Monday, October 8, 2012

Casino Sports Bet News: 6 Ways To Differentiate Video And Live Poker: A Must Read For Every Online Casino Player

Video poker is one of the most popular online casino game in 12BET Casino. It follows the same principles as that of poker. But they are entirely different from each other. Know what differentiates the two games and why you must play it in 12BET Casino!

The gaming software
Video poker is not just about the use of a gaming software. Here, the machine is your only opponent, making the game a lot easier and private.

 Since results are randomly determined, more or less you can predict the game’s outcome. You will also discover winning patterns along the way. This is in stark contrast to playing live poker. As for the latter, you are battling with real players, which make the game very unpredictable. Just when you thought you have the upper hand, another player shows you that he or she has a better hand much to your utmost dismay.

Video poker is a casino game played in a fast-paced manner. You get the results immediately. A single video poker round lasts for a minute or two. It cannot go longer than that unless your personal computer hangs.

The bets
The minimum bet for video poker is €0.01. Simply imagine how many video poker rounds you can enjoy if you have €10. Unfortunately, for live poker, such amount will not suffice. This can only go for the blind bet and there is a thing called “raise” in live poker where the pot size is increased.

Card combination
Card combination matters in both games. However, video poker manifests it even more. In here, you get the perfect combination and you win. Yet, as for live poker, you can still win even if you have the weakest hand. It is all about mastering the so-called “bluffs.”

It is obvious that you cannot bluff when you play against a machine.

Hand value
Each hand has a fixed value. You know how much you will win. What you see is what you get.

Video poker may look too simplistic. But this does not rips you off with the excitement and thrill that you get when played past through rival poker enthusiasts. Both games are enjoyable, indeed, that is true. Yet, this does not erase the fact that video poker possesses certain characteristics that make it stand out than its counterpart.