Friday, October 26, 2012

The Joy Of Playing Keno

Bingo-inspired game, Keno takes Asian players by storm in 12BET Casino. Discover the rewards and bonuses you can get when you join our legion of followers.
 12BET Casino is not only the home of topnotch video slots, the best keno games are also available in the casino site.

Keno works like bingo and lottery. You pick several numbers and you automatically win if you have number matches. The more number matches you have, the bigger prizes you get. It’s that easy. You played past through rivals without lifting a finger.

The Keno games present in 12BET Casino are Fortune Keno, Keno Experiment and Keno itself. In 12BET Casino’s Keno games, you get the excitement of bingo and the thrill of lottery in one awesome game.