Monday, October 1, 2012

Genie’s Hi Lo Grants Every Player’s Wishes

Here is another easy and fun game that does not require expert skills, extraordinary strategies and high bankroll to win.

In 12BET Casino’s Genie’s Hi Lo, your winning wishes are granted in a snap. It is a true genie for it grants your winning wishes in a snap. Compared to mythical genies, you do not have to rub the lamp thrice and be contented with three (3) wishes.

For this casino game online, you are rewarded by every winning click that you make.

What is Genie’s Hi Lo?
Genie’s Hi Lo is similar to the arcade game, Around the World. You must predict whether the next card has a higher or lower value, red, or black.

The minimum bet you can place is €0.05—not too high compared to other games.

How to play the game
Choose your betting amount. Your bet can range from €0.05 to €7.50. Click the “confirm” button. Pick a card or you can choose “Autopick” to let the computer do the selection.

The chosen card will be your wager’s basis. For example, if you pick a King of hearts, you must determine whether the next card will be higher, lower, red or black.

You can place multiple bets for bigger winnings.

The Ace
You might be surprised to know that in this game, the Ace holds the lowest value. It is valued at one (1).

Tip from the Genie
Compared to the red or black wagers, the higher and lower bets are more profitable. It is much easier to determine whether the next number is higher or lower rather than trying to predict the color.

On the other hand, since you can place multiple bets, it guarantees bigger winnings once you made the right prediction.

The genie has tons of prizes in store for you. Play Genie’s Hi Lo today and get your exciting reward!