Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bonuses, Dollar Balls, and Jackpots: That’s what Alien Hunter is made of

Alien Hunter is a slot game, skill game, and lotto all rolled into one. You have at least three ways to win big in this: the bonus rounds, the lotto-like side game, and the free spins from unlocking scatter symbols.

Bonus Rounds

Alien Hunter offers not one, but two, bonus rounds. The first one, known as the collecting bonus round, is unlocked by obtaining egg bonus symbols on the first and last reels. For this round, you have to click alien eggs that contain win multipliers. Be careful what you click, though; one egg contains the “headjumper” alien, and if you release it, the bonus round is over.

The second round, called the hunting bonus round, is unlocked when you obtain three spaceman bonus symbols on an active payline. You might find this round more fun than the previous one, as you must catch 6 aliens within 10 seconds. The types of aliens you catch determine your final win. Don’t worry if you don’t win anything; you get a consolation prize nonetheless.

Dollar Ball

This is the lotto-like game we were talking about earlier. Here, you simply pick 5 numbers out of 49, and wait for 5 numbers to be drawn randomly. The more your selection matches the drawn numbers, the higher your win. If all five numbers match, the jackpot is yours.

Free Spins from Scatters

Get at least three scatter symbols in Alien Hunter, and have free spins. The number of free spins is determined by the pay table for the scatters. All your winnings from these spins will be calculated from the basic payout.

If there’s an all-in-one slot game, Alien Hunter would be it. Why not give it a try today?