play in five (5) tables on a single window.

Simply choose and join the table you want to join. This time, you do not need to deal with too many pop-ups. If you want to change tables, a simple click will do. There are no complicated interphase or processes to go through.

Playing Live Star Club Baccarat
All it takes to get a dose of this great game is __ simple steps.

Step 1: Visit 12BET.Com and log-in to your account.

Step 2: Click the casino button and choose the “Live Casino Tab.”

Step 3: Enjoy the game instantly!

Play Live Star Baccarat Club today and never miss a great game today!