Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Casino Sports Bet News: Players Get Up To 25X Worth Of Prizes Plus An Online Casino Bonus In Gladiator

12BET Casino’s Gladiator is probably one of the most profitable casino games you can find. Among our large selection of video slots, this online casino favorite gives an extra scatter, extra wild, a multiplier, free games and up to 5X bigger payouts!

To make your bankroll bigger, we are also giving you a daily bonus up to MYR 200 and an unlimited cashback.

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Gladiator is a 5-reel 25-line online slots where you form winning combinations or patterns. Adapted from the blockbuster hit, Gladiator, scenes from the movie were included for maximum enjoyment.

How wild is the wild?
That seemingly scary helmet brings no fear at all. Instead, it triggers the Gladiator bonus. It does not stop from replacing other symbols.

To trigger the Gladiator bonus round, the wild must appear in reels 2. 3 and 4.

Scattering the rewards
Scatters function just like the wild. But it does not need to appear in a specific payline. Once you get a scatter, it will substitute the symbol next to it. Yet, if 2 scatters appear, you get an extra win. 

As if an additional win is not enough, this will also trigger the Coliseum bonus round if 3 or more of it appear in any payline.

Gladiator bonus round
You will see 9 helmets colored in bronze, gold and silver with different values that will multiply your winnings by 5, 3 and 1. Take note, your total prizes are cumulative.

For this round, the minimum win you can get is 5x of your total bet or a maximum of 25x of your total wager.

Let us say, you wagered MYR 10 or other equivalent currencies, you will get a minimum of MYR 50 and a maximum of MYR 2,500 and this is for this round alone. Simply imagine, how much more will you get once you triggered the Coliseum bonus round.

Coliseum bonus round
The prizes at stake become juicier here.

Four (4) rows of stones are revealed. They are not ordinary stones though. Starting from the bottom row you will choose the number of free games. For the third row, you pick your multiplier. The second row shows you the extra scatter and the fourth one allows you to select the extra wild.

Yet, it looks like Maximums Aurelius has no plans of stopping his generosity. When (insert symbol) appears on the third reel, you will get an additional 3 free games.

You do not need to be a gladiator to get big prizes nowadays. This easy and lucrative game is enough to guarantee a 100% win. But it makes a difference when you play in 12BET Casino. As mentioned, aside from your winnings, you also get a bonus everyday and at the end of the week, you become more triumphant because an UNLIMITED cashback is also waiting for you.