Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ninja Hero Adjustments to Slot Players and offers as much as 100 Free Spins

online slot game
12bet proudly introduce to you the great list of luxury online slots game. Ninja Hero is one of the lists that must be play of the players. It’s noticeable and this interesting slot machine guarantees as much as 100 Free Spins. It also provides unique icons to assist you to get a winning pattern and opportunity to Bonus Features that will surely boost your bankroll with massive winnings.

The Free Spins

When the three or more scrolls appear in the same pay-line the Free Spins will be activated. Each player acquired minimum of ten spins and more spins will be provided if a scroll show within the bonus stage. Another five free spins are included whenever a scroll appears within this stage.

This stage is also provided by the win multiplier that will assist you to save your prizes, which is five times larger than your first bet. This is not only to make profitable and experience more rewards, rolling reels are there within this stage. With rolling reels you will have a high chance to acquire continuous wins.

The Super Mode

This mode is a great function that will bring you more opportunities of winnings. It gives five free spins and offers a larger prize. The Super Mode is activated when a wooden sign along with iron caltrops appears, and the caption is “WILD.”

The Double Wild

Wilds are usually seen in every slot machines but Ninja Hero wilds are quite more interesting. Aside from the common wild icon it has, the combination of the wild symbol and the female symbol provides a double wild. It also helps you boost the amount of your casino wallet in the game.

Do you want to miss this great chance of winning? Absolutely not. Now you must free the hero and ninja within you, sign in with your 12BET account and begin gathering your continuous winnings with Ninja Hero.