Monday, June 11, 2012

5 Effective Card Shuffling Techniques That Ensure Fair Gaming

Card shuffling is an important element when playing card games. Through this, cards are randomized. It ensures fair gaming and that all players shall have equal chances of winning. Card shuffling comes in different types. Some are too simple to perform, while others require a little bit of practice.

Overhand technique
Simple and easy, it does not take a professional dealer to perform the overhand technique. Even beginners can master this method in one sitting. Also called as “stripping,” you randomized cards via rearranging them in a reverse order. Another way to do this is to get top cards from the deck and place it in the other hand.

Weave technique
The weave technique is another method of randomizing cards. With this method, cards are cut into two (2) equal parts and pushed against each other for them to intertwine. This card shuffling method is likewise used by many, most especially the beginners.

Pile technique
Between the two card shuffling methods, the pile technique is the easiest. First, you need to separate and group the cards. Next, you must distribute the remaining cards so that they stack up with each other. Collect all the cards together and you are done with the pile card shuffling technique.

The rifle method is the most common card randomizing technique. You see it in casino-inspired movies. When you play live blackjack or live baccarat, you also see this method. For the riffle, you have to separate the deck into two (2) parts. Afterwards, slowly let your hands run through the cards and allow them to stack alternately. Now if you push your thumb inward, lift the cards and randomize the cards upward, you refer to this method as bridge.

At a glance, the faro shuffle looks simple. But the truth is, it is a bit difficult to perform. So how do you do this? First, you divide the deck into two (2) equal parts. Your right hand should hold the cards upward while your left hand does the opposite. Slowly, you intertwine the cards from both ends.

Card shuffling techniques ensure that there is no bias in the game. As a matter of fact, even with the availability of shuffling machines, still, many prefer to use the manual card shuffling methods.

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