Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Instant Play’s Hidden Benefit, Revealed

Protecting the player’s privacy is an unrecognized benefit of instant play. This is in stark contrast to what others think—that this platform is yet another way of exposing one’s gaming activities.

To download and be tracked

Sometimes, the problem with using a gaming software is that it leaves a track. Some players are too discreet to let other people know that they are into online casinos. But the moment they downloaded a program and installed it, other users will eventually find it out. For those who are logged into computers with multiple networks or multiple users, getting the software is quite risky.  Whenever the computer reboots, a different person will know how the machine was used. Privacy concerns further escalate for players who need to secure permission before they can use a certain program. Now the question is how does instant play address this problem?

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Instant play in action!

As often discussed, instant play is a web-supported application. If there is any downloading involved, it is no other than the flash player—and most web users use such program. Actually, most browsers are already equipped and compatible with the flash player, therefore, installation can be skipped.

Under this context, bettors gain leeway. They do not have to worry of other people monitoring their activities.

Other methods of protecting privacy

Meanwhile, for those who are still having doubts, here are tips on how they can further strengthen their privacy settings. Since flash player can access one’s cameras and microphones, bettors may adjust this manually.

Another effective method is to see to it that the browser’s web history is deleted. Or one may also adjust the browser’s settings when it comes to storing browsing data. Lastly, players should not allow browsers to store their log-in details. Not only does this method protect privacy, it is also a way of preventing identity theft and phishing.

Privacy is a serious matter. It is natural for one to be overwhelmingly concerned about it. Evidently, this is something that the instant play feature has already resolved. However, this positive aspect has not been thoroughly highlighted since much of instant play’s benefits are boxed into convenience and mobility.

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