Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Online Casino Game, Alchemist Lab Increases The Players Winnings By 10,000X!

Sharing prizes, which are up to 10,000X bigger than the player’s original bet, the online casino game, Alchemist Lab creates a loud buzz among slots lovers.

Instead of the sought-after fountain of youth, this epic laboratory, creates gold.

Getting the gold
Simple spins are enough to produce gold in this online casino  game. Members, however, have to watch out for the precious alchemy books if they want to rake huge amount.

Whenever 3 more books appear on the screen, they will be asked to mix those seemingly magical potions.

The bonus feature ends with the amount of gold produced by the player.

The winning combination
The best winning combination that every player must strive to achieve is a pattern of golden coins.

Such winning pattern gives them the highest payout.