Friday, June 28, 2013

Easter Surprise: Three Ways to Win, Ten Times the Fun

You don’t have to wait for—or even believe in—Easter to enjoy playing 12BET’s “Easter Surprise”. In fact, this online slot game offers you at least three ways to do three things: win, win, and win.

Scatter Wins

Place your bet, spin the five reels, and wait for at least two scatter symbols to appear in the spin results. When this happens, your payout earned will be multiplied by your total bet and added to your current winnings.

If three or more scatter symbols appear, you’ll win 10 free games, plus a chance to triple all your winnings during those free games, except for Easter Gifts Bonus. Assuming that you win in every free game, your winnings will be multiplied by an astounding 59,049 (3 raised to the power of 10)!

Easter Gifts Bonus

You’ll unlock this Bonus only if three or more Bonus symbols appear consecutively in an active pay line. Here, you pick 3, 4, or 5 out of 6 eggs (depending on the number of unlocked Bonus symbols) to win cash prizes. Lucky for you, the winnings per egg are accumulated.


Another feature that can spice up your gaming experience is the “Gamble” button, which allows you to double your winnings from your last spin. All you have to do is guess whether the next card that shows up will be black or red. Every time you win, you can bet until you’ve reached the Gamble feature limit.

Scatter wins, Easter Gifts Bonus, or Gamble. Take your pick.