Friday, September 14, 2012

1250 To 1 Payout Awaits In 12BET Casino’s Wild Viking

Roulette and poker
Wild Viking is a fusion of roulette and poker. In a typical roulette game, you use a roulette wheel and determine the outcome of every spin.

But this time around, this is a little bit different. Instead of the roulette wheel, the outcome depends on the distributed cards.

How the game is played
The Wild Viking table is similar to that of roulette. Placing bets should not be a problem since the table layout is easy to follow and understand.

A total of five (5) cards will be distributed. The fifth card will determine the result so always watch out for this one.

For example, if you get the following cards: 8, King, Ace, 10 and Queen. You win if you place a wager on the Queen.

Assuming that the Queen belongs to the heart suite and you also placed a bet on that, you also win.

Since it is color red and again, say you also placed a bet on the color red, you win again. 

If you take a look at it, you won thrice in one sitting.

The poker bets
Located on the upper right portion is the poker bets. You will be using your poker skills for this since you need to identify the possible hand that will cropped out.

Going back to the previous example, it is evident that you get nothing from this as the cards do not form a hand at all.

The special bet and the progressive jackpot
The Wild Viking bet yields the biggest reward in this game. Its payout is an amazing 1250 to 1!

As if this is not enough, you will also bring home tons of extra cash when you get a royal flush. This is the winning combination for the progressive jackpot.

The concept behind Wild Viking is indeed, very unique. Combine it with the winning opportunities and the great prizes makes this latest online casino game very enjoyable.

Get some variety after playign against tough oponnent. See yourself holding that sought-after jackpot in Wild Viking!