Monday, October 8, 2012

Casino Sports Bet News: Keno Captures The Joy And Big Prizes Of Lotteries And Bingo In Online Casinos

Winning in lotteries and bingo is never an easy feat. But we make it happen here in 12BET Casino. With the casino game, Keno, we take lottery and bingo right into your room.

Keno explained
Keno’s early beginning is linked to China. As a matter of fact, it is said that its earnings were once used to establish the Great Wall. Although  it is true that this game is inherent to China, the word Keno actually came from the French and Latin word “quine” which both suggest the use of five numbers.

How to play the game
Your main goal in Keno is to secure as many number matches as you can. You do not have to remember the strategies you used when you played past through a rival player.

When you login to your 12BET Casino account, you will be presented with a bingo-like card which is numbered from 1 to 80.

Choose 2 to 10 numbers. If you want to change a number, simply click on it. However, if you want to change all of them, click “clear.”

Click the “play” button if you are done. Several numbers will be drawn and if any of your picks show up, you win.

Choosing Keno
This online casino game can be compared to slot machines. Both games are easy to understand and you have high winning chances. It is no surprise that this has been frequently played by many of our members.

Another characteristic which gives Keno the edge over other games is that it does not observe strict requirements to win. This is in stark contrast to lottery and bingo. In bingo, you need to form patterns. In lotteries, sometimes, you need to get matches that are arranged accordingly. None of these complications are present in Keno. Whenever you have a match, you win—no questions asked.

Lastly, what makes Keno even more exciting is that you get unlimited cashbacks when you play in 12BET Casino. Add your winnings from the game and the cashback—just imagine how profitable this game is.

Start playing Keno right now. Make your winning adventure a habit and begin enjoying your unlimited cashback today!