Monday, January 28, 2013

Pinball Roulette Redefines Online Roulette Gaming In Malaysia

Pinball roulette is another successful attempt of combining 2 different but equally exciting casino games: pinball and roulette.

Other than variation, there is more to this game that online casino players must look forward to. These are the free bonus game where they can increase their winnings for up to 10X; a X4 multiplier and of course, a 36 to 1 payout.

Nothing really differentiates this online roulette variant from the traditional ones. Members can place their bets just like what they do in the typical roulette game. Instead of the wheel, the ball will go through the pinball maze.

The highest wager payout they can receive is 36 to 1 for a straight up bet.

There is also the bonus round where members can get winnings, which are 10X bigger than their original bet.

On the other hand, players can multiply all their winnings by 4 if they hit the mystery win.

Experience change and start winning big in Pinball Roulette today.