Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Conversion power: How onlookers become e-gamers

The e-gaming industry is undeniably among the most rapidly growing businesses in the world. In Europe, particularly in the UK and Germany, an unprecedented number of license applications increase on a regular basis. In Asian countries like China and Malaysia, online casinos attract thousands of punters who deposit cash large enough to keep their bankroll busy. But how did such growth become so strong that e-gaming has become a major threat to the conventional casinos in just a few years?

Like any other business, online casinos need to convert their onlookers into potential customers. Players have no direct instincts of whether they are born punters or not, but they can receive helpful persuasions to become one from a variety of stimuli: word of mouth, bonuses, casinos’ aesthetic properties, or personal choice. Whatever it is, there is one thing that is sure: loyal players are hard to come by and thus, they should be given importance in the best ways casinos could.


Perhaps the most common form of enticement, bonuses are a major factor in the increase of sign-ups amongst online casinos. People don’t have the automatic mechanism to participate in a slot game, a lottery, or a table game. But with new materials surfacing in the Internet, readers could potentially stumble upon a casino advertisement that endorses substantial bonuses—welcome bonuses, regular bonuses, or loyalty bonuses. When convinced of the opportunity that may change their lives forever, readers are then enticed to try out the games and become passionate players.

Word from Peers

Sometimes, readers would still be skeptical of the casino advertisements they encounter in the Web. But if their peers, family, or friends who have already tried them out are already the ones convincing them to play the games, there is a big chance that they will soon become one of them.


Online casinos are innovations themselves, having a structure that is especially resonant of the Internet age. However, innovation does not stop here. Many casinos continuously improve their platforms to satisfy the ever-growing needs of players. Some of them introduce new games, develop 3D simulations, and integrate popular franchises (such as TV shows, fictional characters, etc), among others. Along with the aforementioned factors, these technological improvements could draw in a large throng of people who may eventually become converts.

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