Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The 5 Most Popular Gambling Legends That You Need To Know

Long before online gambling was introduced, certain individuals were already making history in the Las Vegas outskirts. Some are known for their unsurpassed skills. Others, for their unbelievable bets and what the things that they did for gambling’s sake. Due to these their names are forever remembered in the gambling world.

William Lee Bergstrom – Bergstrom is a famous high roller player. Upon hearing that he could bet any amount at Ben Binion’s casino, he appeared at the casino with two suitcases. The first suitcase contained $777,000 and the other one was left empty. It was actually reserved for his winnings. Betting on a dice game, Bergstrom won his money back. Yet, the $777,000 bet was not his last. His betting spree continued, with amounts ranging $90,000 to $590,000. However, with a sudden turn of events, he lost his one million bet. Several months after, he committed suicide. Ironically, the incident has nothing to do with losing the bet. Rather, it was more of a romantic problem that he was unable to resolve.

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Nick Dandalos – Aside from being a high roller, Dandalos is also a poker master. Why is he a gambling legend? He played poker for five straight months, stopping only when it is time to sleep. Dandalos has managed to win $500,000 in a match. But his total losses range from $2M  to $4M.

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Johnny Moss – Called as the Grand Old Man of Poker, Johnny Moss is Dandalos’ greatest opponent. Now you know who took Dandalos’ million dollar losses.

Brian Molony  - A young banking employee, a bright future was waiting for Molony. Smart and very efficient, Molony is one of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce’s trusted guys. However, his gambling habits eventually brought him down. He stole more or less C$10M.

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Joseph Jagger – There is no doubt that Joseph Jagger has the moves! This British engineer is known often referred to as the “Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo.” What made him famous? Well, he hired people to look at the roulette results at Beaux Arts Casino. As soon as he had the statistics, he was able to identify the unbiased and biased roulettes and got big money. But his story does not end there. As casino staff members started to monitor his winnings, they soon placed the roulettes in different places. Jagger’s losing streak began. However, it did not take him long to recover for he soon found the roulette that he scratched. The scratch let him identified the winning roulette and soon his roulette luck started again.

Indeed, these are the people that shaped the gambling industry. Even with the onset of online gambling, their names will never be easily forgotten.

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