Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Catch The Winning Horses In Derby Day

Speed is a key ingredient in winning the prestigious prize in 12BET Casino’s latest online casino game, Derby Day.

You need to make speedy decisions, speedy horses and a speedy hand to grab all those big rewards.

Derby Day explained
Derby Day is a mixture of horse betting and online casino gaming. You wager on your favorite horse. But you do it right at the comfort of your own house.

This arcade game highlights the thrill and of course, the juiciest rewards that you can avail with ease.

To further help you increase your winnings, records, statistics and even track conditions are provided. All you have to do is choose wisely.

Playing Derby Day
When you log-in to your 12BET Casino account, you will see a list of horses. Also included in the list are their respective points.

A tip in choosing horses, always remember that horses with higher points have lower payouts.

You can use the records and the track advisory to choose the best horse. Study them carefully to secure your high winnings.

Placing bets
Why settle for a single bet when you can place several ones?

Derby Day permits multiple betting. This feature opens more winning opportunities for you are spreading your risks.

Risks are more concentrated in single bets. In multiple betting, however, you are wagering on two (2) outcomes, which have equal possibilities of showing up.

For Derby Day, here are the wagers that you can place:
Winner – Identify the horse that you think will make it to the top spot.
Exacta – From the word “exact,” you need to determine the horses that will fill the first or second spots. Be ready for a big payout once you identified them correctly.
Place – A lucrative bet. If your horse bagged the first and second spot, you win.
Show – A win-win bet. Once your horse makes it to the top three, you will get rewarded
Pick IV-V – In exacta, you only need to determine the first two (2) horses. But here, you need to name five (5) of them in their exact order. It has the highest payout compared to all the bets.

For once, do away from playign against tough opponent. Let those horses do the work for you. See them run their way to victory and you, a big winner.