Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pinball Roulette Deviates From The Usual Wheel Spinning—Grants Online Roulette Players With Up to 10 Times Bigger Wins

Instead of the typical wheel, the online roulette variant, Pinball Roulette uses a pinball to determine the winning number or color.

This unique approach becomes even more exciting as players have the chance to get prizes, which are 10 times bigger than their original bet. A X4 multiplier is also at stake in the best online roulette variant in the web.

The game begins with the pinball launching the ball. Underneath the platform are roulette’s colored numbers. 

Should the ball landed on the player’s bet, the latter wins immediately and taken to the bonus round.

For the bonus round, members need to hit a multiplier. This will determine the size of their winnings.

Players may also collect their winnings should they wish not to join in the bonus round, enjoy their current prizes and leave a footpr1nt in roulette gaming.