Friday, August 30, 2013

Casino Games Earn their Pulse from Progressive Jackpots

Put simply, progressive jackpots are prizes collected through small contributions from casino customers playing in the same network of games. Most of these jackpots are obtained from slots, where completing a certain symbols combination is the standard for determining a win.

While slots already offer a good deal of rewards, variants with a progressive jackpot feature can offer even bigger incentives. Each time a player is unable to obtain the jackpot, the amount will just continue to grow until it is won. But the amount will not go back to zero once it is claimed, as casino games always have a minimum progressive jackpot that customers can always hope for.

Some of history’s biggest casino winners achieved their winnings through playing games that offer a progressive jackpot. The list includes Elmer Sherwin who won the Megabucks progressive slot twice for a total win of$26 million. In online casinos, a Norwegian player named Peter won the biggest ever progressive jackpot for a computer-assisted gaming. His earning was reported to be €11.7 million.

Because it very risky for online casinos to offer an extremely huge progressive jackpot, it is often a practice to share the amount with an online casino group or an online casino software provider. By joining with other casinos of their group or via their gaming software provider, the breathtakingly large, life-changing progressives can be made closer to reality.

Winning progressive jackpots is not a piece of cake. It is far much easier to win smaller slot jackpots than it is to achieve the larger, attractively crispier progressives. The odds of being able to attain such jackpot are lower than for other slot games. However, it would be much more fulfilling to win prizes that came off as a collateral for a risky move. For some people who believe that they have the knack and luck for nailing a progressive game, investing in the lucrative opportunity is an exciting adventure to foray into.