Monday, February 13, 2012

Important Slot Terms And Jargons That You Should Know

Mastering the terms and jargons of online slots is a must for every player. It enables them to strategize and of course, increase their winnings.

Thus, here is the list of the industry terms used when playing online slots.

Bonus – A bonus is an add-on, or a feature of online slots that is triggered whenever a player gets a winning combination. Bonuses range from free items to free spins.

House – The house is no other than the online casino.

House edge – This refers to the online casino’s percentage whenever a player places his or her bet.
Loose – Evidently, this is the opposite of tight slot machines.

Pay cycle – This is the notion that slot machines are programmed to give payouts in order to meet the payout percentage. During this cycle, players are said to win repetitively. Nevertheless, this notion is no less than pure myth.

Pay-line – The line which tells the players the direction where the symbols and images should fall in order to create a winning combination. Due to technology, different pay-lines are now possible. They are no longer limited to vertical and horizontal pay-lines.

Pay table A pay-table details the winning combinations of an online slot game. This should not be confused with the pay-line. As the term suggests, it is simply a line. 
Progressive ticker – The progressive ticker displays the amount of the jackpot at stake. For example, in 12BET’s Beach Life, you can see that the prize to be won is more than $8 million. 

Reel – The reel is where the slot symbols appear. Usually, you would see a 3-reeled online slot machine. But there are online slots that feature more than three (3) reels. But of course, this would not materialize if not for technology.

Take cycle – A take cycle is the exact opposite of the pay cycle. This means that the slot machine shall not yield any payout at all.

Tight – This refers to online slots that have less payout. 

To some players, these terms are no longer new to them. But for the rookies, understanding these jargons can readily help them familiarize with the basics of online slot gaming.  Yet more than that, it enables them to enjoy and get the best online gaming experience. Their knowledge makes them more confident in joining or participating in different online slot promotion such as February promotion ne that we have now, A Player’s True Love.

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